10 Best Cake Icing Smoothers and Scrapers

Best Cake Icing Smoother

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Being a baker, you may understand the importance of the right tools, especially when decorating a cake. Decent and smooth icing is the only thing that gives a textured look to your cake. Decorating a cake requires some skills as it is a tricky process. But you can make the entire process a breeze with Icing Smoother Scraper.

Smoother scraper is an innovative tool that helps you make a professional and quality cake from the comfort of your kitchen. So whether you are a passionate baker eager to learn cake decoration or a seasoned baker looking to refine your techniques, the best cake icing smoother scraper can help you achieve your goal.

We carted a list of these tools if you are also looking for a smoother cake frosting. Let’s explore the features, benefits, and endless possibilities to make your cake the best looking.

10 Best Cake Icing Smoothers / Scrapers – Top Picks

  1. Best Overal: Wilton Comb Icing Smoother
  2. Best Cake Smoother with Leveler: Youngsome Cake Scraper Smoother
  3. Best Premium: Bleteleh Large Bench
  4. Best Budget: PME Tall Patterned Edge
  5. Best Large Cake Smoother: Restaurantware 19.8 Inch x 2 Inch Cake Comb
  6. Best For Eye-Catching Design: Restaurantware Pastry Tek
  7. Best Stylish: OXO Good Grips Scraper & Chopper
  8. Best Stainless Steel: Fat Daddio’s BS-57 Bench Scraper
  9. Best All-In-One: Ateco Decorating Comb
  10. Best Traditional: PME Stainless Steel Plain Side

Wilton Comb Icing Smoother

Wilton Comb Icing Smoother

What We Like

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Provide six different patterns to design your frosting
  • The three combs fit adequately to make storage easy

What We Don’t Like

  • Plastic construction
  • Lacks a good feel and control.

From creating cakes to decorating cupcakes for special occasions, Wilton has different tools, accessories, and toppings you may require to create a unique art piece. One of Wilton’s best cake smoother tools is the Comb Icing Smoother. These are three combs that snap together to make storage easy.

I tested these combs and found them very well, as they give me perfect patterns while spreading different colors on my cake surface. It is a wide comb with 9 in. x 3 in. (22,8 cm x 7,6 cm) dimensions that will cover the maximum cake area in one turn.

The build quality is not classy but good enough with plastic construction. Moreover, these best cake frostings are smoother and easy to use. After finishing every cake frosting, You may only need to wash the Wilton comb with soapy water.

I found it’s holding slightly weird because it has the same pattern all over the sides. So, whatever side you hold, the other is pressing against your palm, which feels uncomfortable. However, the overall quality is good enough and works well to leave a depression on the frosting.

Youngsome Cake Scraper / Smoother

Youngsome Cake Scraper Smoother

What We Like

  • Option to adjust the height.
  • Sturdy and durable design.
  • Create delicate edges.
  • Multi-purpose tool.

What We Don’t Like

  • Sometimes its knob slide down.

If you are looking for an adjustable tool, Cake Scraper Smoother is one of the best cake-smoothing tools. You can easily frost a cake up to 12 inches high. But you can adjust the height of the cake scraper smoother according to your needs. It will help you create sharp edges even if you make a square cake.

When it comes to building quality, it is also high-end. The premium stainless steel build provides hardness, strength, and high-temperature resistance. It is easy to clean this sturdy and durable cake smoother. You may only need to adjust the knob at your required height, put your cake on the stand and keep moving the stand along with the tool, and create smooth and sharp edges.

It is a multi-purpose scraper. You can use it for decorating your cake and as a pastry cutter. You can also use it as a cake knife, bench scraper, food chopper, dough cutter, and chocolate spreader. Cake Scraper Smoother is a great tool to build on your current skills or want to learn something new. So, let’s make your special events more memorable by decorating an eye-catching cake with this tool!

Bleteleh Large Bench Scraper

Bleteleh Large Bench Scraper and cake scraper

What We Like

  • Sturdy build
  • The blade can be sharpened
  • Comfortable grip
  • Large blade

What We Don’t Like

  • Heavy to work with.
  • Not suitable for small wrists.

Bleteleh Large Bench is on the list due to its multi-purpose usage. You can use it to smooth your cake top as a dough cutter, vegetable or herb chopper, kitchen bench scraper, and more. Bleteleh is 10 inches larger than the other icing smoother on the list, like OXO Good Grip.

Bleteleh Large Bench has high-quality stainless steel construction and is meant to last even after daily use. The best part is that it has a handle at one end, which gives a solid grip without hurting your palm like a Wilton comb. The ergonomic and comfortable grip make it the best cake-smoothing tool. At the same time, the other side is sharp to cut dough and other things.

