Best milkshake maker
Best milkshake maker

The 8 Best Milkshake Makers in 2022

Not every milkshake maker is the best. What makes a milk shake maker best and which is the best milkshakre maker are the questions that we have answered in this article.

Almost every day we are seeing more and more restaurants and fast food chains opening up. Nearly everyone living in the city has one close by. Fierce competition coupled with increasing costs leads to a sharp rise in prices, and therefore to cutting corners.

If what you get from these milkshake franchises, worries you, then why don’t you try some of the recipes themselves?

With the best milkshake maker machine, for example, you will be able to mix many tasty cocktails right at your convenience. With the most natural and freshest ingredients available, you get to prepare only the most enjoyable meals. This is why I have compiled a list of the best milkshake maker machines to enable you to make informed purchase decisions.

8 Best Milkshake Makers at a Glance

1. Breville BSB510XL

Best blender for making every type of smoothies juices and shakes

Breville BSB510XL
Breville BSB510XL


  • Four-piece set for versatility.
  • Chops ingredients and ice for milkshake.
  • The calibrated jug gives you exact measurements.
  • Anti-slip base.
  • 15-speed settings.
  • Can be used to whisk outside of its provided containers.
  • Trigger operated for stress-free stop and start.
  • The components fit into each other for compact storage.

The Breville BSB510XL is available in four piece sets, which includes everything you need for clean up and other tasks. In the package you will find a chopping bowl, a blender jug, whisk, along with the electric motor powered with a rechargeable battery.

The stainless steel cutting blades on the 25 ounce chopping bowl make it easy to chop the fruit and vegetables easily. Although this is intended for the purpose of shredding ice for use in milkshakes, one can also use it to smash anything you intend to mix with milk.

The 42 oz blender has great performance, doing what blenders do best. It does have a few upgraded features, though, which makes it suitable to store items you plan to use later. Furthermore, it has been calibrated for the purpose of measuring an ingredient. In line with current safety requirements, the base is anti-slip to ensure that the bowl is kept securely in place while being blended or stored.

An additional feature of this whisk is that it utilizes an electric motor that can operate at a maximum of 280W. Due to its larger size and power, the wireless whisk can be used anywhere in the kitchen. It is perfect for whisking items that need to be placed in an open container such as a pot, jar, etc.

A trigger operation powers this motor. Therefore, it can be stopped and started in a matter of seconds, if required. This seat is both safe and comfortable, being both ergonomically designed, and having a non-slip surface. The best part is, with fifteen different settings, it lets you control how much or how little power the machine uses. It does not scratch your dishes as the non-scratch guard keeps things from being scratched.

Once complete, the blending jug can easily be converted into an efficient storage container by being placed inside a chopping bowl to maximize space and make it easier to use.

2. Cosori Blender

Best shake make machine for smoothies and milkshake

COSORI Blender for Shakes and Smoothies
COSORI Blender for Shakes and Smoothies


  • Powerful motor for a consistent mix
  • Can be used to heat foods
  • Blends ice, and anything else
  • You can add more ingredients during its operation.
  • Cleaning brush included
  • Dishwasher safe and chemical free
  • Overload and overheating protection
  • UL and FDA safety certified
  • 2-year warranty.

With the Cosori milkshake blender’s 1500 W motor and 30,000 RPM (revolutions per minute), there is no end to the possibilities with this machine. It is a high-quality milkshake maker that has been designed specifically for professionals and is not only easy to use, but can also be used to heat food.

With a lower speed setting, it gives the best smoothie experience. With added ingredients, it cuts through to provide the best results. Even when ice is added, it still allows you to have “instant chill” milkshakes as well.

With this unit, all your ingredients will be contained in a 70 oz container allowing you to whip them up in a single motion. Additionally, you can add more ingredients while whipping it up until it reaches the perfect consistency. This is achieved through a smaller, recessed lid inside the main lid.

You can also push the larger chunks towards the blades for a uniform mix, which will not affect the quality of the final blend.

In order to maintain this, the Cosori has an auto-cleaning brush attachment. Simply place it in the dish, add some water and soap, and then you’re set. It’s dishwasher-safe too, so you don’t have to wash your dishes by hand.

With certification by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration, this brand is GMP/H1 compliant for quality products that will not contain toxic chemicals. This brand is also backed by a three-year warranty. With temperature protection and overload protection, there is very little chance that you will need the warranty.

3. Hamilton Beach 730C DrinkMaster

Old fashioned stainless steel milkshake maker

Hamilton Beach 730C
Hamilton Beach 730C


  • Three color variants
  • Easy to use
  • Detachable spindle for easy cleaning
  • Energy conservative
  • Two-speed settings
  • Free milkshake recipes included
  • 2-year warranty

The Hamilton Beach 730C is available in three different color shades to satisfy a variety of customer needs. All you need is the stainless cup included with each unit. You just place it under the 70 W electric whisk, and presto! A great milkshake.

