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Best Baking Pans for Macarons

6 Best Baking Pans & Sheets For Macarons in 2023

Today we bring a list of the 6 best baking pans for macarons so that you can enjoy the essence of this delicious recipe.

Today we bring a list of the 6 best baking pans for macarons so that you can enjoy the essence of this delicious recipe.

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Tested & Approved: Our top choice is the NutriChef Baking Pan Set because of its superior quality and ease of use. In terms of design as well as durability, this Baking Sheet Set excelled in all of our tests.

Simply thinking about the delicate Gold macarons has the power of sending one’s taste buds into ecstasy. However, if you are trying your luck at baking these appetizing cookies at home, you will need the best baking pan for macarons at your service.

Of all the different recipes we have tried, Macarons truly are one of a kind and if you intend on testing your skills with this recipe you need a good baking pan to help you through. Today we bring a list of the 6 best baking pans for macarons. The options are many, which is why picking one macaron baking pan can be confusing at times. In fact, some people prefer using regular silicone baking mats for macarons to avoid the struggle of finding the best-one. In fact, you can try these baking sheets for making cinnamon rolls.

What to look for when buying a Macaron Pan:

A perfect Macaron baking sheet must have the following features:

  • Must be Oven-safe, Dishwasher-safe, and non-toxic (PFOA free)
  • Ease of handling through oversized edges.
  • Durable & Rust-free build. The sheets should not warp at 400 degrees F or below.
  • Dimensions of Baking sheets. At least 12 Macarons should fit easily.
  • Versatility and Multi-purpose Baking Sheets.

If you disagree with our best pick option, it’s fine. We have 5 other options with unique and appealing characteristics each Here are this year’s 6 Best Baking Pans for Macarons that have been carefully selected, tested, and approved by our experts. Let’s get started!

6 Best Baking Pans for Macarons: Top 2023 Picks

  1. NutriChef Baking Pan Set (Best overall)
  2. Wilton Premium Baking Sheet: (Best easy to use pan)
  3. Good Cook Baking Sheet: (Best budget baking pan)
  4. The Amazqi Baking Sheet Set (Best quality)
  5. Nordic Natural Aluminum Sheet (Best looking)
  6. Wilton Muffin Baking Sheets (Best dishwasher safe baking sheet)

1) NutriChef NCZK3B Baking Pans 3 Piece Set

NutriChef NCZK3B Baking Pans 3 Piece Set

Features & Specs:

What We Like

  • Stackable
  • Multiple Protective Layers
  • Resistant to Warping

What We Don’t Like

  • Cannot use Brush to Clean
  • Relatively Expensive

Only a few baking pan manufacturing companies claim to provide overall perceived value. The NutriChef Baking Pan Set is one of them and it checks all of the boxes needed to make an ideal Macaron.

This NutriChef Set comes with three pieces of Baking Sheets that are made of Carbon Steel. The small sheet is 13.2 x 8.7 inches, the medium is 14.6 x 10 inches and the large is 17 x 11.4 inches. Covered in multiple protective layers, these reusable non-stick NutriChef Baking sheets are stackable. Due to Carbon Steel build, the weight of each baking sheet is 3.3 pounds.

Our tests proved that this NutriChef Baking Sheet Set is highly durable and resists pressure. Due to its high tolerance, given the heavy-duty gauge steel used in construction, it is resistant to warping, breaking, or even scratching. We tested it in the oven for up to 450 degrees F, the temperature needed to bake the majority of the food. That’s the reason we’ve also ranked NutriChef’s pan in the 10 best madeleine pans.

Due to the availability of three sheets, you can make a large quantity of Macron or you can make different desserts simultaneously. Other than Macaron, NutriChef Baking Set is ideal for making cupcakes, chocolate fudge, brownies, pie, and even birthday cakes. Owing to the stackable design, you save your storage space by storing these sheets on top of each other.

We were impressed with the coating featured in these NutriChef Baking Sheets. Our toxicity tests proved that all three of the baking sheets in this set are PFOA-free, PTFE-free, PFOS-free, lead, and nickel free. Along with the absence of any non-toxic metals the sheets did not show any signs of extreme anodization.

Adding more to the coating, NutriChef Baking Sheets have a total of 5 Protective layers. The Carbon Steel Material is packed between Non-stick protective layering on top as well as the bottom. This is important because it prevents the coating from leaking out into the ingredients which was a problem with Good Cook Bakeware Sheet that we mentioned earlier. Nutrichef has also made some of the best lasagna baking pans.

