7 Best Heart-Shaped Waffle Makers – Tested & Approved

Best Heart Shaped Waffle Makers

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The heart-shaped waffle is an iconic dish of Norway. There, this dish is known as the “ultimate comfort meal” and is frequently eaten with cheese, sour cream, or simply with butter and sugar.

Expressing your love by making waffles sounds great but making heart-shaped waffles for your loved ones? That takes romance even further. Even for casual breakfasts with your family, there is something special about choosing to serve a Norwegian-style heart-shaped waffle. You need a waffle iron with a unique iron structure to cook Norwegian waffles due to their peculiar shape. The Belgian waffle iron is too deep and isn’t fit to perform this job. 

We’ve put together a list of the 7 Best Norwegian-style waffle makers for heart-shaped waffle-worthy occasions like anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays. Heart-shaped waffles are not as easily found in the US as they are in places like Scandinavia. Therefore, the waffle makers we have chosen are the ones you can easily purchase from Amazon.

The Best Heart Shaped Waffle Makers in 2023

  1. Best Overall: Dash Mini Waffle Maker
  2. Best Looking: Holstein Houseware Waffle Maker
  3. Best Mini: Waffle Wow by CucinaPro
  4. Best Nonstick Coating: Euro Cuisine WM520
  5. Best Manual: Nordic Ware Sweetheart Waffler
  6. Best Temperature Controls: Chef’sChoice 840 Waffle Pro
  7. Best Budget: Nostalgia MyMini Waffler

Dash Mini Waffle-Maker

Dash Mini Waffle Maker

Features & Specs:

  • Creative color options
  • Non-slip feet for stability
  • 360-degree rotation

What We Like

  • Produces 5-6 waffles quickly
  • Even batter distribution with rotation
  • Compact size

What We Don’t Like

  • Plates are not detachable
  • No temperature or color-shade controls

When it comes to the best heart shaped waffle makers, how can we forget the Instagram-popular Dash Mini Waffle Maker. This adorable little fellow makes fluffy but crispy waffles quickly and is simple to pack away when not in use.

Four-inch waffles are so adorable that they somehow feel more practical and attainable than their whole-size counterparts. Creativity is the highlight of this waffle maker.  Dash Mini Waffle Maker is exceptional since it not only offers a wide range of colors but also enables you to create creative forms from your waffles. 

Waffles are a great option, but consider how much more impressive heart-, skull-, or pumpkin-shaped waffles would be to your guests. It is ideal for a variety of events, but the best part is that it costs less than $15.

Even your children will find cooking to be more enjoyable thanks to the Mini Waffle Maker from Dash’s colorful design. This tiny kitchen appliance fits in the palm of your hand, yet it swiftly makes single-serving waffles.

Dash has created a well-thought-out design with measurements of 5 inches in depth, 6.4 inches in breadth, and 2.8 inches in height. We loved the plastic handle’s ergonomic design, which keeps your fingertips from getting scorched. Non-slip feet are another feature that makes the Dash Mini Waffle Maker secure and safe when in use. Even though it is a little kitchen item, the focus on safety features is commendable.

There aren’t many control knobs on the Dash Mini Waffle Maker, which makes sense. It is a low-cost appliance with insufficient space for temperature controls and a timed countdown display. However, we were impressed that this Dash Waffle Maker has pre-heating light indications. This gadget offers all the necessities while skipping all the luxuries.

By using your creativity, you can create more than just heart-shaped standard waffles with it.  You may try any of our recipes, whether they’re savory, sweet, vegan, or keto-style waffles. The coolest thing is that you can even create pastries or biscuit pizzas. 

If you’re concerned that your waffles could wind up being too small to eat, you’re mistaken. A mouthful of individual 4-inch waffles can be produced using the Dash Mini Waffle Maker. Two PFOA-free, nonstick cooking surfaces with an equal heat distribution are included in this compact, lightweight waffle maker.

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This device is fantastic since it allows you to quickly prepare 5 to 6 waffles. So even if they are little, the overall number makes up for it. For compact flats with crowded kitchens, this waffle maker with a 4-inch nonstick cooking surface is a must.

Lastly, it is simple to use. You don’t need a handbook or tutorials to help you understand how it works. Simply plug in the waffle maker to begin using it when it has warmed up for a few minutes. You can cook food evenly and reliably produce gorgeous golden waffles with two non-stick surfaces. Additionally, you are free to spin it 360 degrees to improve batter distribution.

