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17 Tasty Cuisinart Ice Cream Recipes You’ll Love

Want to spend the cool summer with Cuisinart ice cream makers and throw some flavorful ice cream parties? Try these yummy and irresistible Cuisinart Ice cream recipes.

Cuisinart Ice Cream Recipes

Spend the coolest summers with Cuisinart ice cream makers and throw some flavorful ice cream parties. With this appliance of a high-end brand, the possibilities of creating sundaes, frozen yogurts, sorbet ice creams, and other fruity delights are endless.  Now you can prepare almost every flavor hygienically at home without much hassle. With this ice cream maker, you can also indulge your kids in preparing creative flavors of ice cream. I bet they will love creating some fruity flavors on long summer afternoons.

Just like Ninja Creami ice cream recipes, these ones will also make you feel love with them. So let’s check out some Cuisinart ice cream maker recipes to make your summers and kids both chill!

1. Philladelphia-Style Vanilla Ice Cream

Philladelphia-Style Vanilla Ice Cream

What is unique about this recipe?

  • Total time: 2 hours
  • Eggless, simple ice cream recipe
  • Flavor can be customised
  • Can be made into both soft serve and hard frozen ice cream

While many people adore the new and fancy ice creams with blends of flavors and handfuls of toppings, my all-time favorite is still the classic vanilla ice cream. Serve it with a chocolate molten lava cake or a delicious hot brownie to make a complete dessert. So why not make this in a Cuisinart ice cream maker? And yes, it has no eggs. So if you are into Philly-style vanilla ice cream, this is the right recipe.

Beat together the usual ice cream mixture of sugar and milk. Gradually add some heavy cream and a bit of vanilla essence. Churn it up in the bowl of the ice cream maker until a desired smooth and creamy consistency is achieved. Serve as it is, or top up with some colorful sprinkles.

2. Plain Chocolate Ice Cream

Plain Chocolate Ice Cream

What is unique about this recipe?

  • Total time: 1 hour 50 minutes
  • The most favourite flavor of all
  • Easy to make in Cuisinart ice cream maker
  • Low calorie recipe without heavy cream

When all else fails and things tend to go down, uplift the moods with chocolaty goodness. With the Cuisinart ice cream maker at your disposal, you can create as many flavors as you like in the comfort of your home. The best thing is the chocolate ice cream preparation is as easy as ABC.

This yummy flavor requires the basic ice cream mixture but heaps of cocoa powder. Reduce the amount of milk to half if you need dark chocolate ice cream. If you are calorie conscious and want to make Ice cream without heavy cream, incorporate some butter into the mixture. Prepare the ice cream custard and allow it to cool before setting it in the bowl of the ice cream maker. Your delicious cool dessert will be ready in 30 minutes. Garnish with chocolate chips or chocolate sprinkles.

3. Vanilla Ice Cream With Eggs

Vanilla Ice Cream With Eggs

What is unique about this recipe?

  • Total time: 2hours 10 minutes
  • Classic recipe with eggs
  • Easy to make in ice cream maker
  • Best soft serve ice cream with creamy texture

Though the Philly-style ice cream might be a good option for all vegans, I must admit that the ice cream gives a great, smooth texture when made with eggs. So here is an awesome recipe for our all-time favorite vanilla ice cream with eggs.

Beat the eggs well and add to the sugar, milk, and vanilla mixture of the ice cream. Add heavy cream if desired. Eggs bring out the classic, smooth ice cream texture and make ice cream settle sooner. Churn it in the Cuisinart ice cream maker. To make it more solid, freeze for a while and take 15 minutes before serving.

4. Coffee Ice Cream

Coffee Ice Cream

What is unique about this recipe?

  • Total time: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Thick and smooth texture with condensed milk
  • Balances the sweetness of sugar with coffee flavor
  • Can be made with decaf coffee

Who else loved the coffee flavors in all the desserts? The sweet bitterness of coffee tends to reduce the extra sugary flavor, balancing the tastes. One of the best ice cream recipes for a Cuisinart ice cream maker is this mildly sweet, coffee-flavored ice cream.

Like your regular iced coffee is chilled, sweet, strong, and aromatic, this scoop of coffee ice cream is similar but indulges you with every bite. Condensed milk and some vanilla essence add to the flavor and make a nice dessert for executive indoor summer parties. Use your favorite coffee flavors, even decaf, if you want to cut on the caffeine.

5. Fruit Sorbet

What is unique about this recipe?

  • Total time: 45 minutes
  • A unique frozen dessert for summers
  • Tangy flavor of berries
  • Quick fix for outdoor parties

Summer is all about those small, flavor-bursting nutritious little berries. They are sweet and pleasantly sour, and when combined with milk, they become smooth in texture. Grab some fresh produce of strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries. It’s time to turn them into a delicious cool dessert. Use your Cuisinart ice cream maker and get your kids the frozen goodness of fruits.