Lastly, we found this NutriChef Baking Set to be dishwasher safe which saves you from the hassle of cleaning. The sheets are compatible with kitchen ovens, toaster ovens, and countertop convection ovens. You may even use these eco-friendly baking sheets as a serving tray as well. This set is worth every penny you pay for it.

Keep in mind however that although this baking set is dishwasher safe, it still shortens the lifespan. We would still recommend handwash. You can use a sponge but cannot scrub it with a brush as it interferes with the protective layer coating.

Other than that, this long-lasting and easy-to-clean NutriChef Baking Sheet Set is our top choice on the list of best baking pans for Macarons.

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2) Wilton Premium Cookie Baking Sheets Set

Wilton Perfect Results Premium Non-Stick Bakeware Cookie Baking Sheets Set

Features & Specs:

What We Like

  • Quick Clean Up
  • Large Handles
  • Ease of Use

What We Don’t Like

  • Warps inside the oven
  • Prone to rusting

This Wilton baking sheet is among our top best macarons baking sheets because of its ease of use and versatility. If you are interested in baking macarons, cookies, or any other appetizer in a variety of sizes, this baking pan is for you.

Available in a set of 2 pieces, this premium Wilton Baking Sheet set comes in dimensions of 15.3 x 10.3 inches and 17.3 x 11.5 inches. The body is of alloy steel with a charcoal color. As you can tell, the design is quite minimalistic. These Wilton Macaron Baking Sheets have a non-stick coating and a weight of 3.67 Pounds.

Let’s start with the first plus point of buying this set which is the ease of separating the food. The macarons you are baking must be in a perfect round shape to have the ultimate professional look. However, during the baking process, these macarons tend to stick to the sides and the bottom of the baking sheet. We did not face this problem with Wilton Macaron Baking Sheet Set. This is due to its durable non-stick coating that allows the food to be easily removed from the sheet without any remains.

Another commendable aspect of the Wilton Premium Baking Sheet Set was the ease with which these sheets can be inserted into and removed from the oven. Now, if you have used baking sheets before you will be well-familiar with the hot oven struggle due to the absence of handles on these sheets. Not with Wilton Premium Macaron Baking Sheet. We were impressed by the large handles of these sheets that made dealing with Macarons much easier.

Baking is fun but the afterward clean-up can be hectic. However, you do not have to worry about the washup process of these sheets because they offer quick cleanup. Our test results showed that these Wilton Macaron Sheets are dishwasher safe.

Adding more to why we liked this baking sheet set, you will have two sheets at a reasonable price and therefore you can bake two different food items simultaneously. You don’t have to limit yourself just to Macarons because these baking sheets can be used to roast vegetables, cook fish sticks, and much more.

As for the drawbacks of buying this baking sheet set, there are only a few that we observed. Firstly, we noticed that these sheets bend a little due to their thin build when placing them in a hot oven and then they return to the flattened position when cooled down. Although the bend did not seem serious to us, it was still noteworthy.

Another setback that we noticed was water seeping into the edges of the sheets during washing. Considering the material of these Wilton Macaron Baking Sheets, this can eventually cause rusting. It is an issue because the erosion of the nonstick material can start mixing in your food if the problem continues to deteriorate.

Other than the slightly questionable durability, we found this Wilton Macaron Baking Sheet Set to be dependable and easy to use. Essentially, the large handles are a great help.

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3) Good Cook Bakeware Baking Sheet

Good Cook Steel Nonstick Bakeware

Features & Specs:

What We Like

  • Cheap
  • Resistant to damage
  • Non-stick coating

What We Don’t Like

  • Warps
  • Prone to rusting

Famous for baking cookies, Good Cook Baking Sheets work equally great for macarons. This can easily be considered the best overall pan for Macaron; however, another appealing characteristic of it is that it is impressively cheap. This Macaron Baking Sheet only costs $8.

The body of the Good Cook Baking Sheet is of Alloy Stainless Steel and is available in 13 x 19 inches size. With a simplistic design and weight of only 1 Pound, Good Cooking Baking Sheet is super easy to use.

Furthermore, with Good Cook Bakeware Sheet you will not go through the struggle of stickiness that comes with most baking pans. Especially with Macaron, you want the baking sheet to be perfectly non-stick and this is ensured by this Macaron Baking Sheet.

