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The 10 Best Madeleine Pans in 2022

As baking madeleine is trending, we are getting out our baking pans. French style, shell shaped mini cakes are complex to produce. But a best madeleine pan is probably an important factor in making professional style madeleines or bundt. Actually, the perfect pan has ability to conduct heat, large enough cavities room to grow batter, incorporated excellent material and overall coating to serve you with the best of both worlds!

In the market, hundreds of madeleine cake pans are available, and probably you will find yourself lost among all. We have selected numerous madeleine pans by considering their materials, sizes, colors, and durability.

As a matter of fact, many standard metals built madeleine pans feel pretty much the same as the premium ones and you might think they perform similarly, but you will end up with messy cake shapes and broken trays after few uses. So, to save you from all the troubles, we have narrowed our extensive madeleine pans collection to 10 excellent performers that would work for all your baking exploits.

The 10 Best Madeleine Pans At a Glance

Bellemain 12-Cup Nonstick Madeleine Pan

Bellemain 12-Cup Nonstick Madeleine Pan
Bellemain 12-Cup Nonstick Madeleine Pan


  • Material type: Carbon steel
  • Length: 40.13cm
  • Width: 21.59cm
  • Weight: 408g

What We Like

  • Effortless cleaning
  • Solid durable carbon steel body
  • Dark colored non-stick coating
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Budget Friendly

What We Don’t Like

  • The pan has no rim to hold it

Bellemain Madeleine pan is designed for making small French butter cakes with shell like shapes. It is efficient in proffering sweat treats due to perfect combination of durability and convenience it entails.

When it comes to construction, Bellemain 12-Cup Nonstick Madeleine Pan is carved from heavy duty carbon steel, which is good in transferring heat quickly and evenly throughout the surface. Compared to aluminum, it is second to it in heat conductivity, but the carbon steel has heartier durability, excellent resistance to distortions and dents when they accidently hit against any table or counter.

Additionally, this pan has built-in non-stick technology which is handy in getting cookies out of the pan without any difficulty. Also, this non-stick coating incorporates easy-to-clean feature to Bellemain Madeleine pan. Surprisingly, you don’t have any need to use scraper or scourer while cleaning as it is dishwasher safe.

Bringing them to operation, Bellemain’s high-end steel construction heats magically and cooks 12 delicacies evenly right at a time to let you relax without the need of checking them again and again. Traditional madeleine pans usually had a tenacious grip, so bakers needed to use flour or oil before baking to make extraction easy after the process. But in Bellemain pan the madeleine slide out right without putting any grease.  To be clear, this pan will last for decades in your kitchen.

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USA Pan Bakeware Madeleine

USA Pan Bakeware Madeleine
USA Pan Bakeware Madeleine


  • Material type: Steel
  • Length: 40cm
  • Width: 28.27cm
  • Weight: 818.4g

What We Like

  • Heavy gauge aluminized item material
  • Even heat distribution
  • Built-in stiffness and durability
  • Non-stick silicone coating
  • Fluted design with better air circulation

What We Don’t Like

  • You need to take good care of it to avoid scratches

By all means, USA Pan Bakeware is perfect for flavorful French madeleines. This pan is good at holding heat to distribute it evenly throughout the cooking surface to serve you with great taste. “USA pans” actually is a trusted family company which has made its name by producing high quality bakeware for over 50 years.

Get to the point, a patented natural silicone coating permits you to effortlessly remove baked goods from the pan. USA Pan Bakeware allows everyday home bakers to produce professional grade madeleines without acquiring the help of any expert. The dimensions of cooking surface are carefully selected to offer standard size madeleines.

To know the ropes, USA Pan Bakeware comes with unrivalled fluted design with grooved surfaces engineered to add extra strength to the pan to make it wrap resistant by facilitating air circulation across entire area. The provided 16-well design is ideal to serve a large sized family. Additionally, the silver color of the pan gives it luxurious look.

Discussing about the material, USA Pan Bakeware Madeleine is designed by using commercial grade heavy gauge aluminized steel to ensure stiffness and durability. It attributes nonstick ameri-coat covering to assist easy cleaning and quick release of baked cookies. The thickness of metal pan is carefully selected in order to provide you with durable and ideal madeleine cooking pan.

