How to Store Crumbl Cookies?

Different Flavors of Crumbl Cookies

It is recommended to store the Crumbl Cookies at room temperature. However, you’ll have to consume them in around 48-72 hours, because storing them at room temperature won’t keep them fresh for a long time, and the cookies will turn stale in 2 to 3 days.

You can increase the shelf life of Crumbl Cookies up to 5 days by storing them in the fridge. Remember that the taste and texture will reduce to some extent. And, if the cookies are kept for more than 5 days, their freshness and texture will be lost.

There are the quick as well as time-consuming methods to store the Crumbl cookies; quick ways help in storing these cookies short-term, and the time-consuming methods will help these cookies to store for a long term, but their freshness will reduce one way or the other.

Before storing them in any of the above locations, sit back and focus on all the pros and cons. Their location matters the most in their freshness, and every location has a different storage method. Let’s look at the methods on how long crumbl cookies can sit out.

What Is So Special About Crumbl Cookies?

Crumbl is a cookie company that has worked for the past 5 years across the US. It has more than 300 stores working in different states of the United States, and the network is actively growing.

Jason McGowan is doing his best to make his company Crumbl cookies succeed in every branch. The secret between crumbl cookies being so famous is their consistency in maintaining the quality of their cookies. The best part is that the company releases some of the finest and secret flavours every week. besofre we proceed further, make sure you check these copycat Crumbl cookies recipes you can make at home. Let’s see other factors that make them so special!

Check out the best Crumbl Cookie flavors of the week.

Crumbl Cookies Flavors

Do crumbl cookies need to be refrigerated?

Crumbl Cookies, known for their gooey and oversized treats, typically don’t need to be refrigerated for short-term consumption. They are best enjoyed at room temperature to maintain their soft and chewy texture. However, if you plan to store them for an extended period or want to keep them fresh for several days, refrigeration can help preserve their quality.

Problems in Storing Crumbl Cookies

There has to be a proper reason behind writing a whole article about how to store crumbl cookies. It is because it is not easy to store these cookies for multiple reasons. You cannot store them in the traditional way of piling them up in an air-tight container altogether. This piling up will destroy the true essence of these delicious cookies.

Some of the difficulties that can come in the way of storing crumbl cookies are;


Some crumbl cookies are in the shape of traditional cookies, while some are decorated in cupcake shapes. For example, a fried ice cream cookie has chocolate buttercream frosting; a cotton candy cookie has cheese frosting on top.

You cannot store all these cookies in the same bag or freeze them. If you don’t want to ruin the decoration and want to keep them as fresh as they were when you bought them, you need to store them in the way given below in this article.

No Chemical Preservatives

Another reason you must deal with these cookies with care is because they are made carefully and freshly out of the oven. Their ingredients are entirely organic without any synthetic touch. These crumbl cookies do not involve any chemical preservatives or stabilizers.

That is why you need to preserve their flavor and keep them in an air-tight container by using any method listed below. These crumbl cookies have a shorter life span than the other mass-produced ones available in the market.

Method 1: How To Store Crumbl Cookies at Room Temperature?

Before you proceed further, here is a proof from the Crumbl cookies Official page which says that their cookies can be stored and kept frozen.

If you follow the steps mentioned below, you can store the cookies correctly and preserve their flavor and freshness within the recommended time;

How To Store Crumbl Cookies

It is advisable not to keep your cookies at room temperature for more than 2 days; after that, they will not taste as good as new. Some people complain that these cookies change flavor after a day at room temperature. But that’s not always true for all the Crumbl Cookies; you can store your cookies at room temperature for 2 to 3 days.

After 3 days, they will change flavor and texture, but they will be edible. You can quickly put them in the freezer to keep them edible for 5 days. After 5 days, they will taste entirely different but still be edible.

Follow the given method step by step to store your cookies, ideally at room temperature, without changing their flavor and taste;

Step 1:  Select Your Container

Choosing the container or bag is very important in storing these cookies. You can choose any air-tight container or even a zip-lock bag that will work fine in storing crumbl cookies. Whatever box or bag you choose, take care that these containers are not pre-installed with any flavor, grease, or anything that crumbl cookies can absorb.

These things will destroy the cookies’ flavor and turn stale faster than their actual life span. Some containers have proved to work great with their storage, such as a glass jar with a wooden lid that can store these cookies and keep them fresh and crunchy for a more extended period.

Step 2: Add Cookies to Your Selected Containers

Placing your cooking in a container will decide how your cookies will look when you take them out after some time. There are two ways to add your cooking to the container. If you have plain, traditionally shaped cookies, you can easily stack them up in the container without caring about their shape and size. In this way, you will be able to save some space, and the shape of the cookie will be the same as well.

If your cookies look like cupcakes or have a special frosting on their top, stacking them up will ruin their decoration, and you will not be able to eat crumbl cookies with their beautiful decoration. For frosted cookies, gently place them in the container or bag in a single layer without stacking them one after the other to preserve their shape and frosting.

Step 3: Keep Your Crumbl Cookies in A Dry and Cool Area

Store every crumbl cookie in a cool and dry place. Keeping them in a cool place means keeping them away from heat and light. You should keep them away from direct sunlight and heat sources such as microwaves and ovens.

You should keep your cookies in a dry place; humid or wet places will make the cookies stale faster than expected. In short, keep the container away from light and wet surfaces to protect them from ruining faster than expected.

Method 2: How to Keep Crumbl Cookies Inside Fridge?

If you want to keep the cookies inside a fridge, you can put them with frosting in the fridge to preserve their frosting. But it is not essential; the frosting of these cookies can stay at room temperature like other cookies. Buttercream frosted cakes and cupcakes can stay at room temperature for the same time as regular cookies.

