How to Reheat Cinnamon Rolls (Without Spoiling Them?

How To Reheat Cinnamon Rolls

If you are trying to figure out the best way to reheat the cinnamon rolls, reheating the cinnamon rolls inside the oven is the best method. It has many positive sides; one of the benefits of this method is that it retains moisture perfectly, and the cinnamon rolls taste as good as freshly made. Adding the cinnamon rolls to the oven makes them fresh so they can stay on the counter without drying out.

If you want to preserve the taste, quality, texture, and look of your cinnamon rolls, reheat them in the oven, and you will have freshly baked cinnamon rolls. After the oven, you can consider an air fryer; it is also one of the best and quickest ways to reheat your rolls. All of these methods work efficiently and perfectly. You can try them on and enjoy the best-reheated cinnamon rolls. Keep scrolling if you want to reheat your cinnamon rolls with little to no effort.

How to Reheat Cinnamon Rolls?

The best way to reheat the cinnamon roll is in the oven and microwave. Your primary focus should be to preserve the rolls’ moisture, so they don’t dry out.

Before reheating the frozen cinnamon rolls, keep them out of the freezer and thaw them before putting them in any heating machine. If your cinnamon rolls are in the freezer, thaw them in the fridge for some hours before heating them. If they are in the fridge, put them at room temperature for 10 to 20 minutes on the counter before reheating them.

Here is a step-by-step guide to understanding how to reheat cinnamon rolls that help make them fresh after weeks of freezing or storing them.

Possible Options To Reheat Cinnamon Rolls

How to reheat Cinnamon Rolls

There are 5 different methods to store your cinnamon rolls; each method helps retain the freshness and taste of the rolls. There are many perplexing ideas on the internet about the reheating of cinnamon rolls. This article removes all the confusion and gives out the best methods I tested.

Method 1: Reheat Cinnamon Rolls in the Oven

When reheating a whole batch of cinnamon rolls inside the oven, cover the rolls with foil, preheat the oven to 350 F or 180 C, and then add the rolls. Cook these rolls inside the oven for 10 to 15 minutes and wait until the rolls turn golden yellow. The rolls will be as fresh as new, and you can also add the freshly made frosting and icing of chocolate, vanilla, or cream cheese to make it look and taste divine.

The step-by-step guide for reheating the oven is as follows;

  1. Preheat the oven to 180 C or 350 F.
  2. Sprinkle 1 tbsp of water on each cinnamon roll, this water will help the rolls to rehydrate, and when you reheat them with water, it will help the rolls to become softer and smoother.
  3. Add some icing or butter on the top of the cinnamon rolls to enhance the taste. Adding cream cheese icing makes the rolls much better. Adding the icing is optional; you can add whatever tastes better on the top of the rolls. Icing increases the moisture in the rolls and makes them taste perfectly smooth.
  4. In the end, cover the cinnamon rolls with foil; this help in protecting the rolls from burning, and the moisture created by the icing remains intact. Adding the foil is the key to protecting the rolls from drying out.
  5. After preparing the dish full of cinnamon rolls with aluminum rolls, you can bake the tray in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes to get a boiling dish of cinnamon rolls.

Oven heated cinnamon rolls are softer and less dry than the other options. When reheating in the oven, a little extra effort is involved, but this effort tastes outstanding.

Method 2: Reheating Cinnamon Rolls in the Microwave

It is essential if you take a small number of cinnamon rolls that want to reheat them. Place your rolls on a heatproof plate and add them inside the microwave. Add a moist paper towel on top of the roll and cover them; this will help to prevent splattering of the rolls and also help in keeping the rolls moist.

Add a single cinnamon roll inside the microwave for 30 seconds at medium heat option, and then give an additional 10 seconds on the plate. This cook time will be different if you change the power time of the rolls. Eat the rolls when chilled, and add the freshly made icing or frosting to make them look fresh. The old frosting of the rolls will remain dry no matter what. You will need new frosting if you want your rolls to taste delicious and look different.

