24 Traditional Japanese Desserts (Easy Recipes)

Japanese Desserts recipes

Japanese desserts are delicate and delightful, becoming trendy in restaurants and homes worldwide. From traditional to modern recipes, all Japanese desserts have unique flavors that serve amazingly best on every table whenever you try them.

Japanese desserts look very fancy and taste heavenly. You will surely miss the world’s best desserts if you have never tried these desserts. There are a lot of delicious Japanese desserts that you can make at your home quickly.

So, these are the most delicious and easy-to-cook Japanese desserts you can try at home and serve in front of your guests. From Japanese cheesecake to Green tea cookies, these desserts are my favorite ones that make everyone fall in love with their flavor and textures.

1. Japanese Cheesecake

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Very light and fluffy
  • A delicious treat to serve for a crowd
  • Combination of airy souffle and creamy cheesecake

Japanese cake is a creamy cheesecake that is very fluffy and soft. It is commonly known as jiggly cake because of its jiggly texture. The airy souffle and creamy cheesecake is a super yummy treat that melts in the mouth as soon as you take a bite. It is not very heavy because of less sweet than other cheesecakes. Japanese cheesecake has all the rich custard flavors and spongy cotton cake, which is the best dessert to hit all the right notes. Even those who don’t like to eat cheesecakes will love this cake. It is heavenly to eat and is a perfect treat for serving at any event.

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2. Coffee Jelly

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 2 hours 18 minutes
  • Perfect tastes of gluten and coffee
  • Very easy to make
  • Very light and has less sweet

Coffee jelly is one of the easy to make desserts at home. It is very thick and delightful because of its creamy and chewy texture, making it super enjoyable and appealing. Coffee jelly is fun to make and serve because of its refreshing texture and flavors.

The best way to serve it is with a lot of chocolate sauce and frozen whipped cream. It gives you absolute pleasure even if you don’t like sweet much because of less sweetness. It also tastes delicious if you eat it with ice cream or flavored coffee cream. It is a perfect dessert after a dinner party when served in glasses or cubed bowls

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3. Daifuku Mochi

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 30 minutes
  • Japanese favorite sweet dessert
  • Filled with red bean paste
  • It can easily be made in the microwave

Daifuku, also known as Red Bean Mochi, is Japan’s sweet dessert. Its delicious rice cake layers covering the red bean paste have perfect sweetness. After tasting them, you will never forget their sweetness and texture. Daifuku is a small round shape dumpling filled with sweet and delicious red bean paste.

Its tender and chewy texture make everyone fall in love every time. It is the perfect snack to make at home if you crave something easy to make dessert. You can make them in the microwave or on a quick steam. It is one of the best snacks in Japanese desserts. However, if you love trying out different desserts, check out these traditional greek desserts.

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4. Dorayaki

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 50 minutes
  • Delicious honey pancake sandwich
  • Filled with red bean paste
  • Popular among children

Dorayaki is the favorite dessert of Japanese children and adults who love to eat it anytime. It is a honey pancake sandwich filled with sweet red bean paste. It is very soft and airy and has two American-style hand-sized pancakes combined. The sweet filling makes it very delightful and captivating.

Dorayaki is very popular due to its flavorful combination of chestnuts, custard, and cream, which makes it unique. It is a perfect service for any get-together at home and serves best with tea. Those who have never had sweet Japanese dessert will surely love its flavors.

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5. Candied Sweet Potato

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 55 minutes
  • Very soft and buttery
  • Extra sweet and saucy
  • Thanksgiving side dish

Candied sweet potato is a classic Japanese dessert that is effortless to make. It has a mixture of brown sugar, butter, and spices roasted until they get caramelized. These candied sweet potatoes have coverage of sweet syrup that will melt in your mouth instantly with each bite.

It is a super sweet dessert that is delicious for holidays. If you are cooking for your family or searching for a delicious dessert for a holiday party, this dessert comes best with just a few ingredients. It is considered a versatile dish for thanksgiving dish to anyone.

