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19 Apple Dessert Recipes You Can’t Resist

Apple Desserts recipes
Apple Desserts recipes

Have you bought apples in surplus and don’t want them to root in the fridge? Try these apple dessert recipes to satisfy your craving with a diverse range of flavors, from Apple Crisp to mouth-watering Apple cake.

These desserts are a perfect treat that no one can resist. Besides their aroma and peculiar taste, apple desserts make one of the most unique and delightful servings. So, here are the 15 easy and best apple desserts that will serve amazingly on your table. Try these tasty desserts and enjoy your Apple season with delicious rich flavors.

1. Apple Crisp

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 50 minutes
  • Classic fall dessert
  • Simple yet delicious
  • Perfect with a scoop of vanilla

The Apple crisp is a simple yet delicious dessert amongst Apple desserts. This homemade dessert makes everyone fall in love with its unique apple taste. Crisps are soft that melt in the mouth in just a second. Combination of ingredients like vanilla, salt, butter, flour, and oats, repeat in both layers adding richness to the flavor and overall texture.

Apple Crisp takes some time to cool down, but once it’s ready to serve, the oat topping serves terrific over it. It would be best to serve it with a scoop of vanilla because it is worth eating as a dessert, especially in winter.

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2. Apple Fritters

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 30 minutes
  • Cinnamon-flavored nuggets
  • Topped with a powdered sugar
  • Serves best with vanilla ice cream

Apple fritters are delightful deep-fried donuts and have a delicious filling of apples. Drizzled with powdered sugar and filled with cinnamon adds perfect delicacy to the taste buds. It takes only a few minutes to make these warm and soft fritters. These mouth-watering fritters are more appetizing than the fritters of any local bakery. The all-natural ingredients are healthy and flavorful; they have no artificial coloring. They are not only the kid’s favorite; all age of peoples loves to try and taste them at special get-togethers.

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3. Caramel Apples

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 35 minutes
  • Super buttery and sweet
  • It looks like caramel candies
  • Fun to make and decorate

Caramel Apples are a foolproof recipe that no one can resist in any season of the year. These apples are so tasty, tempting, and melting in the mouth. They are easy to make at home because no skill or ingredients are required. This flavorful, no-fuss recipe takes away all the tiredness of the day in a second and makes your dinner time amazing.

If you want any unique flavor, you can top it with your favorite toppings, like, chocolate chips, vanilla, whipped cream, or any other. When you serve it with vanilla ice cream, you will be amazed to see that it will be gone from the table in just a blink of an eye—a perfect dessert for all seasons.

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4. Baked Apples

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 50 minutes
  • Comforting and easy-to-make dessert
  • Filled with cinnamon and pecans
  • Perfect for warm afternoons

Baked apples are very easy to make at home. They are too much delicious and so delightful that they can make anyone addicted to their flavors. Pecans, raisins, cinnamon, and brown sugar fillings add immense taste and make them a perfect dessert for warm afternoons.

Sometimes when you crave something very soft yet flavorsome, you need to try these delectable baked apples. They taste best warm, so serve them with vanilla ice cream or salted caramel; you will love this unforgettable combination. It is a tempting dessert that young adults and kids love.

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5. Apple Cider Donuts

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 40 minutes
  • Filled with classic flavors
  • Moist and tender texture
  • Very easy to make at home

Apple cider donuts are super quick and easy to make at home. They have a moist, flavorful, and tender texture that quickly makes everyone fall in love with them. Due to their sugary spiced coating, they are irresistible when served on the table. After trying them once, everyone remembers their taste because they are unforgettable due to their intense cider flavor. Their soft and sweet texture will take your tastebuds to heaven. It is a perfect recipe to serve at friend or family gatherings; it will be a luscious treat for them.

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6. Apple Cake

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 1 hour
  • Buttery and tender cake
  • Simple yet most delicious
  • Best to serve with ice cream

Apple cake is one of those juicy cakes you can regularly make at home. It is super easy to make and does not need any particular skill or toppings. You can serve it ultimately as a light cake with highly snackable flavors. It is a great recipe to use apple leftovers for a fantastic dessert to serve. The tender and soft texture fill your mouth with many rich flavors in every bite. It is a plain cake; adding different toppings can make it unique and fancy. You can top it with whipped or vanilla cream; otherwise, brown sugar is best for this cake’s topping. It can become a favorite family recipe in just no time.