We were also impressed by this baking sheet’s ability to not get damaged easily. We tried washing it in dishwater and used metal spatulas to test its stainless steel and it turns out this budget baking sheet is considerably sturdy. So not only will you be saving on the purchase cost but in the long run, you will also avoid maintenance and replacement expenses.

However, with a lower price point there comes some compromise. Good Cook Baking Sheets are prone to warping at a temperature higher than 350 degrees F. After a few minutes of placing it in the oven, we heard a loud pop sound. It appears this baking sheet bends out of shape which even sometimes causes it to slightly slide out of its initial position.

The baking sheet movement may not be that big of a problem with Macaron, but with liquid ingredients you want the baking sheet to be stable. Our tests also proved this baking sheet to be prone to rust.

Other than these two issues, Good Cook Baking Sheets provide its customers with value for money by offering a budget baking sheet that is resistant to damage and provides even heat distribution.

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4) Amazqi Cookie Sheet Set

Amazqi Cookie Sheet Set

Features & Specs:

What We Like

  • Thick High-Quality Non-Stick Coating
  • Variety of Sizes Available
  • Easy Safe Handling
  • Doesn’t Warp

What We Don’t Like

  • Not Dishwasher Safe
  • Sensitive to Scratching
  • Moderate tolerance for high temperature

If you are going for the ultimate professional touch to your Macaron, you need Amazqi Baking Sheet Set.

It comes with 3 pieces of sheets with sizes of 13 inches, 15 inches, and 17 inches. The build of these baking sheets is of thick heavy-duty carbon steel due to which they also weigh 3.49 pounds each. With smooth edges, the Amazqi Cookie Sheets have smooth rolled-rim edges.

Let’s start with the quality build of the three baking sheets included in this set. Thanks to the durable carbon steel, the baking sheets provide equal heat distribution. In addition to that, the non-stick coating allows these sheets to hold heavy food items like Macaron, chicken, ribs, and even turkey.

Three different sizes are a great help as well and add to the versatility of this baking sheet set. Each of these sheets possesses moderately sized handles and smooth rolled-rim edges that allow easy handling and safety of hands.

These Amazqi baking sheets are also safe for health as they passed our PFOS and PFOA free tests. With five layers of protection, cleaning is super easy with these baking sheets. Even if you are making sweet desserts, there will be no sticky remains as Amazqi Baking Sheets offer a quick release.

It is impressive that the carbon steel layer featured in Amazqi is 0.6 mm thick as for other sheets we tested it doesn’t go beyond 0.3 mm. The Xynflon non-stick coating is of such good quality that we did not feel any need to apply butter, oil, or cooking spray before baking.

These non-toxic Amazqi Macaron Baking Sheets are also high-temperature resistant. You can use them to bake at up to 450 degrees F. During our tests, we observed no warping or bending. The dishes are also resistant to rust which adds to its title of durable quality baking sheets. Also unlike most of the baking pans, we observed no weird odor emitted by Amazqi Baking Sheets.

However, there are a lot of instructions to keep in mind while using these sheets. Although the brand claims that these baking sheets are dishwasher safe, we do not recommend using them. For best results, handwash the Amazqi baking sheets and use a soft cleaning rug.

These baking sheets are relatively expensive and of high quality but they are also sensitive. Use neutral cleaning detergent and properly dry the baking sheets before storing them to prevent bad odor. Avoid using sharp metal utensils on these sheets and do not cross the 450 degrees F temperature limit.

The Amazqi Baking Sheets Set is probably the most professional and high-quality Macaron baking sheet that we tested. You can benefit from this purchase only if you take special care of the instructions we have provided above.

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5) Nordic Ware Baker’s Half Sheet Pack

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker's Half Sheet

Features & Specs:

What We Like

  • Heats up Quickly
  • Even heat distribution
  • Strong Structure doesn’t warp

What We Don’t Like

  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Reacts with ingredients
  • Coating scratches off

This is one of the best aluminum baking sheets on this list that impressed us. It comes in a 12 inches x 17 inches size and has a depth of 1-inch. Due to its aluminum build, the weight is only 1.65 pounds and it has a clean-looking simplistic silver appearance.

According to our tests, aluminum is an ideal material for baking sheets especially for making macarons. Compared to the stainless-steel baking sheets, we observed that the Nordic Natural Aluminum Sheet conducts heat faster and heats up quickly. Another important quality of aluminum is that it doesn’t rust.

Since it is a light-colored baking sheet, heat is reflected which allows the food to bake in a shorter amount of time compared to carbon and stainless steel. Less absorption of heat also ensures that your cookies don’t overbrown.

