Best Wood Pellet Storage Containers – Tested

best Wood pellets storage container

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Tested and Approved: Out of the best wood pellet storage containers, we recommend trying IRIS Premium Food Storage Container. We love how the perfect storage capacity and airtight packing it has; it can store your pellet, pet foods, and many other products you want to keep dry. The only product among the others that is BPA-free and FDA-compliant to ensure human health safety. Besides, it has the highest customer ratings, ensuring the product is reliable.

Smoking or grilling with wood pellets gives a perfect smokey, wood-like flavor to the food. These pellets are expensive, and you need different flavors that can help you grill or smoke different cuts of meat. As these pellets are expensive, you cannot let them lie around; if they capture moisture, they become useless due to sogginess. You need to keep them in storage containers, and here is when you need the best wood pellet storage container. Check out our most favourite wood pellets for smoking.

Wood pellets storage container labelling

What to Look for When Buying the Wood Pellet Storage Container?

One of the most important things you should look for is the price of wood pellet storage containers. You need to ensure the product you buy is worth the price and if you need it at the given price. You must carefully search for the features and decide according to the price tag. IRIS Premium Food Container is highly affordable if you want to test and keep pellets away from moisture at minimum money spent.

Wood pellets airtight storage container

You should also check the storage capacity of these containers before making a final decision; you should ensure that the container can fit most of the product you want to fill. IRIS Premium Food Storage Container can store up to 55 lbs. of pellets, which is the perfect size.

Wood pellets storage container with pouring spot

You can also look for ease in pouring and handling the container; if the container has a pouring spout, it will be easy for you to hold and carry the container while you pour it out or refilling. Buddeez Kingsford Pellet Dispenser has a pouring spout; you can refill the container without creating a mess.

It is essential to check if the container is airtight and your food is safe inside it; if moisture touches the pellet, it will become useless garbage. Traeger Stay Dry Peller ensures dryness in the product.

Our Top Picks

  • IRIS Premium Food Storage Container
  • Buddeez Kingsford Pellet Dispenser
  • Traeger Stay Dry Pellet Bin & Lid
  • Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Bucket Kit
  • Buddeez Ice Melt Dispenser
  • Scentpellent RCK Pellet Bin & Lid

1. IRIS Premium Food Storage Container

IRIS Premium Food Storage Container

Features & Specs:

  • Brand: IRIS USA
  • Model Name: USA 300686
  • Storage: 45 – 55 pounds
  • Dimension: 19.3″L x 14.8″W x 25.3″H
  • BPA Free & FDA Compliant

What We Like

  • Perfect for storing wood pellets and pet food
  • An airtight seal to maintain moisture and keep rodents away
  • BPA-free storage tank with casters
  • Papered plastic container and easy to disinfect and clean

What We Don’t Like

  • Gives off a strong plastic smell when freshly bought
  • The lid lacks a resting spot

The best feature of the IRIS Premium Food Storage Container is that it can store food for all; you can add wood pellets in it to store them or add pet food to keep it dry and safe. The airtight seal on the container snap-locks the latch and prevents the wood pellet from rodents and other pests from destroying the food.

One of the other highlighted features of the IRIS Container is that it can hold up to 55 lbs. of dry pet food, the body of the container is translucent, and you can check the quantity of the food quickly by putting a single glance at the container.

I have used the IRIS Premium container by keeping my dog’s food in it for months, and it stays moist and pest free without changing the texture and quality of the food. The container is made in the USA and produced by a Japanese company. The container is BPA-free; this means it lacks the organic compound Bisphenol A in it, making it not harmful to human health, unlike other plastic products.

The IRIS pellet storage container is FDA-compliant, meaning the product has federal quality standards and is biologically safe and effective. The only downside is its evil plastic smell when you open it. It is common in closed containers most of the time.

My overall takeaway from IRIS Premium Food Storage Container is that it is a perfect option for holding dry pellets. The airtight jar conserves freshness and prevents bacteria, pests, and moisture. It is a top choice for storing the best wood pellets without fearing losing their quality.