To prepare the sorbet, make simple water and sugar syrup and blend it with berries. Use a bit of lemon juice to introduce a slight tang and unique flavor. Add this with the usual ice cream mixture in the Cuisinart ice cream maker for churning. Freeze if required before serving. View full recipe here.

6. Strawberry Ice Cream

What is unique about this recipe?

  • Total time: 1 hour 50 minutes
  • Eggless, vegan ice cream with almond milk
  • Best summer flavor
  • Easily prepared in any ice cream maker

One of the easiest and most loved Cuisinart homemade ice cream recipes is the Strawberry ice cream. One of the classics, most loved, and creamiest flavors, Strawberry ice cream gets ready in no time.  And for all the vegans out there, the recipe has no eggs. You can use vegan milk alternatives, and it will give you the same great taste.

Blend everything except the strawberries. Crush them separately and combine the two in the Cuisinart ice cream bowl. But you can always give a twist to the classy strawberry ice cream. Why not make a strawberry sauce with some flavorful sorbets to pour over the scoops of different flavors you have just made? Serve them for desserts at fun summer pool parties. View full recipe here.

7. Peanut Butter Ice Cream

What is unique about this recipe?

  • Total time: 2 hours
  • All time favorite flavor of kids
  • Nutty and crunchy texture
  • Garnish with roasted peanuts and salted caramel drizzle

Those who love peanut butter on their toast every day will go crazy for this lovely ice cream. Use your Cuisinart ice cream maker and prepare this nutty and crunchy ice cream flavor.

To pull this off, two ingredients are essential. Some rich and creamy peanut butter and salted caramel. The resulting sweet and salty mixture gives you an indulging ice cream scoop after working in the Cuisinart ice cream maker.

The best thing is that if someone is allergic to peanuts, you can use any peanut butter substitute in this recipe that you usually use daily. Add it to the regular vanilla ice cream base and let the appliance do its job. View full recipe here.

8. Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream

What is unique about this recipe?

  • Total time: 50 minutes
  • Healthy frozen dessert for summers
  • Can be made out of any fruity flavor
  • Quick and easy, requires no fancy ingredients

If you have some frozen mangoes in your freezer, then you can use your Cuisinart ice cream maker to prepare delicious frozen mango yogurt ice cream, and that too, all around the year.  Not just mangoes, you can use frozen peaches, strawberries, or blueberries too.

It is cool, refreshing, and has a unique, tart-like flavor. Blend the frozen fruit batch with yogurt and all the ingredients to make a smoothie. It will yield a soft serve ice cream. To make it firmer to serve in scoops, serve,  freeze it for 1.5 to 2 hours before serving. View full recipe.

9. Classic Cookies and Cream Ice cream

What is unique about this recipe?

  • Total time: 2 hour 10 minutes
  • Creamy and crunchy flavor
  • High calorie ice cream recipe, best for kids
  • Can be made without any fruit

Skip all those low-calorie diets and indulge in the creamy, crunchy cookies and cream homemade ice cream. With the combination of Milk, heavy cream, sugar, and our favorite Oreos, this dessert is worth melting for. Try keeping the Oreos chunky to give a more chewy texture to the ice cream.

Set the ice cream base in the Cuisinart ice cream bowl and allow it to churn well. The final texture depends on the size of the crushed cookies. However, for a solid scoop, freeze for a while. View full recipe.

10. Peach Ice Cream

What is unique about this recipe?

  • Total time: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Texture can be kept chunky or smooth
  • Can be made with fresh, frozen or canned peaches
  • Experiment with 2 fruit flavors
  • You Can combine with chocolate for a unique taste.

Just like you make Mango ice cream with fresh mango chunks, you can incorporate the peach slices in the usual ice cream batter and make the fruity, healthy homemade ice cream. You can also use a can of frozen peaches if out of season. This is what Cuisinart ice cream makers are for.

If you have the appliance at home, get creative and make a lot of variations. You can prepare a peach sauce with a vanilla sundae, peach sorbet ice cream, or peach frozen yogurt ice cream. A Chunky peach blend gives a better fruity flavor and texture, but you can make a fine puree if you like smooth ice cream. Blend different flavors and create your own family special ice cream dessert. The choices are endless.

11. Banana Chip Ice Cream

Banana Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

What is unique about this recipe?

  • Total time: 2 hours
  • Zero calorie, zero sugar recipe
  • Gets its creamy texture through ripe Bananas
  • Add nuts to increase the protein content

If you are looking for a low-fat ice cream recipe for Cuisinart ice cream makers, start taking notes. With zero sugar, zero milk, and absolutely no heavy cream, it is a low-calorie, highly nutritious fruity dessert.

