The 9 Best BBQ Temperature Controllers

Best BBQ Temperature Controller (TheLadyChef)
Best BBQ Temperature Controller (TheLadyChef)

Generally speaking, preparing dishes to a perfect degree is a matter of getting them cooked at the right temperature to ensure that your meats, fish, and other dishes are incredibly soft and tender. What about your cooking style? Do you make sure to be as precise as possible? All you need is the best BBQ temperature controller to let things manage while grilling.

There are a number of different controllers available, and these will work on all modern grills. So let’s look at some of the hottest models and see what makes them unique and if we don’t find the perfect controller for your barbecuing style.

9 Best BBQ Temperature Controllers in 2022

  1. DigiQ DX3 – Best BBQ Temperature Controller for All Grill Types
  2. IQ120 – Best Smoker Temperature Regulator Kit
  3. LavaLock 4-Probe – Best Budget Temperature Controller For BBQ
  4. Flame Boss 500 – Top Rated Smoker Temperature Controller
  5. SMOBOT Wi-Fi Kamado Smoker – High-Tech BBQ Temperature Controller
  6. Flame Boss 200 – Most Innovative Temperature Control Alert System
  7. BBQube TempMaster Pro – Best Wireless BBQ Temperature Controller
  8. BBQ Guru CyberQ – Best Temperature Controller With A Probe
  9. Auber Instruments 10 CFM – Top Rated BBQ Temperature Controller

1. DigiQ DX3:

Best Barbecue Temperature Controller for All Grill Types

DigiQ DX3
DigiQ DX3


  • 10 CFM Pit Viper fan
  • Easy to install and use
  • Fits all smokers and grills
  • Platinum RTD probes
  • Open lid sensor

It must be clear that not every temperature controller is compatible with all kinds of grills. Therefore, it can be hard to determine which temperature controller is the right one for your BBQ. Your model must be compatible with your grill and smoker to ensure good results.

With the DigiQ DX3 BBQ digital meat thermometer and temperature controller, this is unlikely to become a problem for you. Designed to be compatible with all types of smokers and grills, this model is perfectly suited for your grills and smokers.

No matter what kind of grill you use, it is simple to use…

The device is set up with large, easily read buttons accessible from the large display. You can reach your device menu, pit, and food using the clearly labeled buttons. This way, you will be able to access the information you need with a button.

The 10 CFM Pit Viper Fan is exceptionally durable and water-resistant. In addition, the platinum RTD probes deliver exact readings with a similar level of durability. Also, the open lid sensor ensures the external temperature is not affected by the open lid; this way, your internal temperature remains constant.

The grill plate is excellent for any grill, but it’s small for larger cookouts.

There is only one downside to the product: it is only provided with support for two meat probes. The two items at once cooking issue is not a big deal unless you have a more ambitious cooking schedule.

2. Primastar IQ120:

Best Grill Temperature Controller Kit

IQ120 -Smoker Temperature Controller
IQ120 -Smoker Temperature Controller


  • 12 settable parameters
  • Easy to install and use
  • Displays in Fahrenheit and Centigrade
  • Compatible with all grill types
  • Large LED display

Are you having trouble maintaining the right temperature in your smoker? A novice may have a hard time setting the temperature just right. To provide precise temperature control, the Primastar IQ120 BBQ Temperature Regulator Kit is the best choice.

This model maintains your smoker’s temperature within one degree Fahrenheit. Twelve different settings are available as well. It will maintain a set temperature based on how you select it.

Using the hose attached to the IQ120, the air is blown into the smoker, allowing you to hang it easily. With perfect temperature control, you won’t need to monitor it constantly.

Installing this model is quick and easy and is compatible with most smokers. To install it yourself, you don’t need any tools; simply use the supplied thumb bolt to attach the adapter to the lower air vent.

The ventilation system is equipped with a metal bowl and a hose that connects to it. Sadly, this hose is plastic. While using your smoker, you must ensure that this hose does not melt.

Ensure that a major heat source is not close to the hose before firing the smoker. The best option is to replace the tube if you have any doubts.