As far as cleaning is concerned, you are free to wash it with hot water, mild soap and can also use sponge or gentle scrub brush for more effective cleaning. Moreover, the non-stick coating is excellent to assist easy clean up.

Master Class Madeleine Pan

Master Class Non-Stick Twelve Hole Madeleine Pan KCMCHB66
Master Class Madeleine Pan


  • Material type: Steel
  • Length: 40cm
  • Width: 19.9cm
  • Weight: 720g

What We Like

  • Double layered non-stick coating
  • Dishwasher, freezer, and oven safe
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Chemical free and environmentally safe cooking
  • Backed by 20-years warranty

What We Don’t Like

  • The shell shapes are bit more shallow

Once and for all, Master class madeleine pan is specifically designed in a perfect shell shaped molding form and has been offering guaranteed satisfied cooking and baking over decades. It is sculptured using high quality steel and is designed to offer great performance and longevity.

As a rule, Master class madeleine pan features a double Quantum II coating which is non-stick silicone based to offer classic look besides providing durability. To talk about stability, this Pan is designed with sandblasted bases and rolled edges to offer long lifespan. Master class bakeware allows their users to cook with full confidence as they incorporate the ultimate versatility and cooking performance baked by the kitchen craft many years guarantee.

Down to cooking, Master class madeleine pan has twelve holes to produce bite sized, featherlight French cakes. Surprisingly, the Quantum coating is PTEE and BPA free, so your food will be cooked in entirely safe environment without the danger of baked goods contamination due to harmful chemicals. The non-stick coating continues to perform well use after use. Each shell shape molds to form intricate and smooth desserts to let you taste better cookies.

As a matter of durability, this madeleine pan has steel construction which is excellent to ensure sturdiness and strength along with the exemplary quality of deformation or bending resistance during extensive use. The anti-stick coating adds a bit more to sustainability along with the function of quick and easy cooked food release from the holes.

Chicago Metallic Madeleine Pan

Chicago Metallic Professional 12-Cup Non-Stick Madeleine Pan
Chicago Metallic Madeleine Pan


  • Material Type: Carbon Steel
  • Length: 40.13cm
  • Width: 19.81cm
  • Weight: 385.5g

What We Like

  • Crafted with carbon steel to ensure strength and durability
  • Even heat distribution
  • Non-stick coating to assist cleaning and easy release
  • Proffer described shell shaped madeleines
  • Bakes up batches of cakes within minutes

What We Don’t Like

  • You need to sprinkle some butter or flour to get better results

Chicago madeleine pan is concocted by carbon steel with classic shell shaped molds to bake batches of delicious flawless French cakes. The weight of this madeleine baking tray is kept a bit heavier to ensure you longevity and superior results over years of cooking.

Beating around, Chicago metallic madeleine pan comes with premium non-stick coating, assist in releasing baked cakes quickly and easily without damaging shell like cavities. This pan is excellent in baking madeleines evenly and rose them well with a lovely golden color to proffer professional feel. As there are only twelve shells to bake cakes but there is an advantage that this pan cools down very quickly after releasing cooked madeleines to let you instantly cook the second batch.

To keep this pan with you, try not to use it under broiler as it’s oven safe only. Additionally, avoid to use sharp edged knives or utensils while putting or picking your cakes out of tray. Chicago madeleine pan is crafted innovatively to stay with you for decades without losing its properties as the material used and brushed coating are excellent to increase the sturdiness. The standard wipe with the butter paper is a lot more than ample, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t wash it with dishwasher.

To elaborate rightly, serious baking always requires serious bakeware. This Chicago metallic pan is designed to let your creativity to come up with seascape desserts for fun, dinners, or parties. Put some melted butter on tray before baking and leave your madeleines to flavor batter than ever!