The banana chip ice cream derives its texture from solely one ingredient. Ripe bananas. They make a smooth, creamy consistency to the batter. Chocolate chips not only add a crunch and texture but blend well with the fruit’s taste. Roasted pecans or walnuts also add to the crunch and nutritional value of the desert. So all the health-conscious people out there, this is your dessert!

12. Custard Gelato

What is unique about this recipe?

  • Total time: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Original ice cream flavor without fruit, essences or heavy syrups
  • Loved by adults
  • Best made in Cuisinart ice cream maker

Ice cream in its purest, whitest, and yummiest form! Custard Gelato is a safe option when you cannot think of any other flavor. It is without any additional aroma or flavor. Just the usual ice cream custard churned into the ice cream.

Nowadays, ice cream is all about fancy flavors, colorful toppings, and liquid syrups to drool for. But the classic crema custard gelato is becoming a rare treat. So give your Cuisinart ice cream maker something different to make, and serve this velvety custard gelato to your family on a hot summer afternoon. View full recipe.

13. Birthday Cake Ice Cream

Birthday Cake Ice Cream

What is unique about this recipe?

  • Total time: 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Best birthday alternative for heavy cake
  • Can be made from any available fruits and flavors
  • Best served in hard frozen texture

If you have a birthday celebration in the peak summer months, skip the cake and celebrate with this delicious Birthday cake ice cream. And that, too, can be prepared in your Cuisinart ice cream maker.

Pick the leftovers of your favorite cake and combine them with the usual vanilla ice cream mixture. Be creative and add fruit chunks or chocolate chips to double the flavors. You can add the desired food colors as well to make it pleasingly attractive after churning it in the ice cream maker, set it in a bowl, and freeze it for a more solid scoop. Decorate with colorful sprinkles for the celebrations.

14. Pistachio Ice Cream

What is unique about this recipe?

  • Total time: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Full of pistachio’s goodness
  • Enjoy the dry fruit flavor in summer time as well
  • Can be made at home with any ice cream maker

I love pistachio but cannot eat more of it because it’s summertime. Sounds so familiar because it’s precisely me. So why not chop all these nuts and make crunchy pistachio ice cream? It is delicious, nutty, and rich!

Grind pistachios to make a fine powder but keep some of them for chopping to give a good nutty texture. Add to the basic ice cream mix and use the Cuisinart ice cream maker to churn it up. Use a dash of green food color if the mixture appears colorless. Garnish with chopped pistachio and a mint leaf each on one scoop. View full recipe.

15. Raspberry With White Chocolate Ice cream

What is unique about this recipe?

  • Total time: 2 hour 30 minutes
  • Combines white chocolate and raspberry flavor
  • Texture csn be kept as per choice
  • Best dessert for festive occasions

When I talk about creativity and the blending of flavors, this is what I mean. A rich, fruity, and chocolatey blend of flavors, all created in a home-based Cuisinart ice cream maker.

For this ice cream, always use fresh raspberries and blend them to make a thick puree. However, you can keep them chunky for a thick, crunchy texture. Add to the Melted white chocolate and the usual ice cream batter and let the appliance do the rest. Use white chocolate chips (dark ones also go fine) and some sprinkles to make it a colorful dessert after a festive family meal.

16. Butter Pecan Ice Cream

What’s Special?

  • Time Taken: 1 hour 25 minutes
  • The standout version of toasted bacon and brown butter
  • Perfect with Caramel sauce
  • Super rich and nutty flavors

A rich custard base toasted bacon and browned butter make the best version of Classic Ice-Cream. Butter pecan is all time favorite ice cream of everyone. It makes everyone love its rich, deep, and nutty flavors. It becomes extra special when served with homemade Caramel sauce. Butter pecan is a much-liked ice cream in Summertime. When you want to amuse your friends and family, its crunchy, salty, and heavenly flavors make them wonder how you could make this yummy ice cream at home.

View full recipe

17. Chocolate Marshmallow Ice cream

What’s Special?

  • Total time: 4 hours 20 minutes
  • A classic flavor blend of chocolate and marshmallows
  • A nutless alternative for rocky road lovers

What could go better than a sweet homemade, chocolate ice cream with super soft and gooey marshmallows? It is rich and creamy, and just like a rocky road ice cream, but without nuts. So if you have a Cuisinart ice cream maker at home, do give this a shot. And you require only basic ingredients like whole milk, vanilla essence, dark chocolate, and some mini marshmallows to make this.

View full recipe

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to freeze ice cream in a Cuisinart ice cream maker?