3. LavaLock 4-Probe Automatic:

Best Budget BBQ Temperature Controller

LavaLock 4-Probe Automatic
LavaLock 4-Probe Automatic


  • 35 CFM variable speed fan
  • Support for four simultaneous probes
  • High and low-temperature alarms
  • One button operation
  • Aluminum housing

A large smoker will surely need more room, so it is best to utilize the available area to the fullest. Smoking and monitoring multiple types of meat simultaneously is likely to be a frequent requirement. However, most grill temperature controllers tend to only come with a few meat probes, similar to the previous model.

Here comes the LavaLockR 4-Probe Automatic BBQ Controller. The name implies that the model supports four meat probes simultaneously. Designed with a knob instead of buttons for changing the temperature, it has a unique design.

An LCD panel mounted beneath the meat probes gives an exhaustive picture of the monitored meat temperature. All the information can be seen on the screen at once! You can set the needed temperature for each probe and leave the unit in charge.

The Bigger digits enable you to read even from a distance of several feet…

With stainless steel construction, it offers an exceptionally durable design. If properly maintained, you will find it lasting many years.

The model is remarkably reliable despite lacking many features. This is the ideal gadget for setting and monitoring smoking temperatures.

This is for smokers only; we repeat it, this one is designed for smokers.

The model has been produced especially for smokers. It is important to know that these models were designed specifically for smokers. A smoker is likely to give you impressive temperature control. If you have a smoker, you will probably find cleaning very easy. 

4. Flame Boss 500

Top Rated Barbecue Temperature Controller

Flame Boss 500
Flame Boss 500


  • Three meat probes
  • Sturdy weather-proof construction
  • Large LED display
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Meat alarm included

Flame Boss is already famous for its 200-WiFi Smoker Controller and 300-WiFi Smoker Controller models. The Flame Boss 500-WiFi Smoker Controller, a recent addition to the series, promises to take things a step further. You can either monitor the temperature on your unit or on your phone.

A Wi-Fi controller is included, allowing you to control this device from any device – be it a mobile phone, computer, tablet, etc. 

Taking advantage of this option makes it easier than ever for you to monitor the temperature. You don’t have to worry about stepping near the grill for several hours if you are smoking meat for several hours.

You can find information regarding all the meat types you used on your probes. Simply place the probes on a plate and type the type of meat that was attached to each probe to find out all the content you need.

This model stands out from the pack for many other reasons. Essentially, if the lid is open to the BBQ, there is a sensor that turns off the fan. Also, you can add a configuration to send you a text notification on your phone.

A variable speed fan is combined with a temperature controller that lets the fan fine-tune oxygen intake. This provides astonishing consistency and precision in maintaining temperatures.

A temperature controller like this can be used on specific grills, though not ceramic Kamado grills or grills that run on electricity. Although the grill is designed to work in conjunction with a Kamado-style charcoal grill, whether you prefer a traditional grill or a smoker, it is almost certain to work flawlessly.

5. SMOBOT Wi-Fi Kamado:

Best Temperature Regulator For Big Green Egg

SMOBOT Wi-Fi Kamado
SMOBOT Wi-Fi Kamado


  • Robotic Damper
  • Delivers precise results
  • Two food probes
  • 1.5 m food probes
  • Remote monitoring

Precision is key when slow-cooking or smoking meat. You must know the exact temperature at which your food is cooking. So, you will have plenty of time to make necessary adjustments before overdoing it.

In its class, the SMOBOT Wi-Fi Kamado Grill and Smoker Temperature Controller Type A have earned an impressive reputation for delivering precise results. The SMOBOT is a robotic damper controlled by a remote control installed on the top vent of your grill. Once your device is connected, you can monitor the grilling progress via cloud-based software.

The good thing is that you can monitor temperature changes through SMOBOT’s Official website, which means you will be vigilant about the cooking process without having to go close to the grill. Taking advantage of this period will allow you to make any necessary adjustments prior to the testing period.

The system will automatically regulate the temperature as soon as you set the desired temperature because of the fan system and with the help of a high-performance thermometer.