This cup holds 28 oz, so it holds quite a bit of liquid. This way, you get three awesome milkshake recipes with your purchase – which means you will be able to make longer drinks – no running out of ideas!

The speed is variable and can be tailored to more specific needs, e.g., whisking eggs or food. The whisk has two angles and can be set to two different angles depending on how much food you want to mix or stir. Once the spindle is detached, you can easily disassemble it for cleaning.

Though it is an old fashioned milkshake maker, with its 2-year warranty, you will be assured of a worry-free purchase and is guaranteed to operate with pristine quality.

4. Nostalgia MLKS100COKE Coca-Cola Edition

Best budget milkshake maker

Nostalgia Coca-Cola Limited Edition Milkshake Maker
Nostalgia Coca-Cola Limited Edition Milkshake Maker


  • Nice design and professional branding.
  • Variable speed controls.
  • Easy to move around and store; portable and lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Rust and corrosion proof.
  • Weighted base for stable operation

Branded with Coca-cola’s logo, the Nostalgia MLKS100COKE is the best shake maker for home that is certain to liven up your countertop. The best part about it is that it is portable, so it can be moved to any location of your choice.

Having two speed controls on this best milkshake maker makes it just right for making 16 oz milkshakes. Since it has a 100W motor, you know you are going to get a consistent mix.

It is made of food grade stainless steel that is durable and built to last. This ensures safety during the mixing process. Also, they don’t rust or corrode, which means they’ll last a long time.

The Nostalgia sits firmly on the table thanks to the weighted base. It is the best portable milkshake maker that is fun to use as well as easy to keep in your kitchen cabinet.

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5. Hamilton Beach HMD200

Best milkshake machine for heavy duty tasks

Hamilton Beach HMD200
Hamilton Beach HMD200


  • Can be used stress-free in a commercial setting.
  • Dishwasher safe cup.
  • Powerful motor for higher efficiency
  • Allows for use with different cups
  • Specially designed to vibrate less
  • Heavy duty structure for durability
  • Variable speed settings for versatility
  • 1-year limited warranty.

Just like the way a water dispenser works, the best milkshake dispenser works as well. Although there are many needs to be met in a commercial setting, the HMD200 still stands up to its function.

This milkshake mixer has two triggers that control the speed. The first is a pulse switch on the top of the mixer that stops and starts the mixing. It has a switch on it that can be activated with your cup, to make the mix an instant one.

Its ergonomic drinking cup comes with a dishwasher safe cup, however its unique design allows other cups to be used simultaneously with this cup, and quickly. Just whisk your mix into the machine, and the next person is up.

Because its gear-driven ⅓ HP motor is specially designed for speed, you don’t get long queues or long wait times.

Vibration is kept to a minimum on Hamilton Beach. Besides being built with heavy-duty die-cast metal for durability, its bearings are lubricated with a special everlasting lubricant.

You can mix and match between three speed settings. With cETLus and NSF certification, it is a top-of-the-line choice. The warranty includes spare parts and labor for a one-year period, so your decision is worry-free.

6. Waring WDM120

Best commercial milkshake mixer for cocktails

Waring WDM120 Single Spindle Drink Mixer
Waring WDM120 Single Spindle Drink Mixer


  • The super speed makes it great for use in both home and commercial settings.
  • Complementary malt beverage cup is included.
  • Variable speed settings for versatility.
  • Two different whisks included
  • Allows for use with different cups.
  • cETLus and NSF certified as durable and functional.
  • 1-year limited warranty.

Regardless of how it is used, the Waring WDM120 sits well with any commercial settings as well as at a home.

With three variable speed settings on this heavy-duty machine, even at its lowest speed of 16,000 RPM, it is sure to deliver great results. Especially for those who wish to fill their bellies with something yummy to drink, this is an ideal idea.

There will be no splattering with this unit since its whisk is designed to be spill-resistant. No matter how you wash it, the die-cast housing will not stain.

Now, let’s talk about the motor. It boasts a horsepower of 1 HP. You get the idea here, right?

A butterfly agitator is included for softer ice creams for better-varied use. Stainless steel malt beverage cups are included with every order. With the ability to be used on several different cups, you can enjoy multiple servings with ease.

The certifications that this device holds are a plus as well. Approved by cULus and NSF certified, it is a quality product that is sure to deliver satisfaction. Neither should you worry since you also get a full one-year warranty if you should need one at all.

7. Waring WDM360TX

Best commercial milkshake maker

Waring WDM360TX
Waring WDM360TX


  • Three spindle variants for commercial use
  • Stain resistant housing.
  • Variable speed controls.
  • Automatic start and stop feature
  • Allows for use with different cups.
  • Lifetime lubricated ball bearings for improved durability.
  • Varied whisk spindles included
  • The powerful motor generates even mixes.
  • cETLus and NSF certified as durable and functional.
  • 1-year limited warranty.

A better version of a Waring unit for making a large amount of cocktails simultaneously, powered by three spinning heads. The three spindles on this Waring machine enable a professional milkshake maker to handle more intense commercial requirements. The three-spindle version can be used individually or simultaneously. If it is too much for you, then the two-spindle option is available.