This depends on the quantity of the ice cream you are about to freeze and sometimes on the ingredients. The temperature of the freezer is also a variable. Any ice cream with cream cheese, peanut butter, bananas, or heavy cream gets frozen earlier because the high-fat content freezes to a solid state quickly. Ideally, if you have prepared 900 ml ice cream, it will freeze within 30 minutes at a temperature of -12 degrees Celsius.

How do you use the Cuisinart ice cream maker?

With a Cuisinart ice cream maker, you can prepare ice creams and desserts easily. First, mix all the ingredients, including fruits, nuts, and cream, required for the recipe. Chill the mixture in the freezer. After around 30 minutes, set the appliance.
Place the freezer bowl onto the machine’s base. Place the mixing paddle so it fixes in the center of the bowl. Set the locking lid over the paddle and twist it to lock the freezer bowl and paddle. Plug in the cord and turn the machine on. Start pouring the chilled mixture into the freezer bowl. The ice cream maker will slowly churn the ice cream and bring a smooth, creamy texture. Check after 20 minutes. Serve immediately when the desired consistency is achieved. You can also freeze the ice cream but place it out of the freezer 15 minutes before serving for an ideal scooped serving.

How do you make soft serve ice cream with a Cuisinart ice cream maker?

The key to making a soft serve ice cream in the Cuisinart ice cream maker is to check the consistency repeatedly. Prepare the mixture as per the recipe and chill. Set the appliance and pour the mixture into the freezer bowl. Turn it on at a low speed and check the consistency after 15 minutes. If you think the blend is runny, chill the contents again. Keep checking the consistency of the ice cream until your desired soft-serve ice cream is ready. Serve on cones, waffles, or bowls as desired.

How much liquid can you put in a Cuisinart ice cream maker?

This depends upon the volume of the freezer bowl coming with the appliance. However, remember that the ice cream maker incorporates a good quantity of air into the mixture, so be sure not to overfill the bowl. If the volume of the freezer bowl is 1 liter, always follow the recipe, which requires 3 cups or less than one liter of fluid. Also, always chill the mixture before pouring it into the freezer bowl.

Why is my Cuisinart ice cream maker not churning?

Many factors can be responsible for the ice cream maker not churning. Number one, your mixture might not be fully chilled. Pour all your mix into an airtight container and freeze it for almost 80 minutes. Retry.
If you have added too much sugar or too less cream, milk, or fat content, then the mixture might become runny and not firm up. Try adding fat substitutes for fat if you are calorie conscious. Use the exact amount of sugar as mentioned in the recipe. If all fails, consult a technician to guess the fault in the appliance.

How do you know when a Cuisinart ice cream maker is done?

Once you pour the chill mixture and press the start button, the maker will start churning the mixture, and the motor will produce a sound. After a while, approximately 12 to 15 minutes later, you will notice that the ice cream has thickened and is rising. The motor will slow down, and the sound will change. This is when you will know that the ice cream is getting ready. The ice cream gets ready to its nice, fluffy, and soft serve texture in a maximum of 30 minutes.

Cuisinart Ice Cream Recipes

17 Best Cuisinart Ice Cream Recipes You Can’t Resist

Adalynn Ward
With Cuisinart ice cream maker, the possibilities of creating sundaes, frozen yogurts, sorbet ice creams, and other fruity delights are endless. So let’s check out some Cuisinart ice cream recipes to make your summers and kids both chill!
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Prep Time 45 mins
Cook Time 40 mins
Total Time 1 hr 25 mins
Course Dessert
Servings 4 persons


  • Philly Style Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Plain Chocolate Ice Cream
  • Vanilla Ice Cream With Eggs
  • Coffee Ice Cream
  • Fruity Sorbet Ice Cream
  • Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Peanut Butter Ice Cream
  • Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream
  • Classic Cookies and Cream Ice cream
  • Peach Ice Cream
  • Banana Chip Ice Cream
  • Custard Gelato
  • Birthday Cake Ice Cream
  • Pistachio Ice Cream
  • Raspberry With White Chocolate Ice cream
  • Butter Pecan Ice Cream
  • Chocolate Marshmallow ice cream

How to Make?

  • Select the recipe that suits your needs.
  • Gather the recipe ingredients and try to get fresh ones.
  • Follow the instructions as per recipe.
  • Perpare delicious Cuisinart ice cream at home


Serving: 1ice creamCalories: 220kcal
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What I like the most about the Cuisinart ice cream maker is that it lets me create endless ice cream desserts. Whether it is frozen yogurt, a regular sundae, some classic gelato, or fruity ice creams, Cuisinart can get them made in the comfort of your home. So grab any fruit you have and make an ice cream mixture. Explore your culinary artist and use the appliance because summers are incomplete without Cuisinart ice creams recipes!

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