The Dash Mini Waffle Maker’s drawbacks include the absence of temperature and color shade adjustments. there’s a chance you could overburn them. Additionally, because the plates are not detachable, cleaning this waffle maker takes time and effort.

However, if you don’t frequently cook waffles, there is no need to clog your cabinets with huge waffle makers that have uninspiring designs and cost you $100. Try the Dash Mini Waffle Maker instead. Easy, elegant, and effective.

Holstein HF-09031 4-Heart Waffles Maker

Holstein Houseware Waffle Maker

Features & Specs:

  • PFOA-free nonstick coating
  • Vibrant color options
  • Built-in Safety Lock
  • Anti-Overflow channel to prevent dripping

What We Like

  • More waffles in less time
  • Harmless to health with non-toxic characteristics
  • Stable and secure handles

What We Don’t Like

  • Unhelpful light indicators
  • No freedom of temperature control

The Holstein Fun Heart Waffle Maker produces four heart-shaped waffles in only a few minutes, maximizing the value of the most significant meal of the day. You can have tasty heart-shaped waffles on your plate in no time by simply pouring in the batter and covering the lid. The recipes you can try with Holstein Waffle Maker are endless, from red velvet to cinnamon sugar, a nutritious breakfast has never been this simple.

Its ability to make four heart-shaped waffles at once makes it ideal for families with small children. The quality of the waffles produced by Holstein Waffle Maker impressed us. They had a gently crunchy border and were quite moist and soft. We enjoyed the distinct, recognizable heart shape as well.

As far as the design is concerned, the modern and vibrant finish of this waffle maker gives your kitchen decor a delightful pop of color. It also has a PFOA-free, easily-cleanable non-stick coating surface. In our experience, this was the only waffle maker whose handle remained cold to the touch while in use.

Although the size of the Holstein Heart Waffle Maker is large with the dimensions of 8.51 inches D x 12.14 inches W x 3.94 inches H, you can still save space by storing it vertically. Since it is made of plastic, it only weighs 3.74 pounds. However, don’t assume since it is lightweight it must be easy to rotate. Even though it allows 360 degrees rotation, the size makes it a bit difficult to execute.

The reason why this product made it to our list of best heart-shaped waffle makers is owing to its extra features. It only costs $20 yet it provides you the facility of avoiding mess through an anti-overflow channel. In addition to that, the Holstein Heart Waffle Maker also features skid-resistant feet to ensure your safety. It doesn’t just end there, there is also a safety lock incorporated into the appliance to prevent the hot batter from touching your skin.

However, as for the downsides, if you love experimenting with the temperature you will be disappointed to know there are none. Not even an on/off switch. Although it does include red and green indicator lights, their accuracy is questionable. You have to look for the signs of steam coming from the appliance to know when your waffles are done, which mostly either results in overcooking or undercooking.

Overall, if you want to bake 4 tiny heart-shaped waffles that you may top with regular toppings like fruit, and syrup or use a flavorful batter with grated cheese and green onions in a matter of minutes, this is the product for you.

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Waffle Wow! Mini Hearts Waffle Maker

Waffle Wow! Mini Hearts Waffle Maker

Features & Specs:

  • A variety of waffle sizes is possible with its iron plates
  • Red & Green Indicator lights
  • One year warranty
  • Non-skid feet

What We Like

  • Portable and compact enough to be carried on vacation
  • More waffles in less time

What We Don’t Like

  • Lacks overflow channels
  • Zero temperature controls

Let’s do some quick math, what if you purchase one waffle maker that can bake up to three waffles and five smaller waffles? Is it even possible to get 9 waffles in one batch? Yes, at least with this Waffle Wow it is. Plus, you are not just getting ordinary waffles but heart-shaped ones at that!

With dimensions of 11 inches x 9.3 inches x 5.3 inches, the CucinaPro Mini Heart Waffle Maker is a compact appliance that is portable and takes up insignificant storage space. It also comes with a cord wrap to make packing it up more convenient.

This is perfect if you wish to fill your kid’s lunch box with various sizes of waffles. Waffle Wow is an electric waffle maker with an iron build and a clean white finish. Equally liked by adults and kids, Waffle Wow performs up to quality expectations from CucinaPro. As a bonus, you also get a one-year warranty.

Although the waffles from homemade batter do not turn out well with this waffle maker, the waffles made from box-mixed were fairly crispy and tender on the inside. However, finding a recipe that works well in this appliance can be a hassle if you like to create waffles from scratch.