Webake Non-stick Madeleine Pans

Webake Non-stick Madeleine Pans Carbon Steel Cake Pan
Webake Non-stick Madeleine Pans


  • Material type: Carbon steel
  • Length: 25.65cm
  • Width: 17.78cm
  • Weight: 405g

What We Like

  • Durable carbon steel construction
  • Dishwasher, over, and freezer safe
  • Non-stick coating for easy release and cleaning
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed with full refund
  • 24 hours support service available

What We Don’t Like

  • You need to put butter or flour on tray to extract your cookies smoothly

The Webake madeleines pan is made up of high-quality carbon steel with excellent heat conductance. This pan is kept heavier to cook evenly. A bit broaden shell like templates are good for cooking a variety of mini cakes, and the provided space is enough to put two or more colored dough for better appearance.

Discussing about the material properties, high end carbon steel has proven more durable even than aluminum and it has ability to survive harsh conditions without acquiring dents or distortions. So, your Webake madeleine pan will stay with you for decades without losing its structural properties. The golden colored finish is excellent to impart

To provide you with comfort, Webake madeleines pan comes with non-stick coating which is beneficial for easy cleaning and cooked food releasing, you are not required to use any scrapper to take your cakes out of tray. But remember you need to put some flour or butter on tray to extract your cookies with ease as without it you may find it a little difficult.

While cooking, you are free to use it in oven, microwave, freezer, refrigerator, and dishwasher friendly. It is durable, reusable and an excellent choice for baking flawless madeleine cake, coffee cake, for special days, holiday party or other parties.

Paderno World Cuisine Non-Stick Madeleine Sheet

Paderno World Cuisine Non-Stick Madeleine Sheet
Paderno World Cuisine Non-Stick Madeleine Sheet


  • Material type: Man-made material
  • Length: 39.37cm
  • Width: 20cm
  • Weight: 410g

What We Like

  • Quick and easy clean up
  • Oven and freezer proof
  • Non-stick coating for better cooking
  • Professional quality with built-in durability
  • Even heat distribution to cook brown cookies

What We Don’t Like

  • You need to be careful to save it from corrosion

The Paderno madeleine sheet is ideal for baking golden seashell shaped tea cakes with excellent oven proof nature and sturdy design. The twelve fluted cups can turn out a dozen of perfect 3-inch madeleines in one go and a lot more as this pan cools down speedily.

Digging around, Paderno madeleine sheet is chiseled by using heavy gauge steel that is strong enough to resist any bends or buckles, which add more durability and longevity. The non-stick coating is excellent in imparting more strength and the dough won’t stick to sides of the tray.

By all means, this Paderno madeleine pan imported from france is a marvelous option of professional bakers hoping to expand their madeleine repertoire. Moreover, the tinned steel used in Paderno sheet is easy to clean and entails long lifespan.

Before putting the dough, you can add butter or flour on the tray surface, this will not help in easy releasing but also your cookies crispier and more delicious. Additionally, the exceptional even cooking throughout the cooking surface tend to impart attractive brown color to mini cakes which gives professional feel.

For the cleaning purpose, you can clean Paderno madeleine sheet with a touch of soap and water without much hassle. As this is made up of steel, so you need to be extra careful while handling this pan and you are required to dry the pan completely before storing to prevent any corrosion.

Norpro Madeleine Pan

Norpro New Non Stick Mini 18 Madeleine Pan
Norpro New Non Stick Mini 18 Madeleine Pan


  • Material type: Steel
  • Length: 39.37cm
  • Width: 22.86cm
  • Weight: 181.4g

What We Like

  • Great pan for great madeleines
  • Sturdy product with non-stick coating
  • Excellent for cooking mini madeleines
  • Offers 18 shell-shaped mini cakes at a time
  • Easy to clean and handle

What We Don’t Like

  • The pan is only suitable for cooking small to medium sized madeleines

Norpro has made its name with the vision of manufacturing, designing, and supplying high quality kitchenware with over 50 years of experience. Following the trend, Norpro madeleine pan has utmost quality and manufactured with superior material and craftmanship. The thickness of the product is carefully selected to provide extra strength and to enable even heat distribution over the entire cooking surface.

Get carried away, Norpro Madeleine Pan comes with shallow shell shaped design which is excellent for cookies, candies, and chocolates. The provided 18 mini templates engineered to add extra strength and enough to cook for large sized family in one go. The non-stick coating is added to proffer more sturdiness, easy to release and easy to wash features.

