About Us

Mom! What’s cooking? Honey! What do we have for dinner tonite? Sounds familiar? Sure it is. In fact, it is an everyday struggle to find the recipe for something delicious, healthy, and full of nutrients for each family member. This is why our team has created this wonderful platform. Find here the most exotic and delicious recipes for the main courses, salads, appetizers, and, not to forget, the yummiest desserts.

We realize that not everyone is perfect, so the best thing about learning to cook with us is that we will not make you feel embarrassed. You can experiment, create your own versions of recipes, make mistakes and learn with them and finally evolve into a MasterChef.

But do not mistake us for those health-conscious salad eaters. We won’t be telling you all the time to eat healthily, cut the calories, ditch the sugars, etc. Our team loves cheat days, fast foods, spicy snacks, and the gooey goodness of creamy desserts. We will take you on the journey of mouth-watering dishes through creatively designed videos and step-by-step recipes. Our team has ensured that even a newbie can ace cooking something new and delightful with us. So next time you want to cook those spicy mutton chops or bake a boozy cupcake, you know where to come!

But all of this is not possible without the approval of our audiences. Yes, your love and support have made this journey possible, so don’t forget to drop your comments and reviews whenever you check out a recipe here.

Why You Should Trust Us?

A Very good question. Trust us because we are not just a mere cookbook with the recipe compilation. We think beyond the ingredient list and recipe procedure. Our expert recipe analysts, chefs, and menu developers look into the taste blends, the seasonal availability of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices, the cookware you might require, the gadgets which can quicken the process, and many more details. So even when looking for a compact coffee maker, you do not need to switch sites. We have it all for you.

We also have a panel of nutritionists and dietitians who deliver the basic guidelines and caloric and nutrient counts for each recipe. So you can be sure that whatever you are cooking today will be healthy for your family.

Affiliate Disclosure

Our webpage is associated with food-related Affiliate programs. When you jump to another page after clicking on a link, it generates a few earnings. However, our quality control standards are never compromised, and we only bring you the best and most affordable products. This is because we care for our extended food families more than ourselves.


Since our blog is one of the food blogs, we have designed it under the supervision of food professionals. A single recipe goes through the procedure of trying, tasting, standardization, and finalization. Palatability, aroma, aesthetics, and presentation are also carefully considered alongside the nutritional values. Only then do we put forward the recipe for our audience, and that too in a step-by-step, engaging manner.

Also, the products we mention on our blog are tried and tested by ourselves first. This is why you can soundly rely on our recommendations.

About Our Team

Our team may have few members, but we work together day and night to bring you our webpage, cookbooks, and magazine publishings. The crew comes up with new cooking styles and techniques, develops a recipe, tries, and then shoots it for videos you watch. This takes a lot of time and effort, and you can especially relate if you work in small kitchens. Some of us even do individual testing in our home kitchens. Yet we strive to bring perfection to our work. The crew members are professionals from culinary arts schools who have experience in commercial kitchens. But do not worry; we will not indulge in luxury cooking, expensive utensils, and tricky recipes. You can indeed view our easy cooking tips and hacks for quick dinners.

Our Goal

Behind all this team effort and struggle lies one goal. It is to reach as many novice chefs as possible, enhance their culinary skills, introduce them to new recipes, and assist them in their learning journey. Our goal is to bring forward novel cuisines and present you with some fusion of flavors to enhance your taste buds.

Meet the Team

Adalynn Ward


Executive Director

Hello!! My name is Adalynn. I love to eat, travel, and eat some more! I am married to the man of my dreams and have a beautiful little girl whose smile can brighten anyone’s day!

Fakhra Ahmad

Fakhra Ahmad

Chief Content Editor

 She is a professional chef with 10 years of experience cooking and baking. In her spare time, she treasures the art of cooking, learning delicious recipes, and sharing them with others because she believes that nothing brings people together like good food.