This unit is constructed of highly durable stain-proof die cast metal. Its powerful motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which makes it quite durable and maintenance free. It mixes even subzero creams effectively.

It’s not necessary to mix milkshakes in this unit only. You can also mix milkshakes in other cups. Moreover, it also features two variable spindles that make the ability to mix different content possible.

Uniquely for this mixer is the fact that it starts automatically when a cup is inserted. This way you do not have to worry about adjusting three sets of controls. Once done, simply lifting the cup ends the cycle.

A lifetime lubricant is applied to the top Ball bearings of this best milkshake maker, which keep this machine lubricated to provide a long service life.

With a cULus approval and NSF certification, and a limited warranty of one year, you can be assured that the Waring WDM360 is not just gimmickry.

8. Nostalgia MLKS100BL

Best portable milkshaker

Nostalgia Electric MLKS100BL
Nostalgia Electric MLKS100BL


  • Portable and lightweight for easy transport and storage.
  • Food safe.
  • Rust and corrosion proof.
  • Calibrated cup.
  • Variable speed settings.
  • The motor is chrome plated to improve durability and add aesthetic value.
  • Weighted base for trouble-free operation.

Portable yet powerful, the Nostalgia MLKS100BL is also the best lightweight milkshake mixer, making it easy to carry. There is no question that the 100 Watt power of this machine is enough to mix/blend your ingredients a million times, even if you want a think milkshake, better than using other machinery of the same quality.

One stainless steel cup and rod are included with this shake maker. No worries there. These are food-safe, as well as rust and corrosion-proof, so you can keep it looking great for years to come.

In order for the milkshake cup to operate properly, it has been calibrated for exact readings. Easily attached and detached, it makes daily meal or malt preparation easier and stress-free.

This product comes with two speed settings for versatile use. It has a chrome-plated motor to make it look classy and durable, and provides a high level of durability, as well. In addition to the weighted base, the milkshake maker’s bottom is also well insulated to reduce the impact of motor vibrations on your machine.

Tips for Buying The Best Milkshake Maker

When you know what you are looking for when buying a milkshake maker, it is far easier to purchase one that meets your needs. Her we have listed some features for better understanding

1. Motor’s Power

Mixing fruity milkshakes usually requires adding ingredients like yogurt, yogurt, ice cubes, yogurt, and vegetables. This gives the drink a refreshing aspect. Hence, it’s crucial to choose a powerful machine that mixes a varied amount of ingredients to create an appealing texture.

milk shaker machine

Our recommendation would be to use a unit which has a motor power of 500 W or more for thick mixes. If you want to prepare some juice or mix a little bit of ingredients, however, a lower powered model will work well. You will also need power greater than 500 W if you would like to add stronger ingredients like ice. 

2. Number Of Speeds

When you first glance at the speed settings, you need to pay specific attention to the motor power. After that, it is crucial to observe whether the speed setting is in accordance with your final choice.

It is recommended to look for a milkshake maker that has a pulse function. This quick start/stop function makes the machine a lot easier to use.

The last piece of advice is to be aware that if the milkshake maker you use has variable speeds, it will allow you to mix other foods as well.

milkshake prepared by milkshake maker

3. The Other Side

You need to ensure compatibility between the equipment and the milkshake maker when choosing your best milkshake maker.

It contains several elements, including the rotation speed, size of the bowl, and whether or not it should be used commercially. 

Consider purchasing a unit with a larger bowl if you don’t want to repeat preparations numerous times.

In addition to choosing a glass bowl that is strong and easy to clean, you must also look at its quality: choose bowls made from thick, sealed glass that is easier to keep clean. You can even choose blenders that come with a self-cleaning program, so that it’s even easier to clean them.

It is also good to look out for stain-resistant units as well as those that are dishwasher safe.

Lastly, if you are looking for a blender that is less troublesome, choose a blender that has a quiet motor.

waring three in one milkshake maker

4. Additional Features

Weight is also a major factor when choosing a milkshake machine. While it doesn’t have to be large, it does need to be heavy enough so that the unit does not vibrate off its own position. You also need a machine with a non-slip base.

You can find milkshake maker units with reinforced bases if you are looking for one that is not too heavy and prone to shifting while you’re using it.

Color is also an important factor to consider to suit your personal preferences.

So, What’s The Best Milkshake Makers?

Milkshakes are for everyone regardless of age. They’re delicious and satisfying that will leave you hungry for more. Also, eating at a fast food chain will hurt your wallet, since you will have fewer choices.

It is best to have a milkshake maker at home for you to be able to enjoy this highly-preferred drink. Easy to use and fun to experiment with, you can use common recipes or make your own unique recipes. In addition, it is entirely possible to prepare as much as you like, or even to take it as a meal.

The best milkshake maker reviews we have provided will hopefully help you. These are the best items currently available, but you might check out our buying guide first. You can find tips that will help you choose the right one for your needs.

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