Put the cookies inside the fridge if it is boiling outside, and the frosting can separate from the cake. But it is not only for frosted cooking; if regular cookies are out in hot temperatures, they will become stale faster than in cooler temperatures. You can keep the cookies inside the fridge for 7 days, no more than that. Also, remember that the cookies inside the fridge for this period will change flavor and texture.

Step 1: Choose Your Container

Store Crumbl Cookies in a freezer

Choose an air-tight container or solid body to keep the cookies inside a fridge, not a zip-lock or bag. Keeping them inside a zip-lock bag will increase their chance of crushing other things because a fridge usually has a lot of things.

A solid body or an air-tight container will keep the cookies intact and prevent them from crushing and becoming inedible. If you are not planning on keeping the cookies for a couple of days, you can wrap your cookies with some plastic or saran wrap to lock the air inside.

Step 2: Add Your Cookies Inside the Container

This step will be the same as method 1; you can stack them in a double or triple layer if there is space in the container without ruining the shape of the cookies. But, if the cookies are frosted, you will have to keep these cookies in one single layer in a separate box.

In this way, these cookies will remain as pretty as new. If you want to keep them with extra care, you can wrap each of the cookies in separate wax paper to avoid moisture and keep them dry.

Step 3: Place Your Crumbl Cookies Inside the Fridge

Close the container and keep your cookies inside the fridge, try to keep them away from uncooked or cooked meat or any raw, aromatic vegetable because these cookies absorb the flavors and moisture, and their flavor and taste will change. Try to keep these cookies at the back of the fridge because the back of the fridge is colder than the front.

Method 3: How to Keep Crumbl Cookies Inside the Freezer

The last method requires some time, but it makes your crumbl cookies long-lasting. Cookies can stay in the freezer for more than 6 months.

freezing Crumbl Cookie in zip lock

Step 1: Freeze the Cookies One by One

Each plain or frosted cookie needs to be frozen separately inside the freezer by keeping it in a zip-lock bag or simply wrapping it with saran or another wrap after freezing them separately for 1 to an hour. All these cookies should be inside the freezer individually before putting them inside a container.

Step 2: Place Your Cookies Inside the Container

Now take out the cookies from the freezer and add them to a large container; you can stack them or keep them on their sides without fearing squishing their frosting as they are frozen. Close the container after stacking them, and then layer an aluminum foil around the container to add an extra protective layer around the container. You can store the container for more than 6 months, but eating them within 1 month is advisable for better quality and flavor.

Step 3: Place Your Cookies Inside the Freezer

Add the container inside the freezer and try not to load it with extra stuff on its top to prevent it from squishing the cookies. If the container is hard plastic or glass, it is acceptable to stack them up with different stuff.

Tips for Storing Crumbl Cookies

  1. If you buy Crumbl cookies, try to eat them the same day because the company bakes them fresh every day. These cookies taste perfect if you eat them the same day. Later, their taste changes, and they are not as fresh as they should be.
  2. If you have bought some extra Cookies and can’t eat them the same day, try to keep them in an air-tight container; this will keep them fresh for a long time.
  3. Avoid keeping your cookies inside the fridge; cooling them down will make them dry and take away their soft and warm touch. Crumbl Cookies taste delicious if you keep them at room temperature.
  4. If you decide to freeze them, always cover them in foil to prevent them from drying, and don’t put them near any smelling food that will change their odor completely.
  5. Keep your cookies away from the air as much as possible; air will dry them quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Revive Stale Crumbl Cookies?

The best way to revive an old crumbl cookie is to bake it; this will make the cookie dough soft and add sugar to it to make it sweeter. Bake the cookies for 10 to 15 minutes in a preheated oven and set the temperature at 180 degrees Celsius. Let it cool before eating.

What To Do with Leftover Crumbl Cookies?

If you have leftover cookies at the end of the day and don’t want to put them in the fridge or freezer to preserve their taste, you can serve them to your guests with coffee or tea. You can also put cookies in a bowl with ice cream; this combination tastes divine.
If you are making a pie or a cheesecake, you can add Crumbl Cookies as a crust. Crumbl cookies taste delicious if you grind them to use as a breading for fish or chicken. Make a Crumbl cookie milkshake or add it to your morning oatmeal or cereal.

Can You Leave Crumbl Cookies Out Overnight?

Crumbl cookie storage is possible overnight; leaving your crumbl cookies at room temperature is possible but keep them in an air-tight container. These crumbl cookies can stay at room temperature for 3 to 5 days as fresh as new.
If you want to store them after 5 days, you will need to put them in the fridge for 7 days and then in the freezer, where you can store them for more than 3 months. Keeping them for more than 1 month is not a good idea.

How Long Do Crumbl Cookies Last?

If you have a query about how long crumbl cookies are suitable, can you freeze crumbl cookies or not? Their lifetime entirely depends upon the location where you put them. If you keep them at room temperature, they will be fresh for 3 to 5 days, depending on the cookies’ ingredients and climate. In the fridge, they will last for 7 days; in the freezer, they can stay for 3 to 4 months, but that will change their texture and taste.

Final Thoughts

Storing the Crumbl Cookies is not as challenging as you may have thought. Putting the crumbl cookies at room temperature will last 3 to 5 days. If you put them inside the fridge, these cookies can last for a week.

It would be best to avoid opening the container during these 7 days. Finally, if you try to freeze the cookies, it is time-consuming but will keep them fresh for 6 months. But try to consume the cookies within 1 month for better results.

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