Cream Charger 3.3L Cylinder Skywhip Pro Max Review

Cream Charger 3.3L Cylinder Skywhip Pro Max (1)
Cream Charger 3.3L Cylinder Skywhip Pro Max (1)

Who doesn’t like to enjoy a delicious dessert topped off with cream made by cream charger after a delicious meal? A perfect dessert could be the most soothing thing one can enjoy. Whipped cream can give that heart soothing feeling. It’s not easy to make whipped cream manually. So, lots of types of equipment have been invented to make whipped cream.

The main purpose of this equipments is to produce whipped cream with low effort. A cream charger is such a piece of equipment used to make whipped cream. There are various types of cream chargers available in the market. You can get the best cream chargers at Nangs Delivery. This article particularly focuses on 3.3L Cylinder Skywhip Pro Max. You’d get a complete review of the equipment.

Why this?

If you’re looking for a Whipped cream charger for your restaurant or caterers then you’ve come to the right place! The brand new Skywhip XL 3.3L 99.9% Nitrous Oxide has a large tank for nitrous oxide. All the hassle of industrial catering will now be solved. In places where there are high-volume orders or rushes, Skywhip XL 3.3L Cream Charger is perfect for them. It can cover the maximum capacity events.

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Its large tank is able to hold 2000 grams of Nitrous Oxide. It will make all the rushes and high-crowd events feel like nothing. High volume of creams can be produced As the cream charger enables to hold a larger amount of nitrous oxide. It also saves time. As this is compatible with the m11 pressure gauge and filling system so anyone can use the product. Besides, the product is very easy to use, no prior experience is required.

To avail of the 3.3L Cylinder Skywhip Pro Max, place your order on Nangs Delivery!

Key Features

  • Large Nitrous oxide tank which can hold 2000 grams of Nitrous Oxide.
  • Stainless steel casing to prevent rust.
  • The release of Nitrous Oxide exactly the amount you need with the pressure regulator.
  • Use the spinning nozzle to get rid of any left-over gas in order to safely dispose of the cylinder. The Whipped Cream Charger can be disposed of at an iron dump near you.
  • A pressure release nozzle is included with every cream charger.
  • Discreetly packaged & Specially designed.
  • Entirely disposable making it environment-friendly.
  • Can Determine the pressure level by the amount of cream you want to whip.
  • Track & Trace with every order
  • French + English customer support available

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What We Like

  • Storage of large amount of nitrous oxide.
  • Stainless steel casing prevents rust.
  • Environment friendly.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not compatible with households.


Cream chargers are the most efficient way of making whipped cream. If you need a cream charger for industrial purposes then you must see the 3.3L Cylinder Skywhip Pro Max! There is a number of options you’d get on Nangs Delivery but the 3.3L Cylinder Skywhip Pro Max is one of the best! Hope we could give a full review of Cream Charger 3.3L Cylinder Skywhip Pro Max.

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