We liked how quick and simple it was to prepare several batches of treats to serve family and friends. You can quickly prepare a delicious breakfast or dessert fit for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays or simply show someone you care by simply preheating the waffle maker, dividing the batter among the molds, and covering it. That’s all it takes.

Cleaning this mini CucinaPro heart waffle maker isn’t inconvenient but it would have been nice to have detachable plates and an overflow channel. Although it is praiseworthy that Waffle Wow features a latch lock mechanism as a good health-security measure, the handles get hot quickly, and sometimes you need a cloth to hold them.

In the end, the CucinaPro does have the edge of being a reliable manufacturer. It costs you around $40 but it is subjective if this waffle maker is worth that much money.

Euro Cuisine WM520

Euro Cuisine WM520

Features & Specs:

  • Chrome-plated mirror finish
  • PTFE and PFOA-free ceramic nonstick coating
  • Scandinavian-style heart waffle irons
  • Temperature controls and bright indicator lights

What We Like

  • Stylish design with chrome lid
  • Simple-to-use control panel with a quick, clicky browning level dial.
  • the eco-friendly plates that are harmless to health

What We Don’t Like

  • Unstable lid hinges
  • surface and handles get quite hot after a few cooking sessions

This Euro Cuisine Heart Shaped Waffle Maker sets itself apart from other competitive heart waffle makers on this list by using an eco-friendly non-stick ceramic coating that is PFOA-free as well as PTFE-free, and it also allows you to make not three but five equally-sized waffles.

If you’re searching for a Norwegian-style waffle maker, the Euro Cuisine WM520 is a nice option. Although we would not call its performance outstanding, it is adequate for having a good breakfast or snack. The waffle maker’s appearance radiates a premium look owing to the chrome highlights. With ceramic non-stick coating, the waffle plates are well-made and safer for your health than Teflon.

The Euro Cuisine WM520 looks quite expensive thanks to its shiny, chrome-plated top. Although the overall design quality is good, we felt that the unstable lid hinges can be improved. We liked the browning settings and two indicator lights that are on the control panel, located on top. In our experience, at this pricing point, the control features that have been featured are enough.

With a length of 10 inches, a width of 8 inches, and a height of 4.5 inches, it is almost the same size as a traditional waffle maker and takes up substantial space on the countertop. With this broad body, it weighs about 4 pounds so is relatively unchallenging to carry.

Aside from the chrome-plated top, the control panel and the bottom casing are plastic parts. To shield the user from heat, the front handle is rubberized and made from plastic. A rubber component that is located underneath the handle can be removed with only a slight tug. The handle is presumably fastened to the front of the lid with the help of the screws. It’s a smart method to conceal the unsightly screws and give the design a cohesive appearance.

We liked the nicely-crafted waffle plates on Euro Cusine Waffle Maker. The patterns on the plates are distinct and exact. There are many diamond-shaped “spikes” inside each section of the heart-shaped segments which result in thoroughly-defined wells in the final waffle. Each spike is solid and razor-sharp.

Since the plates have a ceramic non-stick coating, they are free of PFOA and PTFE. We never encountered a sticky waffle throughout our test as the coating functioned effectively enough.

Furthermore, we were impressed with the results of the self-mixed waffle recipes as well as box-mixed. Self-mixed waffle recipes turned out golden-brown on the outside with dark brown specks inside the wells Although, the waffles had lovely coloration, the interior was mushy, which also impacted the waffle’s flavor by giving it a faintly uncooked batter-like taste.

The waffle’s wells at the bottom were lighter in color than those at the top, but both sides were essentially the same color. By how gooey the insides still were, it was obvious that the batter hadn’t had an opportunity to fully mature. The waffle’s inside included a few air bubbles and air pockets, which further shows the low aeration level.

Overall, our specialists deemed the taste of self-mixed waffles produced by Euro Cusine as satisfactory. Both the batter’s sweet and savory flavors were present. It also performed similarly in the box-mixed waffle recipe test. Though significantly paler than in the last test, the color was nevertheless regarded as acceptable. Comparing the two waffles, the one from this test had a better aeration rate than the waffles from the prior test. The increased softness resulted in our experts giving it a higher rating.