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7. Apple Cobbler

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Sweet flavors of the cinnamon sauce
  • Delicious cake-like topping
  • Delicious and fluffy

Apple cobbler is a fluffy and captivating dessert with a sweet topping that adds more flavor. It is super fun to make and serve with fresh fruit. The spiced and sweet apples in it are a perfect combination that gives delightful happiness to whoever tries it. Apple cobbler is a recipe carrying rich and juicy filling under a crust of biscuits, making the topping a little crunchy but mouth-watering.

Warm cinnamon enhances the delectable flavors of Apple cobbler. This cozy dessert is perfect for trying for fall and then serving with ice cream or whipped cream on its topping.

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8. Dutch Apple Pie

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 2 hours 45 minutes
  • Delicious crumb topping
  • Filled with apple pie
  • Sweet and buttery flavors

This Dutch Apple pie recipe is a savory dessert with delicious flavors of homemade pie crust. The filling of flavorful apple pie adds more delightful and unique flavors; you will admit that no dessert tastes better.

Dutch apple pie is a popular dessert because of the buttery and flaky crust in the bottom, apple filling in the center, then topped with the crispy, buttery crumb. If you want more flavors, it is up to you; you can add streusel. There is no need for pie crust now; it is a time to try and taste new flavorsome sweet streusel crumbs-sprinkled Dutch Apple Pie.

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9. Apple Turnovers

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 45 minutes
  • Flaky puff pastry dough
  • Easy and quick to make
  • Sprinkled with white sugar

Apple turnover is a juicy recipe with homemade fried apple filling. They are made with homemade buttery pie crust and then fill them with sweet fried apples. You can use any of your favorite fruit as an additional filling inside them. They are so easy to make and taste amazingly delicious and flaky. The warm and yummy spiced apples will make your kitchen smell heavenly.

These apple turnovers are perfect for trying for breakfast. You can also make them any time of the day when you crave something sweet and want to make it quickly. You can top it with white or brown sugar and serve them with ice cream.

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10. Apple Chips

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 55 minutes
  • Perfect healthy snack
  • Pleasantly crispy and delicious
  • Topped with cinnamon

Apple chips are thinly cut slices baked until they become pleasantly crispy and amazing. They are delightfully healthy and inviting that no one can say no to them. They are simple and easy to make if you are in a rush. After the first try, these delicious apple chips will make you addicted to them.

They are not very sugary and sweet, a little baked and crispy, making them flavorful and tasty. You can bake them in an oven or a deep fryer, as you wish. The topping of cinnamon makes them the sweet and most perfectly irresistible dessert of all time. These Apple chips are popular among kids.

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11. Mini Apple Pies

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 55 minutes
  • Easy to make at home
  • Filled with apple pie
  • Perfect dessert for fall

Mini Apple Pies are tasty and quick to make at home. Their mini look makes them so attractive and charming. They are filled with sweet and warm apple filling, making them a super sweet and delightful dessert for winter. If you have picked extra apples from the market and are worried about using them, then the mini apple pie recipe is the perfect way to use them.

They look small, but they have big rich flavors. Mini Apple pies are cut into the pie crust shape and then fit into the muffin cups. After making them, top them with your favorite topping, like cinnamon, brown sugar, or vanilla ice cream. Mini Apple pies satisfy your craving any time of the day.

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12. Apple Cheesecake

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken:  45 minutes
  • It is filled with Crisp apples and creamy cheesecake.
  • Crispy and cheesy topping
  • Delicious and mouth-watering

Apple Cheesecake has so many reasons to love it. It is a sweet, soft, buttery cake with graham cracker crust in the bottom, a filling of cinnamon spiced apples, brown sugar cheesecake, and salted caramel, then topped with the salted caramel and streusel. Its cheesy and creamy flavors and ingredients will satisfy your craving and give a heavenly sweet taste to your taste buds.

Apple Cheesecake is perfect for trying at family get-togethers or any birthday party of your kid; everyone will surely love it. It will be perfect for giving as a thanksgiving gift to your friends.

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13. Caramel Apple Cookies

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 45 minutes
  • The extraordinary richness and flavorsome
  • Centered with chewy salted caramel

Caramel apple cookies are soft and delightful, perfect for your taste buds. If you like caramel apples, then these cookies are perfect for you. These cookies are filled with smith apples and have a perfect amount of nutmeg and cinnamon that loads the cookies with unique flavors and topped with sweet and savory brown sugar.

