8 Desserts That Start With Letter O

Desserts that Start with the Letter O

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Dessert recipe names starting with O are unique among sweet lovers. These desserts have a wide range of options to satisfy your sweet cravings. Today, we thought of writing about these recipes to satisfy your cravings.

The comprehensive solution from Ontbijtkoek to simple orange candy, our list of desserts starts with the letter O and has something for everyone. So, let’s begin this flavorful journey and taste these mouthwatering desserts!

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Ontbijtkoek is a Dutch cake that is traditionally used while having breakfast. It is also very popular as a snack. This dense and heavy cake is known for its balanced spice flavors. It is an excellent combination of sugar, flour, spices, and your favorite dry fruit.

You can use spices like nutmeg, ginger, or cinnamon to make this cake a pack of flavors for your taste buds. The best thing is that you can use molasses or honey as sweeteners.

Ontbijtkoek is traditionally served after slicing it and adding cheese or butter. It is one of the best companions for tea or coffee, and you can make it with leftover bread dough.

Opera Cake

Opera Cake

Opera cake is a traditional French dessert consisting of multiple almond cake layers. The almond sponge cake is usually soaked in coffee syrup before using it to layer opera cake.

You may need coffee, buttercream, and chocolate ganache between the layers. After making layers, top this mouthwatering cake with a thin chocolate glaze. Opera cake is a sophisticated dessert usually served in top-notch restaurants and bakery shops.

The balance of sweetness and bitterness of coffee will take you to the heaven of flavors. It is one of the best cakes that make your occasion more memorable. Slice it before serving; otherwise, you may not get a single spoon!



Oblaat is an edible paper that is commonly used in Japanese sweets. It is made of water, rice starch, and potato mixture.

Oblaat is a thin paper that you can use to make various sweets like mochi dango and for wrapping sweet fillings like ice cream, red bean paste, etc. You will love its wafer-like texture. It is essential to know that Oblaat has no flavors, but you can flavor it by adding different fillings.

Orange jelly candy

Orange Jelly Candy

Are you an orange lover? We have a delicious treat for you, which is orange jelly candy. It is one of the yummiest treats you can make to surprise your kids. It includes simple ingredients like orange juice, agar agar, and powdered sugar. Cook the mixture until it thickens, and let it cool.

Cut the small jelly-like pieces and roll them in powdered sugar. These small bite-size candies make your day. The citrus flavor of orange and sugar sweetness tickle your taste buds. It is the best solution for your sweet cravings. Make these candies, store them in a jar, and enjoy them for several days if you cannot resist their taste after having one!

Oatmeal raisin cookies

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

Oatmeal raisin cookies are the successor of Scottish oatcake. These cookies are incredibly famous in the United States. It is a type of drop cookie that you can make with oatmeal dough and add raisins to enhance its texture and taste.

The ingredients of the yummy cookie include sugar, salt, flour, eggs, and spices. It is one of the best ways to eat your oatmeal. You cannot resist the taste of these cookies due to their buttery, crunchy, and chewy texture. Deliciously spicy oatmeal raisin cookies are best as your tea-time snack.

Ozark Pudding

Ozark Pudding

Ozrak pudding originates from the Ozrak mountains in the United States. This is perfectly baked using sugar, eggs, cornmeal, baking powder, and milk.

You can use vanilla extract to increase its flavor. It has a cornbread-like texture and consistency but is sweeter. Enjoy it warm, and drizzle some honey to tickle your taste buds. You can also have it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.



Oliebollen is a classic Dutch dessert that you can make with flour, sugar, yeast, and other spices. Make the dough and prepare small balls. Deep fry them until golden brown. Dust them with powdered sugar to enhance their flavors and texture. These tiny bite-size delights will tickle your pallets, and you cannot resist their crunch and delicacy.

Fill these yummy bites with apples, raisins, or currants to surprise your taste buds. It is one of the most popular snacks in the Netherlands and is usually available during holidays. Sweet lovers like to enjoy it with wine or cider.

Ox-tongue pastry

Ox-tongue pastry

Ox tongue pastry is a fried dough that looks like an ox tongue. It is a large pastry with savory or sweet fillings. This yummy and delicious treat originates from Europe, and due to its taste and texture, it has become popular in several countries like Spain, France, and Italy.

The best thing is that you can make this tongue pastry with different ingredients like shortcrust pastry or puff pastry. For savory fillings, you can fill it with sweets like cream, fruit, meat, or cheese. With any filler, you cannot resist its crunchy texture that will take you to the world of flavors. Serve it warm or cold; it will be an excellent snack for your cravings.

Desserts that Start with the Letter O

8 Desserts That Start With Letter O

Muhammad Kashif
Dessert recipe names starting with O are unique among sweet lovers. These desserts have a wide range of options to satisfy your sweet cravings.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Course Dessert
Servings 4 persons


  • Ontbijtkoek
  • Opera Cake
  • Oblaat
  • Orange Jelly Candy
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
  • Ozark Pudding
  • Oliebollen
  • Ox-tongue pastry

How to Make?

  • Select any of your favorite dessert that starts with O.
  • If you plan to make it ahead of time, don’t fotget to prepare ingredients before time.
  • Gather ingredients and start making the dessert.
  • Follow instructions carefully.
  • I hope you’ve made the dessert you love.


Serving: 1dessertCalories: 220kcalCarbohydrates: 10gProtein: 9g
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