2. Buddeez Kingsford Pellet Dispenser

Buddeez Kingsford Pellet Dispenser

Features & Specs:

  • Brand: Buddeez
  • Model Name: Kingsford KPLT-DS
  • Storage: Up to 20 pounds
  • Dimension: 14.5 x 7.75 x 16.5 inches
  • Easy to refill due to pouring spot

What We Like

  • Durable and convenient food-grade plastic
  • Spout and handle to hold and pour
  • Contains labels for writing flavors
  • Stackable and compact design

What We Don’t Like

  • Not airtight and have to keep notice of moisture
  • Chances of pests and rodent attack

Buddeez Kingsford Pellet Dispenser is a heavy-duty storage container; it can hold more than 20 lbs. of wood pellets. It is heavy-duty; handles are on top, and molded handles are on the side to make the lifting easy.

The best feature of these containers is the flip-top pouring spout making refills and pouring easy and neat without fearing spills and mess. The built-in pouring spot makes it attractive.

There is a narrow stackable design on the Buddeez Kingsford container; these designs are 8 inches wide dispenser stack through which you can stack neatly to save space. There is an eraser and marker with the package and labels; it helps you add labels to your container. The storage container comes with Bag-in storage. You need to place the bag in the container, cut the top, and then change the cover to drop pellets from the bag, which is ready to use.

The one downside about Buddeez Kingsford Container is that it is not airtight, and there are chances of pests, rodents, and moisture ruining the food. For this purpose, you must keep checking for moisture and other pests.

My overall takeaway from Buddeez Kingsford Pellet Dispenser is that it is perfect to use and store wood pellets for a long time without any fear. Only you have to continuously check the moisture content as it is not fully airtight.

3. Traeger Stay Dry Pellet Bin & Lid

Traeger Stay Dry Pellet Bin & Lid

Features & Specs:

  • Brand: Traeger
  • Model Name: BAC637 Stay Dry
  • Storage: Up to 22 pounds
  • Dimension: 14.5 x 7 x 13.5 inches
  • It comes with flavor stickers and labels

What We Like

  • Best for keeping pellets dry and fresh
  • Pallet capacity is excellent
  • Airtight lid with a locking closure
  • Stackable design for storing food

What We Don’t Like

  • Pricier than they are worth
  • Labels are not of a good quality

Traeger Stay Dry Peller is a Best Wood Pellet Storage Container and gives off a 2-way function: a bin and a lid. They are best for keeping food dry and moist-free as they are airtight containers. They have a stackable design, which means you can easily arrange your wood pellet in a stack instead of loading and piling unevenly into the container. There is an airtight lid with a locking closure, preventing the container from getting any moisture.

You can store up to 22 pounds of pellets inside the container, and with its airtight feature, your pellets will be safe from moisture, pests, and rodents. The package includes six pre-labeled stickers and six blank stickers; you can put these labels on the container to pick the right flavor at a glance without opening the whole container and then checking.

Traeger Stay Dry Peller has a single downside: its price is slightly higher than its competitors. You will have to pay more and have the same quality as others; the labels can go off in a single cleaning or wash.

My overall takeaway from Traeger Stay Dry Pellet Bin & Lid is that it is perfect for storing different flavors of pellets, and due to their stackable design, the whole work becomes easy and less time-consuming. Moreover, the storage capacity is more than enough for household needs.

4. Profully 2 Pack Fuel Wood Pellet Storage Bag

Profully 2 Pack Fuel Wood Pellet Storage Bag

Features & Specs:

  • Capacity: 20lbs./per bag
  • Dimensions: 13in/8in/14in
  • Color: Black
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Handle Type: Web Handle

What We Like

  • Heat-resistant and dust-proof bag
  • Keeps the wood pellets dry and safe
  • Easy to carry anywhere with handles
  • Best to take wood and coal for outdoor picnics

What We Don’t Like

  • No provision to take out the wood pellets in small amounts

If you don’t find the heavy wooden or plastic storage containers very convenient, try Profully’s Fuel storage bags. The reason I love having them on my camping trips is that they are convenient.

The design features the cross stitched handles which can be wrapped around for extra protection. Since it is all crafted out of high-quality fabric, we experienced no strong plastic smell from the box. This is the main reason I prefer these boxes over IRIS Premium Food storage container which has a nasty plastic smell each time it is opened.