Practically, Norpro Madeleine Pan is well-known is producing yummy mini sponge cakes for special events, holidays, or everyday treats due to excellent durable industrial grade material. Additionally, this pan incorporates a wide lip for easy handling. As this pan has excellent coating, it offers easy cleaning and the hand washing is recommended.

Fox Run Non-Stick Madeleine Pan

Fox Run Non-Stick Madeleine Pan
Fox Run Non-Stick Madeleine Pan


  • Material type: Steel
  • Length: 19.05cm
  • Width: 39.37cm
  • Weight: 362.87g

What We Like

  • Non-stick carbon steel surface
  • Easy to clean and handle
  • 12 shell shaped cavities with decent cooking area
  • Superior heat conductance with even distribution
  • Dishwasher, oven, and freezer safe

What We Don’t Like

  • This pan is a bit lightweight

Fox Run Madeleine pan is designed to cook bakery style desserts without acquiring the help of any professional. It features carbon steel material which is excellent in offering better cooking performance over the entire baking area.

The twelve shell shaped cavities allow you to cook classic French madeleine soft cookies and butter cakes. The non-stick coating over the carbon steel construction helps to slide out cakes with ease. Moreover, the superior heat conductance permits even heat distribution to conduct heat quickly and evenly to masterfully bake your favorite dessert cake or tea cake. For more crispier feel, you can add some flour or butter on pan surface without putting dough material.  

When it comes to cleaning, effective cleaning can prolong the life of your pan. Undoubtedly, its dishwasher safe but some detergents have high toxic chemical content that can spoil the properties of utensils, so for Fox Run Madeleine pan hand washing with mild soap is recommended to extend its the lifespan. Also, you are required to carefully handle the pan and try not to use any scrapper or sharp-edged material to extract your cakes or during washing.

While operating it in kitchen, it has a decent hole by which you can hang it easily in your utensils bar and the product comes with handsome width to protect your hands from accidental burning. After taking the tray out of oven, sprinkle warm cookies with some granulated sugar and enjoy your perfectly baked madeleines.

Mrs. Anderson’s Madeleine Pan

Mrs. Anderson's Baking 12-Cup Madeleine Pan
Mrs. Anderson’s Madeleine Pan


  • Material type: Tin
  • Length: 30.48cm
  • Width: 12.7cm
  • Weight: 317.5g

What We Like

  • Prevents burnt edges and crusts
  • Incorporates quality tinned steel material
  • Non-stick tinned coating
  • It’s completely safe for hand washing
  • Equally useful for expert chefs to cook shortbread or candies

What We Don’t Like

  • You can’t use lemon-based cleaners as it’s tin plated

Mrs. Anderson’s Madeleine Pan has tin construction with twelve cavities for baking madeleines cooking, shortbread, sugar cookies, and candies with quick food release and handy cleanup. The tinned steel gives luxurious feel and proffer even heat distribution from sides to the center. Additionally, the surface is protected against scratches and dents.  

Just as soon, Mrs. Anderson’s Madeleine Pan has reinforced beaded rim to proffer many years of assured handling in and out of the oven without any pan warping. Whether you are a learner or an expert, bake your cookies in the mentioned time. The cooking charm of this pan will never be faded over excessive use due to durable material and coating. Simply pour in the batter or press the dough and let it cook, while releasing cooked items non-stick surface will allow you to take them with ease.

But remember never cut baked goods in the pan and if you ever need to extract cookies with any tool try to use wooden or nylon ones. Mrs. Anderson’s Madeleine Pan is completely safe to wash with warm soapy water but hand wash is recommended to keep this product with you for decades. If you are in search of professional quality bakeware that can cook some mouth relishing soft madeleine cookies then this baking pan by Mrs. Anderson’s is an excellent choice for you.

When it comes to cleaning, this pan is exceptionally easy to wash with water. You don’t need to put any extra efforts, a soapy water at moderate temperature will do the trick and don’t keep it in water for too long. But make sure to completely dry it before storing.

