15 Best Korean Desserts

Korean Desserts

Searching for the best Korean desserts to try at a get-together? Don’t worry; I’m summarizing this precisely in this article.

Korean desserts are colorful, sweet, and fun to make that do not require much effort. Korean desserts are famous because they can make your party hit to the next level. Whether you want something warm or cold, all desserts taste incredible.

Here are the easiest and most scrummy desserts you can make within no time and present to your guests and make them wonder about your cooking skills. Let’s get into the features of each dessert.

1. Dalgona


What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 8 minutes
  • Creamy and velvety
  • Fluffy and incredible
  • Quick and easy to make

Give yourself a supreme coffee experience with Dalgona, which boasts a magnificent, juicy, velvety texture. Thanks to its tantalizing creaminess and exquisite flavor, the Korean Dalgona coffee craze took the world by storm.

This delectable coffee is essentially a revamped version of the age-old whipped coffee, now elevated to new heights.

You need not venture outside your abode to savor the decadent coffee anymore. You can effortlessly prepare it at home using instant coffee, water, sugar, and milk. This revitalizing coffee is ideal for breakfast or dessert, promising an enjoyable start to your day.

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2. Hotteok


What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 1 hour 50 minutes
  • Crispy outside, tender inside
  • Filled with a sweet indulgence
  • Popular street snack

Introducing Hotteok, a Korean pancake that may resemble its counterparts but holds a delightful surprise. The sugary syrup filling is the show’s star, bringing unparalleled sweetness and pleasure to your taste buds.

What makes Hotteok truly alluring is its contrast of crispy exterior and tender, soft interior. The golden-brown hue with a satisfying crunch adds a heavenly sensation to every bite, accompanied by milky and sweet flavors.

These delicious pancakes filled with sugar, nuts, and seeds are a cut above the rest, making them a perfect Korean dessert to recreate at home and savor.

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3. Korean Shaved Ice

Korean Shaved Ice (Bingsu)

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 10 minutes
  • Easy and delicious
  • Super healthy and fruitful
  • Best to serve it with fruits

I present to you the Korean Shaved Ice, a delightful treat that every Korean dessert connoisseur would relish. While canned red beans would suffice, if you can lay your hands on sweet red beans, it would enhance the taste manifold.

The colorful medley of fruits not only adds a visual appeal but also contributes to the refreshing taste and texture of the dessert.

What sets this delicacy apart is its versatility – you can customize it by incorporating your favorite fruits to create a unique presentation. This dessert will be a perfect amalgamation of flavors and textures that will leave you craving for more.

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4. Injeolmi


What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 20 minutes
  • Traditional sweet rice cake
  • Nutty and chewy
  • Classic Korean treat

Injeolmi is a classic Korean treat that is famous in every Korean family. Making these chewy and soft rice cakes are must at every family get-together or weekend for yourself.

A nutty and delightful Injeolmi snack is not too tricky to make at home. If you love homemade Asian desserts, trying it will be perfect for pleasing a big crowd. You will need glutinous rice flour and roasted soybean powder to make these delicious and scrummy little rice cakes.

Sweet sugary sprinkling looks so adorable and decent. Sweet and mild texture tastes best with coffee or tea.

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5. Red Bean Mochi

Red Bean Mochi

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 55 minutes
  • Intense sweet, and delightful
  • Memorable snack
  • Melting in the mouth texture

Red Bean Mochi is a Korean dessert with the most delightful and luscious texture. Boasting the right amount of sugar and melting in mouth texture make this mochi heavenly and worth trying at least once.

Incredibly easy-to-make mochi bars with red beans are the perfect choice for bean lovers. Not too sweet a filling makes them a healthy snack for diet-conscious people. A favorite family recipe that you can make according to your choice.

One of the top Korean desserts that are famous because of their scrummy and sweet fillings. You can stuff any other sweet filling that you like. A perfect Korean dessert that people love to make and enjoy.