Whether you want to require a tool for professional or residential use, the Bleteleh Large Bench is something you may need. So, get this perfect baking tool that may last for years.

Although it has a sturdy handle and design, it may become difficult to hold, especially for short-wrist users. Moreover, it may feel slightly heavy while working. But if you want to smooth the cake top, the Bleteleh Large Bench is your best pick.

PME Tall Patterned Edge Side Scrapper

PME Tall Patterned Edge Side Scrapper

What We Like

  • Both edges are useable to give different patterns to the cake.
  • Best to frost taller cakes.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Easy to use and easy to clean.

What We Don’t Like

  • The pattern edge may feel uncomfortable while holding.

PME Tall Patterned Edge is a cake smoother that helps you make taller cakes, especially for weddings and themed parties. It is a 10-inch taller and 3.5 inches wide and has good dimensions compared to the Restaurantware Pastry. You can create different designs, from smooth textures to strips.

The best part of this Best Cake Icing Smoother / Scraper I experience is that you can use both edges to make designs. One edge has strips, while the other is smooth. So you can use both sides to make the icing smooth and pattern.

The plastic build is also high-quality food grade meant to last. Moreover, easy-to-clean quality makes it more valuable, while handwashing makes it more durable. I found it excellent for creating all types of cakes. Still, its pattern side may feel uncomfortable while making your frosting smooth from the other edge.

Overall, it is an excellent tool that helps you to make your cake top smooth and perfect for decorating.

Restaurantware 19.8 Inch x 2 Inch Cake Comb

Restaurantware 19.8 Inch x 2 Inch Cake Comb

What We Like

  • Large size, which is perfect for taller cakes.
  • Create thin strips and smooth, thick strips.
  • It is made of scratch-proof and shatterproof design.
  • Stainless steel material makes it durable.

What We Don’t Like

  • Strip design to both ends, making holding difficult.
  • Best for large cakes.

Add gorgeous details with Restaurantware cake comb to your sweet desserts. It has two assorted edges. One edge has a measurement of 5 mm wide, and the other has 10 mm. I have tested this cake comb to make a large cake for my themed party and love its design as I make strips in one turn.

The Best Cake Icing Smoother / Scraper intricate thick strips and thin strips depending on the side you use to decorate your cake. It has a sturdy stainless steel build, which is durable even after regular use. The best thing it liked most was its scratch resistance and shatterproof quality.

Enhance the look of your cake with a 19.75-inch long Restaurantware cake comb as it gives the impression to your frosting beautifully and perfectly. You can use this best cake smoothing tool for sweet desserts at your bakery, cake shop, or in your kitchen at home.

If you want to maintain the high-end build quality of this cake comb, then it is good to hand wash it after every use. So, let’s add a stylish look to your cake for special occasions.

Restaurantware Pastry Tek / Cake Scraper

Restaurantware Pastry Tek and Cake Scraper

What We Like

  • It has an eye-catching design.
  • Aluminum construction makes it durable.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Space-saving storage.

What We Don’t Like

  • Requires hand wash only.

Restaurantware Pastry Tek is on the Best Cake Icing Smoother / Scraper list due to its eye-catching design and four assorted edges. You can use it from all sides for large to small cakes to make them beautiful according to your preferences.

The 4 assorted sides of this cake scraper allow you to make thin to thick strips effortlessly, and with one side, you can make the cake top smooth. The 4 useable sides make it more valuable compared to Restaurantware cake comb and other icing smoothers on the list.

The best thing is that it has a shatterproof, scratch-resistant metal construction. It is a long-lasting cake smoother and combe which will long-lasting. However, if you want to enjoy it for years and maintain its structure, you may need to handwash it.   

Moreover, it has a compact design with a hanging hole, making storage easy as you can hang it in a suitable location without disturbing other storage. The cake comb is best for large and small cakes and other desserts at the cake shop, home, or bakery. With its dimensions of 6 inches long and 3.8 inches wide, it is the perfect and best cake frosting smoother for decorating any cake. So, let’s create a beautiful cake and make your event enjoyable.

OXO Good Grips Scraper & Chopper

OXO Good Grips Scraper & Chopper

What We Like

  • Great quality.
  • Excellent handle for good grip.
  • Multi-purpose tool.
  • Easy to clean

What We Don’t Like

  • It may get rusted with time.

Are you looking for something great for your baking passion? Then OXO Good Grip is one of the best cake smoother tools that may satisfy your needs. You can use OXO to make your cake top smooth and a textured look. Moreover, you can use it for chopping veggies, cutting dough, scraping baking sheets, scraping baking, and more.