While making macarons, it is important for the pans to be completely clean. There should be no oily residue. While old stainless-steel pans are prone to having oily residues, aluminum baking sheets take care of this issue.

You can also use parchment paper or Silpat on top of these aluminum baking sheets for even flatter and rounder macaron. The Nordicware aluminum baking sheets provide even heat distribution that is needed to bake your macarons.

If you are baking sweets or cookies, the even heat conductivity of these sheets ensures that the dish is baked and browned equally from all sides. We also found the high edges of these Nordicware baking sheets to be quite helpful as they keep the macarons in place and prevent them from moving around.

In addition to that, the steel rims have been reinforced and encapsulated which increases the structural strength of these Nordicware Macaron sheets and prevents them from warping under temperatures such as 450 degrees F.

However, there are certain setbacks in buying Nordicware Aluminum Baking Sheets. Firstly, it is difficult to handle these baking sheets as the edges are not panned out and there is no space to hold them. Since the size of these sheets isn’t big either, slight carelessness in carrying them can be hazardous to hands.

There is also no dishwasher guarantee for these sheets and we only recommend handwashing them. This is a bit disappointing because this baking pan set is among the most expensive products on this list. If you are investing so much money, you shouldn’t have to go through the hassle of cleaning them yourself.

We also found these Aluminum Nordicware Baking Sheets to be sensitive to scratching and therefore only the use of wood or silicone utensils is recommended. It is also worth noting that aluminum is highly reactive to acidic ingredients. Therefore, using ingredients like vinegar and tomato on these baking sheets will darken or even corrode them.

Despite these downsides, The Nordic Ware Baker’s Baking Sheets have a bonus point of reliability and a trusted legacy. These aluminum baking sheets are being used in high-grade commercial bakeries for over 70 years.

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6) Wilton Premium Muffin Baking Sheet

Wilton Muffin Top Pan Perfect Results Premium Non-Stick Bakeware

Features & Specs:

What We Like

  • Multi-purpose
  • Strong nonstick coating

What We Don’t Like

  • No handles included
  • 12 mini Cups not enough for big family

You won’t find many alloy steel baking sheets in the market that come with cups incorporated inside. Aluminum or carbon baking sheets mostly have a flat structure. Wilton Muffin Baking Sheets are one of those few bakeware items.

You won’t find many alloy steel baking sheets in the market that come with cups incorporated inside. Aluminum or carbon baking sheets mostly have a flat structure. Wilton Muffin Baking Sheets are one of those few bakeware items.

These baking sheets have 12 cups in each tray that are 0.78 inches deep. The build is of alloy steel and each sheet comes with a nonstick coating. The design of Wilton Muffin Baking Sheets is in the shape of an egg with dimensions of 11.65 inches x 16.8 inches.

Thanks to the cup design of these baking sheets, you can use them for multiple purposes. These shallow baking cups are good for making Macaron as well as egg cups, muffins, small cake layers, cornbread, cookies, and brownies.

The nonstick coating is scratch-resistant and allows quick-release and easy cleanup. We also liked the oversized edges that can be used as handles for safely carrying the baking sheet around. Furthermore, the structure of the sheets is such that it allows perfect heating and you won’t feel the need to reheat. And if you love Wilton for this reason, you can check out some of the best meatloaf pans in 2023.

According to our experience, the Wilton Premium Baking Sheet is perfect but not for macarons. Firstly, the number of shallow cups is not enough for the macarons recipe. In addition to that, the ideal depth of cups for macarons should be 1.5 inches. Furthermore, we don’t recommend a dishwasher for these baking sheets as they are sensitive to damage.

If you are ready to compromise on these three downsides of these baking sheets, you can benefit from the versatility brought by these all-rounder Wilton Baking Sheets.

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Our Verdict:

If you are tight on money and are in search of a pan that can fulfill the basic requirements of making Macarons, we recommend Good Cook Bakeware Sheets. However, if you wish to have a professional touch to your recipe, nothing beats Amazqi Cookie Sheet Set. The NutriChef Baking Sheet, on the other, checks all the boxes for those who are willing to pay an extra price for a multi-purpose baking sheet.

How we tested?

After researching and compiling a list of best pans for macarons our analysts tested them out individually using our Macarons recipe. The baking sheets were then categorized on the basis of durability, quality, temperature tolerance, and nonstick coating. We also analyzed the safety-handling features and tested the toxicity of the material on a PFOA, BPA, and PTFE basis.

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