It highlights the toffee-like and rich flavor of caramel that pleases the mouth. You can top them with any of your favorite toppings, but it would be best if you top them with pecans, which add the crunchy flavor and makes them the perfect dessert after a meal.

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14. Apple Cider Cupcake

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 50 minutes
  • Delicious and rich in flavors
  • Buttery and sweet
  • Crunchy outside but soft inside

Apple Cider Cupcakes are just like Apple cider donuts. They are made of brown butter, apple cider, and cinnamon. The cookies have rich flavors of browned butter apple cider, which is the perfect combination with its creamy topping. They have a topping of brown sugar, that’s why they are sweeter and more delightful. The Apple cider glaze takes them to a whole new level.

Apple Cider cupcakes are sweet, soft, spiced, and chewy cookies that are the perfect treat for a family picnic; everyone, especially kids, will love them. These cookies can change anyone’s mood from a lower to a higher level.

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15. Apple Oatmeal Bars

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 35 minutes
  • Healthy and delicious snack
  • Great to serve at breakfast
  • Soft and perfectly small to hold

Apple oatmeal bars are speedy to make at home in no time. Their soft and chewy texture makes them a lovely dessert to make for breakfast for kids. They are perfect for those who are always conscious about their diet because the oatmeal bars are vegan, egg-free, refined sugar-free, and dairy-free, making them a super healthy snack to try in the early morning. It is an easy recipe with a buttery and soft texture, which is why they are perfect for making and serving any occasion.

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16. Apple Bread Pudding

Apple Bread Pudding

What’s Special

  • Total time: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • A fruity variation of the classic bread dessert
  • Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Bread pudding might sound like a boring old dessert, but try incorporating some golden apples into it. Simply saute them in unsalted butter and soak them in thick vanilla custard before you bake them. It goes best with a scoop of freshly churned vanilla ice cream.

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17. Apple Pie Granita

Apple Pie Granita

What’s Special

  • Total time: 15 minutes
  • A thick and refreshing drink
  • Flavored with lemon juice and cinnamon

Why make only cakes and pies when a refreshing apple drink can beat the heat? It is kind of a thick, slush-like drink and it gets its tangy flavor from the lemon. Apple goes best with baking spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, so this is what we will add to this drink

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18. Caramelized Apple Clafoutis

Caramelized Apple Clafoutis

What’s Special

  • Total time: 1 hour
  • Originated from Normandy, France
  • Subtly sweet and crusty dessert

Amongst all the desserts, I like the crusty, pastry type subtly sweet dishes the most. They are not overly sweet and it’s a delight to feel their crunch and fruity flavor in the mouth. The Caramelized Apple Clafoutis is a treat worth baking for any elegant party, or a romantic date night.

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19. Deep-Dish All-American Cinnamon Apple Pie

Deep-Dish All-American Cinnamon Apple Pie

What’s Special

  • Total time: 2 hours 40 minutes
  • A new dessert idea for potluck parties
  • One of the best and most favorite apple recipes

Deep-dish American Apple pie is the most loved apple dessert. Its thick crusty, deep apple flavor and blend with baking spice make its taste unique. When I baked this dessert for a potluck party, it was the first to vanish and everyone asked for the recipe. So, here it is!

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Apple Desserts recipes

15 Healthy Apple Desserts (Recipes For Every Moment)

Adalynn Ward
Have you bought apples in surplus and don’t want them to root in the fridge? Try these apple dessert recipes to satisfy your craving with a diverse range of flavors, from Apple Crisp to mouth-watering Apple cake.
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Prep Time 25 minutes
Cook Time 45 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes
Course Dessert
Servings 4 persons


  • Apple Crisp
  • Apple Fritters
  • Caramel Apples
  • Baked Apples
  • Apple Cider Donuts
  • Apple Cake
  • Apple Cobbler
  • Dutch Apple Pie
  • Apple Turnovers
  • Apple Chips
  • Mini Apple Pies
  • Apple Cheesecake
  • Caramel Apple Cookies
  • Apple Cider Cupcake
  • Apple Oatmeal Bars

How to Make?

  • Select any dessert from these delicious Apple deserts, and open it on a new tab.
  • Make sure to see and note the dessert's ingredients before trying it.
  • The ingredients must be fresh.
  • Follow the instruction to make the dessert.
  • I hope you have made the dessert that you want. Don't forget to give your feedback.


Serving: 1cakeCalories: 185kcal
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