The build quality is also amazing, as the stainless steel design makes it durable. It may get rust with time, but if you properly maintain it and clean it after use, it will last long. What I liked most was the measurement marking on the blade, which is not available on the Ateco decorative comb. So, it is a scraper and a ruler to cut the dough in perfect measurements.

The handle is made of plastic, which gives you a strong grip. While using this best cake frosting smoother, your hand and wrist will remain comfortable to decorate your cake and other sweet desserts. It is also tall enough to keep your hands away from food to avoid clutter.

The cleaning is very easy. You can place it in your dishwasher, and that’s it. No more hand cleaning is required after using it. You will love OXO Good Grips as it is a scraper, ruler, and blade. So add it to your baking tools to take advantage of the many features.

Fat Daddio’s BS-57 Bench Scraper

Fat Daddio's BS-57 Bench Scraper

What We Like

  • Perfect for turning and lifting dough
  • Scrap the surface to clean it
  • Comfortable handle
  • Dishwasher safe

What We Don’t Like

  • Require maintenance to avoid rusting

Fat Daddio’s Bench Scraper is the best cake-smoothing tool for multiple tasks. It will prove a workhorse for your kitchen as you can turn and lift the dough perfectly from the surface, chop soft items, and scrap the working surface to clean it properly.

It has the blade dimensions 7 1/4″ x 5″ (18.4 x 12.7 cm), 7″ x 3.5″ (17.8 x 8.9 cm). The best thing is that it has two measurement options: inches on the front and cm on the back. These measurements help you to cut the food items perfectly in size.

You can smooth your cake top and create sharp edges by removing and spreading extra frosting. Moreover, the build quality is also high-end. The stainless steel blade makes it durable, and the ABS plastic handle ensures a secure and easy grip without hurting your hand and wrist.

You can easily store it in your kitchen cabinet as its blade will not hurt you. Clean Fat Daddios properly after every use to avoid rusting. It is easy to clean with hands but also dishwasher safe.

Ateco Decorating Comb 

Ateco Decorating Comb

What We Like

  • Durable build.
  • It has four sides to create designs.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean.

What We Don’t Like

  • Sharp three edges may feel uncomfortable while holding.

Ateco Decorating Comb is a metal that helps you make the best cake frosting smoother. Its four sides have a design to give your cake the best pattern. Three sides of the icing have splitters, while one side is smooth. You can use any side according to your need and cake design.

You may only need to apply thick layers of icing to your cake, dip the smoother into hot water, then shake excess water and move it along the icing surface. If you hold it at an angle, you may remove less icing and give your cake top smooth and a perfect texture.

The smoother cack’s two long sides help you handle large cakes. At the same time, the other two small sides may help you to design small cakes. Its meta build is durable and will last long if you maintain it.

It is easy to handle from the smoother side. But if you hold it from the side with splitters, it may feel uncomfortable on your palm. However, the quality is good enough and gives you the best results with an easy-to-clean, easy-to-store, easy-to-use, and durable build.

PME Stainless Steel Plain Side

PME Stainless Steel Plain Side Cake Smoother Scrapper

What We Like

  • Smooth and sleek design.
  • Sturdy build.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Rustproof and shatterproof quality.

What We Don’t Like

  • It has a single design.

PME Stainless Steel Plain Side is the best cake-smoothing tool that lasts long. Its simple design and plain edges from both sides give a textured look, and the cake top is smooth. The best thing is that you can easily handle it without feeling uncomfortable.

It is 10 inches large and best for both small and large cakes. But it has a special build to create tall cakes. So, if you want a smoother cake frosting, you can consider adding PME Stainless Steel to your baking gadgets.

It is a stainless steel cake scraper that will last long as it is rust-resistant and shatterproof. But it doesn’t add a splitter to your cake, as both edges are smooth. So, if you prefer a smooth design, it is the best cake-smoothing tool.

Frequently asked questions

What makes a cake smoother?

A cake smoother helps you to create sharp and perfect edges of the cake. You can easily shape your cake and set the icing. It is an important tool for icing and can be used on sides, edges, and tops to decorate your cakes.

How much is cake smoother?

The cake smoothers are available in different ranges. The price of cake smoother may vary depending on factors such as build quality, design, and size. So it is up to your preferences and also depends on your budget.

How to use a cake smoother?

It is easy to use the tool. You may only need to place your cake on a stand and move the cake holder by setting the cake smother along with the edges. When you move your cake, the tool will remove the extra icing and give your cake a smooth texture or design according to your needs.

What can I use instead of a cake smoother?

You can use a flat spatula instead of a cake smoother. A spatula can help you to set the frosting on your cake. But a cake smoother or scraper is more efficient and comfortable. They are not too expensive, so you can spend some bucks to make your cake beautiful.

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