The bag is made out of high-quality non-woven cotton which makes the exterior resilient and sturdy. The insides of the bag have double layers. The first one comprises PE cotton, which acts as an insulation layer. It offrs heat protection and prevents the wood pellets or coal from getting damaged.

The second layer comprises dry aluminum foil which prevents moisture from lurking inside. So when I saw these bags with double insulated layers, I decided to try them for storing my dog’s food too. And trust me, it remained safe for months.  These layers make this bag a safe option for wood pellets too so that you can enjoy your outdoor camping trips.

The only thing I found missing from these boxes is some kind of shovel or a pouring lid, with which we can easily take out the required amount of wood pellets. A plastic scoop would have done the job, just as it has done in Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Bucket Kit. However, I managed to buy a scoop separately, and that somehow solved the issue.

5. Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Bucket Kit

Oklahoma Joe's Pellet Bucket Kit

Features & Specs:

  • Brand: Oklahoma
  • Model Name: Joe’s 5159038W01 
  • Storage: Up to 20 pounds
  • Dimension: 10.8 x 10.8 x 12.7 inches
  • Weatherproof and a heavy-duty plastic scoop

What We Like

  • Waterproof with an airtight lid to protect against moisture and pests
  • Wire-mesh filter to separate wood dust from pallets
  • Heavy-duty plastic scoop to transfer pallets
  • Highly efficient in filtering pellet dust

What We Don’t Like

  • Comparatively expensive

Oklahoma Joe’s Pallet Bucker kit is best for storing wood pellets and can easily hold 20 pounds of pellets. The bucket is waterproof and has an airtight lid to protect the pallets from moisture, pests, and rodents.

You can keep the pellets and all elements inside them dry and fresh; you can use them anytime you want. One of the best features of an Oklahoma container is its wire-mesh filter that helps separate wood dust from pellets to give a clean burn.

Oklahoma Joe’s Bucket kit is a perfect way to start storing your grill pellets the right way you want them to store. It comes with a kit that includes a 5-gallon bucket with an airtight lid to protect the bucket. Along with these two, there is a wire mesh basket separately, well-known for its two purposes.

It works as a filter and helps you to separate the wooden dust from pellets. The other function is that the basket can come out of the bucket and pour the pallets into the hopper if you like.

The only downside about Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Bucket Kit is that it is pricey and difficult to afford. There are two separate baskets, and the quality of the product is fantastic, but that does not mean you should bear this price difference when cheaper alternatives are available.

Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Bucket Kit is best for storing and saving food pellets; you can make it in an airtight container or leave it if you like; the double basket feature is everyone’s favorite. On top of that, the dust separation makes it highly desirable.

5. Buddeez Ice Melt Dispenser

Buddeez Ice Melt Dispenser

Features & Specs:

  • Brand: Buddeez
  • Model Name Ice Melt Dispenser
  • Capacity: 50 pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 19″D x 10″W x 20″H
  • Rugged design with EZ grip handles

What We Like

  • Straightforward to carry and pour
  • Sturdy and waterproof material
  • Easy to store on the walls of the garage or closet
  • The pellets remain protected from moisture for a long time

What We Don’t Like

  • Does not have BPA-free or food-grade plastic
  • The pouring hole lacks a sieve feature

The Buddeez ice melt dispenser is best for storing wood pellets and can hold approximately 50 lbs. of rock salt, equal to 8 gallons. You don’t need to pour it from the bag; there is a flip lip that makes the pouring easy and convenient. There are also grip handles that help handle the container with ease, and the risk of dropping down while pouring is less with the help of its EZ grip handles.

The Buddeez ice melt container is made in the USA and is of satisfactory quality. These containers come in two different sizes one is 4, and the other is 8 gallons, which you can buy according to your needs. If you buy the larger one, it can hold a 40-pound bag. These containers are completely waterproof and can quickly pour with the help of the pouring spout and handle.

The one downside of the Buddeez ice melt container is its price, there are many other storage containers available in the market, and they all have their specific design and style. It has a rugged design, and its price is this high; the other plain containers have similar features at a low price.