The build quality of the Euro Cuisine Heart-shaped waffle maker is decent. Out of the box, the exterior chrome plate has a gorgeous mirror shine. However, we found that it is quite prone to scuffs and fingerprints, just like any other mirror-finished surface. In addition to that, the cooking oil spills might leave a light black mark on the lid. Furthermore, the lid frequently wobbles when in operation since it is attached to a set of shaky hinges.

Additionally, the power cord is just around 26.5 inches long, which is quite short. It might not reach the outlet in your kitchen, you’ll require an extension cable. However, the handy cable wrap allows you to simplify storage.

As far as safety features are concerned we would give Euro CusineWaffle Maker a poor ranking. After just three cooking sessions, the entire waffle machine gets scalding hot. Oven mitts need to be used as the area around the control panel becomes become impossible to touch with bare hands.

Overall, with its ceramic coating and temperature controls, Euro Cuisine WM520 provides good value for money.

Nordic Ware Sweetheart Waffler

Nordic Ware Sweetheart Waffler

Features & Specs:

  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum body
  • 3.5-inch heart cavities
  • PFOA-free nonstick coating

What We Like

  • Deep pockets for thick original Belgian waffles
  • Can be used on any stovetop
  • Can be soaked in water for cleaning
  • Compact for simple storing

What We Don’t Like

  • Flimsy handles
  • The batter is prone to leaking out

If your significant other prefers original Belgian waffles, you need to head over to the stove. You will find that majority of the heart-shaped waffle makers on this list produce traditionally sized waffles. Nordic Ware Sweetheart Waffler is one of the few stovetop waffle makers you will find on the market. Nordic Ware kitchen products always prove to be high-quality and this sweetheart waffler is no different.

Switching from an electric waffle maker to a cast iron waffle maker may seem like a step backward in terms of convenience, but there are many ways in which a cast iron waffle maker is even more user-friendly than an electric one. The Nordic Ware Stove Top Waffle iron is a great example of this. With dimensions of 1.3 inches Depth x 7.4 inches width x 7.4 inches height, and 3.5 inches deep cavities, Nordic Ware Waffler is easy to store compared to Euro Cusine Waffle Maker which has a stand.

When you feel that they are heated enough, pour your batter into them. Make lots of batters if you enjoy thick Belgian-style waffles since one of the best features of this waffle iron is how deep the pockets are. With Nordic Ware Sweetheart Waffler you don’t have to spread the batter out, but rather pour it in the center of the plate where it will naturally level out.

Stovetop waffle makers have several advantages over electrical ones, including the ability to be immediately cleaned by soaking them in water or running water over them. This Nordic Ware waffle maker can be kept in most cabinets once it is cleaned since it is so thin and takes up the least amount of room when closed.

The best part about this heart-shaped waffle maker is the cleaning. You can’t submerge Dash Mini Waffle Maker or the Holstein Waffle Maker into the water since they have electric circuits that can be damaged. This is not the issue with Nordic Ware Stovetop Waffler. You can soak it in water and leave it there to soften the residues and clean the appliance at your convenience.

One downside of Nordic Ware Sweetheart Waffler is that finding the right quantity of batter for the waffles you are cooking needs some trial and error. Your early attempts will either result in an incomplete batter by using insufficient batter or if you use too much, it will seep out the sides. However, it doesn’t take long to learn to estimate the ideal quantity of batter every time.

In addition to that, the Nordic Ware Stovetop waffle maker depends on a guessing game. The waffle maker has to be turned over and heated on the other side about halfway through the cooking period. Since there are no indicators, light or sound, the development of your waffles can only be checked by opening the pan, and if you think they have browned to your liking, it is time to remove the pan from the heat and serve.

Although the frying plates featured in Nordic Ware Sweetheart Waffler are nonstick you still need to spray them with a little vegetable oil to double-check that your waffles will release from the plates after they are done. In our first few attempts, the waffles turned out to be sticky. However, it should first pre-heat the waffle maker on medium heat for a few minutes on each side, this problem can be avoided.

Lastly, compared to its electric counterparts, Nordic Ware Waffler requires a lot of effort on your part. However, if you don’t mind putting in the work, flipping and storing this Belgian heart-shaped waffle maker is simple.