Gobel Tinned Steel Madeleine Sheet Pan

Gobel 12 Count Heavy Tinned Steel Madeleine Sheet Pan
Gobel 12 Count Heavy Tinned Steel Madeleine Sheet Pan


  • Material type: Tinned Steel
  • Length: 39.37cm
  • Width: 20cm
  • Weight: 281.2g

What We Like

  • Incorporated tinned steel material for durability
  • Deformation or bent resistant
  • Even heat distribution throughout the cooking area
  • Perfect at baking crisp madeleine cookies
  • Easy to clean by hand washing

What We Don’t Like

  • It is prone to corrosion

Gobel Tinned Steel Madeleine Pan has heavy tinned steel construction to make little shell shaped cakes. The incorporated twelve fluted cups are excellent for preparing a dozen of perfect 3-inch mini cakes. The tinned steel has ability to cool down instantly, so you can bake another dozen by wasting no time.

To dig down, the shell shaped cavities are bit deeper, allows you to cook moderate sized madeleines. The madeleines cooked in Gobel Tinned Steel Pan will turn out perfect in all aspects of texture, taste, and color. As tinned steel is an excellent conducting material which distribute heat evenly throughout the surface, it gives excellent light brown color to your mini cakes.

While washing, it is preferred to wash Gobel Tinned Steel Madeleine Pan with hands by using warm soapy water. As this pan is not coated, so try not to use any hard chemicals or scrappers to get rid of attached materials. Some people are less likely to use coated pans due to health issues, so this pan comes with original steel with no extra coating. But surprisingly, in the same pan non-stick coated version is also available to add some variety.

Coming to durability, the incorporated tinned steel proffer sturdiness and gives your pan extra years of life even after extensive use. But remember, tinned steel can catch rust quite easily. So, to save your pan from corrosion, you need to be extra careful while handling and saving it. Always dry your madeleine pan completely after use and put some grease or oil to save it from harsh atmospheric conditions.

Tips for Buying The Best Madeleine Pan

A stitch in time saves nine! A lot of madeleine pans are available in the market depending on material used, number of cavities available, overall coatings, weight of the tray, and the price range. So, before spending money on madeleine pans, must read the given information which will allow you to come up with an ideal choice.

Material for Madeleine Pans

The very first thing you should consider before buying a best madeleine pan is the material. The incorporated material is the main thing which would decide the sturdiness and lifespan of your pan. The pan material must be FDA approved and shouldn’t interact with food at any temperature. 

A variety of pans with different materials are available in the market, it could be stainless steel, carbon steel, tinned steel, silicone, or aluminum. But which one you should purchase? Let’s discuss the properties and downsides of each material before spending any money.

1. Tinned Steel

Tinned steel is a marvelous conductor of heat and has ability to hold heat for slow and even heat distribution. The pans incorporating tinned steel are comparatively inexpensive. But there are some drawbacks of using this material; tin can rust quite easily and to prevent it from corrosion you need to take some extra care by keeping this pan completely dried before storing for long time and additionally a mild oil coating could prevent rusting.

2. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is shiny, durable, and easy to clean. But stainless steel can leach iron, nickel, and chromium into food, the higher concentration of any of these metals can be harmful. Additionally, it’s a poor conductor of heat and cannot transfer heat evenly throughout the cooking surface. So, I wouldn’t recommend you to buy any madeleine pan made up of stainless steel.


Aluminum is a lightweight material and excellent in conducting heat. Aluminum is good to material for oven cooking, so madeleine pans carved from this material can bear high temperature. Also, it can hold and transmit heat evenly over the entire range. But try not to cook any acidic food in these pans and aluminum can alter the food flavor of such foods. Anyway, it’s a good choice for cooking mini cakes.

3. Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is made up of carbon and iron, with less carbon content to make it more durable. It’s lightweight and entails good heat retention which make it an excellent material for even French cakes baking. Additionally, carbon steel has excellent properties to resist dents or bents during extensive use. Due to incredible properties carbon steel has long been used in making the madeleines pan. If you really want to cut the chase, I recommend you to grab a carbon steel pan.