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6. Green Tea Mochi

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 1 hour
  • Delicious rice cake
  • Timeless dessert enjoyed by all ages
  • The white and green color combination makes them attractive

Green tea Mochi is a sweet dessert with a hint of sweetness. It is soft, delicious, and chewy and has delightful green tea flavors. It has a filling of red bean paste and ice cream, and if you love the strawberry flavor, it can add more to the flavor. It is super easy to make at home.

Green tea Mochi is a famous dessert in Japanese restaurants that appeals to people due to its color, unique combination of flavors, and chewy texture that can make anyone fall in love with them. It is a classic treat for all green tea lovers. Almost people of all ages love these Mochis.

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7. Green Tea Ice-Cream

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 4 hours 15 minutes
  • Perfect refreshing treat in summer
  • Rich flavors of green Tea
  • Famous in Japanese restaurants

Green tea Ice-cream is a great refreshing dessert for hot summer. You need a few ingredients to make this delicious and creamy ice cream. It has deep and rich green tea flavors, making it the best ice cream for green tea lovers.

When made at home, this green tea ice cream can soak your taste buds with a strong and unique flavor you never tasted before. It is full of Matcha powder that puts a unique flavor to this ice cream. It goes perfectly well after a dinner party or when you crave a unique ice cream flavor.

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8. Raindrop Cake

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 30 minutes
  • Quick and easy to make at home
  • Melting in the mouth texture
  • Very delicate and delightful

Raindrop cake is a very low-calorie, delicious, and unique dessert gaining a lot of attention in many countries. It looks cute for its water droplet shape, making it appealing and different. It is perfect for making in the summer holidays when you want something sweet and refreshing.

Raindrop cake might look challenging but easy to make at home. It is a famous Japanese dessert all around the world. When you have the first bite, it dissolves in the mouth like a raindrop.

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9. Purin

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 50 minutes
  • Similar to flan
  • Very easy and fun to make
  • Very rich and creamy

Purin is a Japanese Flan-like custard famous in Japan because of its rich and creamy flavors. It is not like the US gooey pudding; its texture and taste differ from others. Purin looks exactly like a Mexican flan and has a topping caramel sauce.

Purins are super sweet and creamy flans, rich in its flavors and taste best if you serve them chilled. To retain the taste and uniqueness of the flavor, preventing Purin from overcooking is essential. It is so popular in Japan that you can buy them almost from all stores.

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10. Honey Toast

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 30 minutes
  • Delicious and easy to make
  • Popular in cafes
  • Filled with the flavors of butter and honey

Honey Toast, or Shibuya toast, is a delicious, creamy, buttery dessert that is perfect for breakfast. It is the perfect serving for a morning meal when you don’t have much time for cooking, and your kids will be late for school.

It is the favorite dessert of kids as it has layers of croutons and fruit in the bread bowl, making it mouth-watering to eat. You can top it with whipped ice cream that adds more flavors. The best part is that it is super fun to eat. You can serve them to your friends and family members on holiday.

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11. Anko

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Super easy to cook
  • Perfectly hold together the cakes and pastries
  • Delicious and sweet

Anko is easy to make sweet red bean paste specially used to hold together pastries, cakes, and a lot of other desserts that are famous in Japan. It is a very delicious and versatile ingredient that tastes perfectly in many sweet desserts. The combination of sugar, azuki beans, and a pinch of salt adds uniqueness to its flavor. Anko is lovely and delicious, filling your mouth with heavenly creamy and buttery flavors. You can make any traditional Japanese dish with Anko, spread it on the bread, and enjoy its flavors. It is perfect for serving with Gluten Free desserts as it is free from gluten.

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12. Japanese Cake Roll

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Fluffy and very airy
  • Perfectly soft and delicate
  • Filled with delightful whipped cream

Japanese cake roll is the airy, fluffy, and soft cake that is the perfect cake you have ever tried. It is filled with delicious whipped cream, making it super yummy and tasty. It is not too sweet; just a little sweetness puts a heavenly taste to these rolls. You can add fresh strawberries to its filling if you want more tenderness and flavors.

You can fill it with whatever fruit you want; it will be much more flavorful with every ingredient you add. It is the perfect combination of eastern and western tastes. It is best served with whipped cream and goes perfectly well with Tea or coffee for breakfast.