Chef’sChoice 840 WafflePro

Chef’sChoice 840 Waffle Pro

Features & Specs:

  • A batch of five waffles each shaped like a heart
  • A system with Beeper and Light Alert
  • Overflow pipe to minimize mess

What We Like

  • The waffles’ color and texture may be changed to suit your preferences.
  • Waffles cook uniformly owing to the floating hinge
  • Fewer chances of overburning the waffles

What We Don’t Like

  • The size of the waffles is too small.
  • The controls’ printing gets erased after a time

If you’re searching for a typical minimalist heart-shaped waffle maker with more controls we recommend you take a look at the Chef’s Choice 840 WafflePro Maker. It offers you a range of cooking options and you decide whether you want your waffles lightly colored and soft or dark and crispy.

This compact waffle maker offers a rapid temperature recovery to avoid overcooking. With this equipment, crispy, fluffy waffles may be produced in 90 seconds. There are several baking techniques, such as deep baking and crispy outside with a delicate interior. By modifying the color settings on your Chef’s choice 840 waffle maker, you can get golden to brown waffles.

You would generally anticipate light to turn on when your waffles are finished, regardless of the settings you have chosen for their color and texture, and this waffle maker does that but also goes beyond. Additionally, it also has an audible indicator to let you know when your waffle is done in case you were distracted or had to go elsewhere.

One issue that might arise when using a thin waffle maker is uneven thickness. The cause for that is the lid not being in an even position when closed. However, this vintage heart-shaped waffle maker takes care of that by including a floating lid that allows the batter bakes consistently. It ensures that the lid closes properly and stays that way, guaranteeing a uniform waffle thickness.

With measurements of 12 inches by 12.75 inches by 5.25 inches, the appliance occupies substantial space. However, you can store it upright or stow away the cord in a compartment built into the device to save as much storage area as you want.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about finding dried-up batter months later. The Chef’s Choice 840 Waffle Pro’s bottom plate has an overflow channel around it, making cleanup easier than before. The LED indications will alert you in good time when the waffle maker is ready and your cooking time is up. The 840 WafflePro machine gives you uniformity by evenly cooking the waffle’s four edges.

The Chef’s Choice 840 Waffle Iron is dependable, efficient, and trouble-free. On the downside, the size of the waffles made with this appliance might surprise you, though. They are thin since they are traditional waffles, but the size is smaller than we anticipated, and if you cut them into five pieces to share with others, you will be left with an embarrassing quantity.

Also, the print on the controls is easily obliterated after repeated cleanings, and you may have to remember which button operates which function.

Overall, this waffle maker is unique since it creates clover-shaped waffles that may be cut into five parts. A range of heat and color settings ensures that your waffles are cooked to perfection. It is also among the best thin waffle makers.

Nostalgia MyMini Heart Waffle Maker

Nostalgia MyMini Heart Waffle Maker

Features & Specs:

  • Only 550 Watts power consumption
  • BPA-free Body
  • 5-inch Cooking Surface

What We Like

  • Make french toasts, quesadillas
  • Waffles produced have clearly defined edges and soft interior
  • Most compact waffler, an ideal choice for use in apartments, offices & dorm rooms

What We Don’t Like

  • Handles are not cool-touch
  • Only makes one mini waffle per batch

If a commercial heart-shaped waffle maker is not your priority and you are just looking for a product you can gift your kids or grandkids they can play around with, you should check out Nostalgia Waffle Maker. For less than $15, you get all the important features that are required in making waffles. Not just standard waffles, but heart-shaped ones.

Nostalgia MyMini Waffle Maker performed well in box-mix waffle recipes as well as self-prepared ones. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about wasting waffle batter on failed attempts. This mini waffle maker produces a heart-shaped waffle with delightfully deep divots that was clearly defined. The edges were a little crunchy, but this one is for lovers of soft waffles.

With the size of 6 inches in depth x 6 inches in width 4 inches in height and a weight of only 1.5 pounds, Nostalgia MyMini Waffler can fit anywhere. You can even stuff it in your small traveling bag and won’t even feel it weighing you down. Its modest and space-saving design makes it the ideal choice for use in apartments, offices, dorm rooms, and even camper RVs with limited counter space.

Since this is a mini waffle maker you don’t have to worry about power consumption either. It only consumes 550 watts.

It has a red shiny plastic build that kids are attracted to and a body that is BPA-free. There is one light indicator on the top and the cooking plates featured have a ceramic coating that is easy to clean up. The cooking surfaces featured are dual in nature and 5-inch wide, it is designed in a way to cook food quickly, effectively, and consistently.

Another aspect that we liked about Nostalgia MyMini is that despite being cheap and small in size, it does multiple jobs. By using this mini heart-shaped waffle appliance, you can quickly and healthily prepare French toast, hash browns, biscuits and gravy, grilled cheese, and even quesadillas.