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6. Patbingsu


What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 20 minutes
  • Fruitful and creamy
  • Most popular snack
  • Sweet and flavorful

Patbingsu is the most popular Korean snack. This dessert’s huge snowy mountain look makes it so fornicating and appealing. You can add your favorite flavors to the dessert to make it scrummy.

Colorful fruits, rice cake pieces, sweet red beans, and a sweet, creamy condensed milk combination make this dessert worth tasting.

If you are feeling exhausted, try this, you will admit that this creamy and refreshing dessert gives you so much energy and cools your worries.

Topping rice cake pieces, ice cream, fruit jelly, or roasted grain powder looks delightful. The best Korean dessert you can make for your kids in the morning.

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7. Korean Coffee

Korean Coffee

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 10 minutes
  • Sweet and cold
  • Nutty and strong
  • Simple and easy

Korean Coffee is very famous among Korean families. Everyone in Korea is fond of coffee in the early morning, so people go outside to taste it or make it home to enjoy.

If you are a Korean, you must be aware of this tradition; if not, let’s take part by trying this piquant coffee. The shot of cool energy that you get from this Korean coffee is irresistible.

To make this delightful coffee, you only need honey, instant coffee, powdered creamer, ice cubes, and cold water. It is incredibly refreshing and easy to make.

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8. Twisted Korean Doughnuts (Kkwabaegi)

Twisted Korean doughnuts (Kkwabaegi)

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 50 minutes
  • Fun and luscious
  • Spongy on the outside
  • Tasty and fluffy

Korean Donuts are a classic treat for the taste buds. They are also known as kkwabaegi, found at every Korean bakery and street food stall. Soft and tender inside but golden brown and crispy outside is worth tasting.

Topping them with cinnamon sugar looks and tastes incredibly awesome. You can make them at home with just a few ingredients like milk, flour, salt, sugar, eggs, butter, active-dry yeast, and ground cinnamon.

The long and stretchy twist makes these doughnuts super scrummy and delicious. Its rich and eggy texture that is rolled with cinnamon is irresistible. Take a bite, and you will see magic.

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9. Taiyaki (Fish Shaped Pastry)

Taiyaki (Japanese Fish Shaped Pastry)

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 30 minutes
  • Loaded with sweet red bean paste
  • Tender and edgy
  • Chewy inside, crispy outside

This fish-shaped pastry is a foolproof pastry that has Japanese origin. With loaded sweet red bean paste in the center, this pastry is an ultimate treat for people fond of pastries. Surrounded by a buttery crust is an extra point that makes it super delicious and crispy.

Crispy around the edges and tender inside texture make them hit at any time of the day. A sweet fish cake that does not have any fish besides its looks.

Fun to make them with kids and serve a crowd to please and amaze them. A classic street snack with a sweet filling is best served with whipped or vanilla ice cream.

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10. Dasik


What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 40 minutes
  • Traditional Korean cookie
  • Nutty and creamy
  • Filled with sweet flavors

Dasik is a traditional Korean dessert filled with sweet flavors of honey. You can make them with beans, chestnuts, sesame seeds, grains, pine pollens, and many more.

Grounded ingredients are mixed with honey and then shaped into cookies like biscuits. Inside the cookies, engrave beautiful images like fish, flowers, birds, or any geometrical pattern. You can also engrave any word on these cookies to give them a unique look.

These light and fresh cookies are naturally flavored with sweetness because of honey. There is no need for an oven to make them. Serving them with tea or coffee is the best idea.

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11. Korean Watermelon Punch

Korean Watermelon Punch

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 15 minutes
  • Refreshing Korean punch
  • Fruitful and healthy
  • Light and smooth

Korean Watermelon Punch is a light and refreshing dessert of bright colors. Colorful and delightful texture quenches everyone’s attention for sure.

You can make this delightful drink with watermelon by dissolving the honey and sugar in water. Making a simple yet refreshing dessert has health benefits; you can add it to your diet plan to be healthy and fresh.

Korean people are fond of highlighting the flavors of ingredients without overpowering them. So this watermelon punch is a perfect example—a perfect cold drink to enjoy homemade Korean dessert with family.