My overall take from Buddeez Ice Melt Dispenser is that it is solid and robust, can hold 50lb of pellets, and keeps pests and moisture away.

6. Scentpellent RCK Pellet Bin & Lid

Scentpellent RCK Pellet Bin & Lid

Features & Specs:

  • Brand: Scentpellent
  • Model Name: RCK Sales
  • Capacity: 22 pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 14.5 x 7 x 13.5 inches 
  • See-through storage container to get an inside view

What We Like

  • Stacking design and prevents disoriented piling
  • Airtight lid with a locking closure
  • Keeps the pellet fresh for burn and flavor

What We Don’t Like

  • The capacity is less than promised

The Scentpellent RCK pellet bin & lid is famous for their comparatively more than normal-sized storage. It has a lid combo that is perfect and stylish to keep inside your garage or anywhere on the shelf. You can add hardwood pallets; it will keep them fresh and give an optimal burn and flavor. It also has a stacking design that helps you arrange the pellets inside the container without spilling and making a mess.

The overall design of the RCK pellet is eye-catching and affordable compared to other storage containers. It is one of the best wood pellet storage containers that ensure storing your food pellet and any other food dry, safe, and secure.

Scentpellent RCK Pellet Bin & Lid has an airtight plastic lid and a locking closure that keeps the food safe from moisture. The pack contains suitable quality labels, of which 6 are pre-labeled, and 6 are blank flavor stickers.

The RCK pellet holder has one downside: its capacity is 22 lbs., but when I poured a 20lb of pellet bag into it, it became full, and there was no more space available.

The overall takeaway of Scentpellent RCK Pellet Bin & Lid is that it is perfect to use and keeps the food safe. Along with this, it is affordable and economical. The airtight storage ensures that no pellet gets moisture, and you can light them up whenever needed.


What’s the Best to Store Wood Pallets?

The best way that you can use to store a wood pallet is a container that contains a locking lid, and you can swing it open to pour it quickly and refill it with the help of a grip handle. It is better if the container has a sieve to ensure hassle-free pouring.

Will 20 Lbs. Of Pellets Fit in A 5 Gallon Buckets?

Yes, 20 lbs. of the pellet can easily fit in a 5-gallon bucket. The storage capacity is enough to handle the bag. However, choose the best wood pallet storage container that is sturdy and can facilitate carrying heavier weight.

How Long Do Wood Pellets Last?

It depends on the quality of these wood pellets, which can last from several months to a year, and the type of pellet and how you store it. Keeping them away from moisture ensures they can last longer and survive more extended storage.

How We Tested

best Wood pellets storage container

I have chosen the best ones with a satisfactory customer experience to narrow the pellet containers list from dozens of available variations. From the narrowed list, I tested these containers over a few days. I checked each product’s price, material, storage, and other essential factors when buying the best wood pellet storage containers.  

The testing process took me a few days; I checked each parameter closely and then chose a selected list to proceed with. I started with checking and comparing the price of the product and checking if the product was worth buying or not. Some containers have some extra handful features, and their prices are higher, while some products have a high price without a cause. After thoroughly comparing and validating the features, I put forward this list.

I checked the product material to see if it was airtight, and the handling grip is what I checked next. The handling grip helps pour, and what happens if there is no grip? Other features, such as built-in material and the capability to keep the food safe and secure, are some other features that I tested. It is a perfect guide to buying the best wood pellets for turkey and making valuable additions to your kitchen tools.

Why Trust Us

At TheLadyChef, we want to ensure that the products we recommend are of the best quality and performance. We put every product through a series of quality and performance tests and take detailed reports of our findings. If a product doesn’t meet our standards, it doesn’t cut. We only want to recommend products we wholeheartedly believe in, so you can be sure that everything on our list is something we would use ourselves.

Adalynn Ward has extensive experience testing and reviewing different kitchen appliances and products. She was the perfect person to compile a comprehensive list of the market’s best wood pellet storage containers. In this guide, she covered everything you need to know about pellet containers – from their capacity, material strength, and price. It is a perfect guide to buying the best wood pellet containers and making valuable additions to your kitchen accessories.

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