All you need is an alligator clip to connect the thermometer to your grill. This is included in the package alongside everything else you need. Once it is ready for use, you will be impressed with how accurate the results will be.

The idea of Cloud Access and Wi-Fi Connectivity may seem daunting, but we advise you…

Notably, this advanced way of controlling temperature isn’t for everyone. Getting it to work requires somewhat of a learning curve, so if you like it classic, you might want to consider something else.

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6. Flame Boss 200:

Best Smoker Temperature Control Alert System

Flame Boss 200
Flame Boss 200


  • Variable Speed Blower
  • Ideal for low-and-slow cooking
  • Meat temperature alarm
  • Large LCD
  • Wi-Fi enabled

As you probably know, Flame Boss is a legendary brand. It’s time to take a look at one of their most innovative products ever produced: a temperature controller. It is a compact and powerful Wireless Kamado Grill and Smoker Temperature Control thermostat that combines the best of several features to provide you with a range of highly customizable features.

Variable speed technology allows the fan blower to be driven at the exact speed it needs to be to reach the desired temperature. This helps to ensure you get a perfectly precise result.

It is really easy to monitor and control the temperature through the Wi-Fi interface. This highly intelligent device can be connected to your cell phone, tablet, or computer, and you can perform tasks while your meat is smoking thanks to its remote control.

Basically, you just have to put in the desired time and temperature and don’t have to worry about the rest. Upon reaching the recommended temperature, there will be a temperature alarm that will ring. All you have to do then is remove the meat from the smoker and serve it.

One of the most noteworthy features of the large and bright LCD screen is that it can be adjusted at any angle you choose. It can also be programmed to automatically set the temperature you choose when a button is pressed.

Unlike some other Flame Boss computerized temperature control models, this temperature controller only has two food probes. This provides you with two temperature settings — one for different kinds of meat and one for the other. If you need additional diversity, you can always choose between the 300 and 400 models.

7. BBQube TempMaster Pro:

Best Wireless BBQ Temperature Controller

BBQube TempMaster Pro
BBQube TempMaster Pro


  • Durable temperature probes
  • Holds temperature well
  • 100+ hours on a single charge
  • Detachable and rechargeable
  • Compatible with most smokers and grills

Using any regular temperature controller may be difficult if you have larger fingers. With an innovative design, the BBQube TempMaster Pro BBQ Temperature Controller is one of the easiest devices to use in this respect.

The temperature can be set with a large dial instead of buttons…

With this controller, four meat probes can be monitored simultaneously. This model offers you plenty of versatility, as you can use it for more than just meat probes.

The wireless thermometer can run on a single charge for over a hundred hours. In addition to high contrast, the OLED displays display temperatures from several feet away.

Temperature probes themselves have a long life expectancy. They have been known to deliver very accurate readings. The temperature controller itself is capable of holding a consistently correct temperature.

It is also useful for boiling pork or tempering chocolate. As a bonus, the model is also suitable for sous vide cooking. Most models would not have this extra feature.

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8. BBQ Guru CyberQ:

Best Smoker Temperature Controller With A Probe

BBQ Guru CyberQ
BBQ Guru CyberQ


  • Easy to use and install
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy-to-press buttons
  • Extra foot-long probes
  • Voice control

Getting readings from the center of a thick slab of meat is crucial when you’re cooking it. The meat may undercook in the middle if it is done outside. However, for most probes, their length is simply too short for them to reach the center of thick steaks.

There will be no need for this when you choose CyberQ BBQ’s Digital Meat Thermometer & Digital BBQ Temperature Controller. They can differentiate even thicker cuts of meat with their extra-long probes, which can be used with this model.

Four probes are provided in total, three for meat and one for the pit. For those who are fans of the latest technology, the unique features would come in handy with this model. There is also the option to use voice and manual control.

Wi-Fi lets you control this model from your computer, tablet, or phone. Simply connect the BBQ temperature controller via a mobile app. Thus, chances are that your device is connected to the same wireless network and will not experience any problems with range.

A full-time adaptive control algorithm and a wide variety of other innovative features are also included. Using this controller over time, it gets better at understanding the specific functionality of your smoker and personalizing each setting to cater to your individual cooking style.