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13. Barley Tea

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 25 minutes
  • Super delicious and easy
  • It has a lot of health benefits
  • Traditionally served hot and cold

Barley tea is a traditional dish popular in Japanese houses, gatherings, and restaurants. It is made from roasted barley grains that are caffeine free-beverage. It has the bitter taste of coffee and also a dry finish. You can serve it with many other desserts; otherwise, people like to drink it to gain health benefits and refresh their minds. Most families like it on summer days, and it is famous among summer desserts due to its refreshing taste.

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14. Banana Sushi

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 5 minutes
  • A healthy snack for kids
  • Looks very cute and fun
  • Serves best with icy topping

Banana sushi is a fun-to-cook dessert that is quick and easy to make at home. It is a straightforward recipe with an icy topping. However, you can add chocolate, too, for the topping. If you have bananas at home few magic ingredients (banana, butter, crushed cereal, coconuts, chopped chocolate, and cinnamon sugar), you can make excellent quick banana sushi at home. It is an incredibly delicious snack with just two or three ingredients. It is a perfect treat for school-going kids due to its quick recipe and nutritional benefits.

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15. Green Tea Cookies

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 25 minutes
  • Perfect with afternoon tea
  • Flavors of white chocolate
  • Very crispy and chewy

Green tea cookies are delicious and incredible chocolate chip cookies. These chewy green tea cookies have a perfect matcha flavor that makes everyone fall in love. Its unique color gives the cookies a natural green hue. If you are a matcha fan, these cookies will serve perfectly on your table. They are crispy outside but delightfully chewy inside. You can make them in less than 30 minutes and then serve them in front of your guests.

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16. Green Tea Ice Cream (Matcha Ice Cream)

Matcha Ice Cream

Green and refreshing tea ice cream is perfect for hot summer days.

You only need a few simple ingredients to try this recipe at home.

With its rich texture and deep intensity, this matcha ice cream can take you back to Japan.

This recipe is especially famous in Japanese ice cream parlors.

Sugar, salt, matcha, milk, and cream combine to give something incredible.

You don’t need experience or much effort to make this scrummy and refreshing ice cream at home. Matcha flavors will satisfy your cravings if you love green tea.

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17. Mitarashi Dango (Glazed Rice Dumplings)

Mitarashi Dango

Mitarashi dango is a traditional Japanese recipe that is famous for rice dumplings.

Dangos are skewered in the sticks and enjoyed all year round.

Sweet and tangy flavored dango can easily make at home. Grilling these dumplings brings a little hint of char.

Each bite is gooey, satisfying, and savory. Its contrasting flavors and texture bring back older memories. They are fun, delicious, and outstanding with green tea.

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18. Matcha Mochi

Matcha Mochi

This delicious matcha mochi recipe comes from Japan.

You will definitely love this tangy recipe if you have an incurable sweet tooth.

A perfect combination of green tea matcha powder, mochiko, water, cornstarch, sugar, and your favorite filling.

With its fresh green color, it satisfies the evening snack.

Fill the matcha mochi with strawberry, cream, bean pasta, or any other filling you like. Satisfying, refreshing and delicious bites. Worth trying at family gatherings.

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19. Black Sesame Pudding

Black Sesame Pudding

Creamy, rich, and light sweet black sesame pudding is here.

Easy to make and quick to serve is its specialty.

With only soy milk, black sesame paste, agar powder, and sugar, this recipe comes with a unique taste.

This pudding will be your next favorite recipe if you love black sesame.

Only a few ingredients take this recipe to the whole next level.

Impressive and simple. Top with whipped cream and present something incredible this morning.

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20. Yuzu Sorbet

Yuzu Sorbet

Yuzu sorbet is an irresistible and tasty dessert with a little citrusy flavor.

Refreshing and simple.

A delicious combination of mandarin orange, lemon, and grapefruit fills the mouth with tangy and sweet flavors.

Bright and creamy yuzu sorbet is everyone’s favorite treat all year round.

Do you love adventures? If yes, making and enjoying this yuzu sorbet recipe will be the best idea. Creamy bites melt in the mouth and satisfy the evening craving.