Non-Stick Coating

After deciding the appropriate material, you must look at other properties like non-stick coating. Many madeleine pans come without any surface coating. Does a non-stick coating is essential to cook well? Actually, such coatings can greatly improve the durability of baking pans and also assist easy cleaning.

The pans without coatings can make amazing desserts with the help of greasing, but you will not be able to get the perfect shaped cookies every time. Rather non-stick technology is essential is getting beautifully crafted desserts. Additionally, the non-stick surface permit you to cook well with less oil or butter. As this coating reduce the ability of other materials to stick with it, so wouldn’t need to use any scrapper while washing or picking your cookies out of such pans.

Distinct Shaped Cavities

The uniqueness of madeleine cakes is associated with their shell shaped design. The shell can be carved in different shapes, like some available madeleine pans have long while others have round shell shape templates. The length and width of these cavities also vary, you can choose the best one to fit your needs. These French cookies are distinctive due to humps on the opposite side of shell decoration, don’t forget to read the level of hump height produced by each best madeleine pan.

Number of Depressions available on the Tray

The best madeleine pans can be of any size depending on the number of depressions they entail. Mostly, twelve cups madeleine pans are very popular these days as they are good to cook quite reasonable numbers of mini cakes in less time. Remember, if you really have a short family, you can choose one with six cavities. But if you want to cook for a large sized family or group of friends, you can go for best madeleine pans having 16, 18, 20, or 24 holes to cook your mini cakes within less time.

Weight of the Madeleine Pans

Another important thing to consider is the weight of madeleine pan, a weight range of 300-800 grams is considered excellent for best madeleine pans. But the question is, does heavier weight madeleine pans are more durable than lightweight? The answer to this question is “YES”, but don’t forget to keep the number of cavities in mind as a tray with fewer cavities will surely have lesser weight. But if you have an option to choose from trays having same number of holes but different weights, then go for one having more weight. The weight is a factor which can make your pan more durable and long lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best madeleine pan for home use?

For a long time, baking is considered as a fun hobby to pass the time while staying at home. The small sponge shell shaped French cakes are quite easy to made at home, all you need is a best madeleine pan and a good recipe in your hands. Some madeleine pans are designed for experts only, but numerous are here to suit home chefs. So, for better cooking experience try to grab Norpro Madeleine Pan, Paderno World Cuisine Non-Stick Madeleine Sheet, USA Pan Bakeware Madeleine, or Bellemain Nonstick Madeleine Pan.

What type of madeleine pan is best on party?

While baking madeleines for your family or group of friends, you must need a good-sized pan. But remember, try to select the size of pan according to group of people for whom you’re going to cook. If your adventure group has many people, you can go and grabNorpro Madeleine Pan having 18-holes or USA Pan Bakeware Madeleine which has 16-cavities. But for a normal family sized party, you have choices of Paderno World Cuisine Non-Stick Madeleine Sheet, Chicago Metallic Madeleine Pan, or Webake Non-stick Madeleine Pans.

Which is the best non-stick madeleine pan?

Many available madeleine pans have non-stick coating, some such coatings are durable but some are just fancy. We have chosen most durable coated pans for you. If you want to owe a pan with non-stick tinned coating then Mrs. Anderson’s Madeleine Pan is a right choice. USA Pan Bakeware Madeleine has a natural silicone coating. While Master class madeleine pan features a double Quantum coating to assist easy cleaning.

Which is the best stainless steel madeleine pan?

Food grade stainless steel is often used in carving best madeleine pans which entail superior heat conductance, excellent durability, and exemplary strength. If you specifically wish to hold a stainless-steel madeleine pan the try to choose MyLifeUNIT 6 Cup Stainless Steel Madeleine Pan, or ACHICOO Stainless Steel Madeleine Pan.

Final Note:

Undoubtedly, the madeleine French cookie is one of the world’s testiest cookies. They have unequalled shell-like shape which is made possible by the baking pan. The shell-shaped feature might be similar to all madeleine pans, but they have different material and durability properties. So, to let you hold the best madeleine pan, we have reviewed most loved madeleine pans of all the time. Now grab the one which fits your needs and let your creativity to come up with professional madeleines!

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