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12. Red Bean Popsicles

Red Bean Popsicles

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 1 hour
  • Creamy and chewy
  • Easy to make
  • Cold and refreshing

Red Bean Popsicles are super creamy and refreshing. Not a fancy popsicle, yet incredibly delicious and piquant.

You can make them home with cornstarch, brown sugar, azuki beans, cold water, and coconut milk. Small and dark red beans are filled in this refreshing popsicle, making them so delightful to put worries away.

They are not tough, not too hard; they are tender and melt in the mouth with every bite. This popsicle’s sweet and nutty texture with a hint of coconut milk fills the mouth with fragrance and sweetness. It is a perfect frozen Korean dessert worth trying on hot days.

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13. Korean Honey Cookies (Yakgwa)

Korean Honey Cookies (Yakgwa)

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 1 hour 5 minutes
  • Super sweet and chewy
  • Coated with honey and ginger syrup
  • Perfect for any time

Korean Honey Cookies, also known as Yakwa, are Korean pastries. Rich in ginger and honey flavors, worth making any time of the day. The best thing about these little cookies is that they are lighter than all others.

After eating them, you will not feel like you have eaten something heavy or unsuitable for your stomach. Unlike other cookies, these are fried and dipped in warm honey syrup. The flower design on their topping is a traditional design that most people like to make.

Naturally sweetened Korean dessert because of honey addition; if you like more sweetness, add sugar according to your taste and then serve it with coffee.

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14. Korean Cinnamon Punch

Korean Cinnamon Punch

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 50 minutes
  • Sweet and delicious
  • Popular traditional dessert
  • Healthy and flavorful

Korean Cinnamon Punch is a simple drink that you can make with ingredients like fresh ginger, brown sugar, water, dried jujube, and pine nuts.

Cinnamon and ginger are the best combinations to present something healthy and impressive; they taste wonderful and make a smart drink that prevents coldness. You can make and drink it any time of the year because it is a traditional dessert that Koreans love to make every time.

A combination of healthy flavors sticks together to bring the best-tasting punch for punch lovers. Ginger aids digestion, so it is perfect for serving this yummy dessert at the end of the meal.

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15. Korean Sweet Rice Drink

Korean Sweet Rice Drink

What’s Special?

  • Total Time Taken: 45 minutes
  • Most popular Korean drink
  • Sweet and flavorful
  • Serves as a dessert in restaurants

Korean Sweet Rice Drink is a sweet drink traditionally made in Korea. Korean people are fond of rice foods and desserts, and when it comes to drinking, they love sweet rice drinks.

This punch is never fermented long enough to become alcoholic; it is served in Korean restaurants. You can make a non-alcoholic drink with cooked rice and barley malt.

Refreshing, sweet, and malty drink serves best at family get-togethers. Flavored with jujube and sometimes with pine nuts. The best Korean dessert that is traditionally a favorite of everyone.

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Korean Desserts

15 Best Korean Desserts

Muhammad Kashif
Korean desserts are famous because they can make your party hit to next level. Whether you want something warm or cold, all taste incredible.
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Prep Time 25 minutes
Cook Time 27 minutes
Total Time 52 minutes
Course Dessert
Servings 5 persons


  • Dalgona
  • Hotteok
  • Korean Shaved Ice
  • Injeolmi
  • Red Bean Mochi
  • Patbingsu
  • Korean Coffee
  • Twisted Korean Doughnuts (Kkwabaegi)
  • Taiyaki (Fish Shaped Pastry)
  • Dasik
  • Korean Watermelon Punch
  • Red Bean Popsicles
  • Korean Honey Cookies (Yakgwa)
  • Korean Cinnamon Punch
  • Korean Sweet Rice Drink

How to Make?

  • Select any one dessert from these piquant Korean desserts and open it on a new tab.
  • Note down all the ingredients that you will need for the dessert.
  • Make sure that all the ingredients must be fresh.
  • Follow the instructions to make a dessert.
  • I hope you have made the dessert that you want. Don't forget to give us your feedback.


Serving: 1dessertCalories: 250kcal
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