However, a budget kitchen appliance comes with many cons. After knowing its price we weren’t expecting any temperature controls so their absence did not disappoint us. We were hoping Nostalgia MyMini would have a cooking plate that produces at least 4 to 5 mini heart-shaped waffles but instead it produces one 5-inch waffle in one batch.

Another negative aspect of this budget heart-shaped waffler is that compared to other mini waffle makers on the list, like Dash Mini and Waffle Wow by CucinaPro, the handles of Nostalgia MyMini were substantially hot. As we mentioned earlier, this kitchen appliance is mainly targeted at kids who enjoy cooking, so we were expecting it to feature more safety measures than it does.

Overall, if you are a beginner who just wants to improve your waffle-making skills or you are looking for an inexpensive heart-shaped waffler to gift a kid, Nostalgia MyMini can help you out.

Buying Tips For The Heart Shaped Waffle Makers?

Buying Instructions for the best heart shaped waffles
  • First, you need to finalize the type of waffle maker, whether you wish to get a Belgian waffle maker or a classic waffle maker. If you wish to fill the waffles with creative toppings to exalt the experience, you need a Belgian Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker.
  • Once you’ve decided on the type of waffle maker you want, you have to choose shapes and sizes. A good heart-shaped waffle maker will allow you to make more waffles instead of a single large heart waffle.
  • I prefer to buy a waffle maker with special features. Almost all waffle machines are nonstick, which is what we want. For equal browning on the top and bottom, some waffle makers include a specific rotational mechanism. Control settings, like the ones featured in Chef’sChoice WafflePro, over browning are also important to enable you to decide how golden you want your waffles to be.
  • There are versions with a no-drip feature that captures any leaking batter before it touches your countertop if you’re concerned about the dripping batter. There are also versatile variants available with plates designed for waffles or sandwiches that are detachable and replaceable.
  • Another recommendation can be Stovetop irons like Nordic Ware Waffler. These are equally as versatile as their electric ones. Look for a dark nonstick aluminum build as it won’t stick as easily. Additionally, search for flat handles that let the waffle iron stay flush with the surface of your stove. With this type, however, you have to be sure to watch out for hot handles and use a towel or oven mitt for safety
  • Waffle yield also plays a critical role in determining which waffle recipes you will be able to make on a particular waffle maker. The majority of waffle machines have a capacity of between 1/2 and 3/4 cups of batter per waffle. The greater the yield, the better.
  • Also, check the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer first. For the outside, a wet washcloth will do just fine. Some can even be submerged in water, like the Nordic Ware Waffle Maker. Waffle Makers with detachable plates are recommended for a convenient cleaning experience.

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If you are tight on budget, we recommend Nostalgia MyMini. While Chef’s Choice 840 offers the best versatility, the Dash Mini Waffle Maker earns the position of being the best overall. If you want to avoid electricity consumption then Nordic Ware Stovetop Waffler is recommended.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How to use a heart-shaped waffler?

Most heart-shaped waffle makers simply need to be plugged in to preheat. When the machine is prepared for charging, an indicator light will either turn on or off to inform you. The majority of manufacturers recommend spritzing with a nonstick cooking spray for maximum results even if the cooking surfaces are nonstick.

What toppings to use with heart-shaped waffles?

When it comes to decorating your heart-shaped waffles, the options are limitless. Maple Syrup, Fresh fruit, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce are a few common choices. Find your favorite taste combination by being inventive and experimenting.

What type of batter to use in heart-shaped waffles?

You have the freedom to use any batter. However, keep in mind that the thicker the batter more noticeable textural changes will be than the thinner batter.

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How We Tested The Heart-Shaped Waffle Makers?

To help you pick the ideal appliance for your Valentine’s Day brunch and beyond, we tested seven well-known waffle makers. The was done by our expert researchers who assessed several batches of waffles prepared from boxed pancake and waffle mix as well as from a self-made recipe. Why use two different batters to test each maker? More leavening agents are present in boxed mixes. This results in boxed mix waffles often rising faster than handcrafted waffles, which is important for maintaining contact with the machine’s top grid.

The tests were also based on the presence of residues of PFOA, PTFE, and other hazardous chemicals linked to Teflon. This list is also focused on the speed of waffle makers, temperature settings, indication lights, portability, easily removable plates for cleaning, and price range.

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