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21. Kinako Cookies (Roasted Soy Flour Cookies)

Kinako Cookies

Kinako cookies are similar to peanut butter cookies.

Nutty, buttery, and scrummy.

Grab eggs, butter, sugar, kinako, all-purpose flour, and baking soda to try these delicious cookies at home.

With roasted and nutty flavor, these cookies are totally heavenly to taste.

Crunchy bites will make everyone fall for them instantly.

Enjoy the kinako taste in cookie form with this easy-to-mix recipe. Golden outside but soft and chewy inside. Worth trying at family gatherings to surprise the kids. They will love its flavors.

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22. Castella Cake (Japanese Honey Sponge Cake)

Castella Cake

Love making cakes at home? Try this castella cake with an easier recipe.

Delicate, super moist, and bouncy Japanese sponge cake with a hint of honey is worth trying.

A popular tea time confection in Japan, which makes the holidays and hostess gift perfect.

Egg, sugar, honey, and flour combine and make you enjoy each flavor.

Simple, yet scrummy.

It rises higher than regular cakes but has an incredibly light and chewy texture. Worth trying in the morning to make a healthy breakfast for your kids.

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23. Japanese Fruit Sandwich (Fruit Sando)

Fruit Sando

This Japanese fruit salad is super delicious and fruitful.

It is also known as strawberry or fruit sando.

Made with fresh strawberries and many other favorite fruits. Add sliced milk bread, white bread, and whipped cream to make the salad more piquant and outstanding.

A perfect recipe to serve the guests as an evening snack with a glass of milk. Scrummy, right? Soaking the fresh fruits in whipped cream and serving it as a sandwich is the best way to start a refreshing day.

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24. Hojicha Panna Cotta (Roasted Green Tea Panna Cotta)

Hojicha Panna Cotta

Hojicha panna cotta is a nutty, earthy, smokey-flavored recipe that melts in the mouth.

You only need water, sugar, Hojicha powder, coconut milk, salt, and powdered unflavored gelatin to try this delicious recipe in your kitchen.

A perfect and refreshing dessert to make and serve on a warm summer day to refresh day.

Dairy-free recipe, so don’t worry about the diet and enjoy each flavor.

A brown color, mild flavor, and roasted aroma make the recipe stand out at every event. Worth trying and tasting.

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Japanese Desserts recipes

24 Traditional Japanese Desserts (Easy Recipes)

Adalynn Ward
Japanese desserts are delicate and delightful, becoming trendy in restaurants and homes worldwide. From traditional to modern recipes, all Japanese desserts have unique flavors that serve amazingly best on every table whenever you try them.
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Prep Time 25 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Course Dessert
Servings 4 persons


  • Japanese Cheesecake
  • Coffee Jelly
  • Daifuku Mochi
  • Dorayaki
  • Candied Sweet Potato
  • Green Tea Mochi
  • Green Tea Ice-Cream
  • Raindrop Cake
  • Purin
  • Honey Toast
  • Anko
  • Japanese Cake Roll
  • Barley Tea
  • Banana Sushi
  • Green Tea Cookies
  • Green Tea Ice Cream Matcha Ice Cream
  • Mitarashi Dango Glazed Rice Dumplings
  • Matcha Mochi
  • Black Sesame Pudding
  • Yuzu Sorbet
  • Kinako Cookies Roasted Soy Flour Cookies
  • Castella Cake Japanese Honey Sponge Cake
  • Japanese Fruit Sandwich Fruit Sando
  • Hojicha Panna Cotta Roasted Green Tea Panna Cotta

How to Make?

  • Select one of these traditional Japanese desserts from the above list and open it on a new tab.
  • Before making the desserts, make sure to note all the ingredients that you need for the dessert.
  • Make sure that all the ingredients must be fresh.
  • Follow the instructions to try these recipes, and if you want to make the serving smaller or larger, ensure to retain the ratio of the ingredients.
  • hope you have made the dessert that you want to make.
  • Don’t forget to leave your feedback in comments.


Serving: 1dishCalories: 210kcalCarbohydrates: 9g
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