9. Auber Instruments 10 CFM:

Best Wireless BBQ Temperature Controller With LED

Auber Instruments 10 CFM
Auber Instruments 10 CFM


  • Pitmaster Award Winner
  • 12V power adapter
  • Three control modes
  • Open lid detection
  • Multi-step temperature control

The best temperature controller on the market, the AtmoscMaster, is one of the most accurate on the market in its class. One of the best things about the Auber Instruments 10 CFM is that it is paired with two durable meat probes, making it perfect for the large Big Green Egg grills. They are guaranteed to deliver the most accurate temperature readings.

The temperature can be set via an App, which allows you to modify the temperature as needed. It’s easy to adjust the temperature, and the App provides a number of presets.

Besides these features, there are a whole host of features you’re sure to be pleased to enjoy…

Using the open lid detection system, you no longer have to worry about losing heat and smoke since an alarm will sound, and a notification will be sent to your phone or tablet after the lid is open.

I am certain that you will also enjoy the temperature data plots as well if you are interested in perfecting your smoking game. This allows you to gain a detailed understanding of the whole temperature cycle. You can study the data after the cookout to make the needed adjustments next time.

The temperature controller is available for a rather limited range of smokers; hence, this is not considered a universal model. Akorn, Kamado Joe, Primo Oval XL, and Big Green Egg work well with the grill. Nevertheless, if you have another model, try searching for an alternative BBQ temperature controller.

Buying Tips for The BBQ Temperature Controllers

While many barbecue temperature controllers look the same at first glance, their features and durability vary widely. You should consider some considerations before choosing your ideal BBQ temperature controller.


You must ensure that the Smoker temperature controller is compatible with your grill or smoker. Some models come with a variety of compatible adapters so that they are compatible with a variety of different grills or smokers. The only exception is that other temperature controllers are exclusively designed for the use of a limited number of brands.

The Probes

meat probes to monitor temperature

Depending on how you barbecue, the number of meat probes you require may be less than four. However, there may be times you need the extra probes.

If you want to test the meat while grilling or cooking, be sure to have probes long enough to reach the end of the meat, as this will help you determine whether it has been cooked properly. 

The shorter the probe, the less accurate the reading will be. So if you tend to smoke or BBQ anything larger than a rib roast, such as beef brisket, try to get extra-long probes for that kind of stuff.

Temperature Control

In addition to being accurate, your BBQ temperature controller must also be easy to use. You should have numerous temperature control options available to you if you are looking for complete accuracy, but there is a slight learning curve if you are searching for professional or even commercial accuracy.

Extra Features

LED screen for monitoring the BBQ temperature controller

Most of the more expensive models are usually loaded with features that help to make them more convenient. With the integrated magnet, you can attach the smoker controller to the outer surface of the smoker or grill. The Open Lid Detection is another great feature to keep you from wasting heat and smoke.

The fact that many of these models come with an alarm makes the entire process even smoother…

If there is an alarm that sounds when your meat is cooked, you no longer need to check on the cooking process continually. If you like multi-tasking, look for models with alert systems.

Some models feature Wi-Fi connectivity, and depending on how tech-savvy you are, you may prefer to look for one that does. Various hi-tech models give users temperature data plots. They allow for analysis of your data and help you improve your smoking game based on the results.

Build Quality

This is why you will naturally want your new thermostat to last as long as possible. While a plastic casing is acceptable, it must be able to withstand high temperatures. You should also find out what kind of warranty the manufacturer may offer.

Before We Announce Our Favorite

We recommend checking out some other impressive barbecue accessory must-haves if you are a passionate barbeque king or queen.

Final Thoughts

Among the many best BBQ temperature controllers we have mentioned, there’s one model that stands out. And that’s the CyberQ which has met all our expectations.

Despite its compact size, this model has many innovative and helpful features.

This model has extra-long temperature gauges, which will come in handy if you grill thicker cuts of meat. The ability to control this model remotely and the voice control option is great. With a solid build and intuitive design, you’ll find that this model is easy to operate, even for the absolute novice.

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