Please do not add more than 1 roll in the microwave at once; it will destroy the texture, and heat will not distribute evenly. Follow the steps to reheat the rolls in the microwave;

  • Take a microwave-safe plate and add a single cinnamon roll to it.
  • Add some icing on the top of the roll, this is optional, but if you add the icing, your rolls will have the best taste. This icing will melt and add a new taste to the roll.
  • Take a single paper towel and dampen it; now, cover your cinnamon roll with this paper towel. Make sure the paper towel is not entirely wet.
  • Put the microwave on full power and set the timer for 10 seconds.
  • Cinnamon rolls will not take more than 20 or 30 seconds to reheat. When the timer is up, remove the paper towel and let it sit for 1 minute, as it will be boiling. After this, serve the rolls.

Eating the rolls after reheating them in the oven will taste smooth and soft. But when you keep the rolls outside for more than a few minutes, they will turn dry and scattered. Try to eat them after a minute of reheating in the microwave when they are hot and fresh.

Reheating the rolls in the microwave is undoubtedly one of the easiest and less time-consuming methods. Make sure you add a damp paper towel. Otherwise, you will end up having dry rolls.

Method 3: Reheating the Cinnamon Rolls in the Air Fryer

How To Reheat Cinnamon Rolls in air fryer

Reheating the cinnamon rolls in an air fryer is a new addition for safe reheating. Take the cinnamon rolls, add 1 tbsp of water to each roll, and then add the icing. Reheat the cinnamon rolls to 350F for 4 to 6 minutes. Place a sheet of parchment paper under the rolls that will help you prevent the mess. Follow the step-by-step method to reheat the cinnamon rolls in an air fryer;

  • Add one tbsp of water to each cinnamon roll before adding them to the air fryer.
  • Add an extra layer of icing on the roll to enhance the flavor and taste of the rolls.
  • Take a clean sheet of parchment and place them on the air fryer before putting the rolls in it.
  • Put the cinnamon rolls on the parchment paper; the paper will help catch the remaining icing and butter.
  • Turn the air fryer on and reheat the cinnamon rolls for 4 to 6 minutes.
  • Do not let the cinnamon rolls sit for a long time; serve them immediately after taking them out of the air fryer.

An air fryer is one of the most recommended methods to reheat the rolls given on the internet. Almost every reheating food needs to go into the air fryer. But there is one thing you should always keep in mind before adding the cinnamon rolls to the air fryer: it makes the bun too dry, and if you don’t add the icing on the top of the rolls, you will end up having the most dried out cinnamon rolls. Air fryer indeed heats the food product, but it always takes up the moisture from the food.

Method 4: Reheating the Cinnamon rolls on a George Foreman grill

Reheating cinnamon rolls on the George Foreman grill takes place by preheating the grill for 2 minutes on each side. Try to reheat the cinnamon rolls without the icing, as the grill can burn the icing and make it a messy and complicated mess to take off. You can add the icing when you get the rolls out of the grill. Follow the step-by-step guide to reheat the cinnamon rolls;

  • Please turn on the reheating device and preheat it for 5 minutes. You can take George Foreman grill to reheat the rolls; other than this, you can also reheat your cinnamon rolls on sandwich toasters and generic panini as they all work the same way to reheat the cinnamon rolls.
  • Place the cinnamon roll evenly on the grill, and ensure no icing when adding it.
  • Set the timer for 2 minutes and start reheating the rolls.
  • After 2 minutes, you will have popping hot cinnamon rolls, remove the rolls from your cooking device and let them cool for a while on the counter.
  • After cooling the rolls for a few minutes, add the icing before serving.

Avoid adding icing to the rolls before putting them on the grill; the icing will make a lump and create a mess inside the grill. Add the icing after taking them out of the grill. This method is also gaining popularity on the internet, but it does not produce as good results as claimed on the internet.

Method 5: Reheating Cinnamon Roll on a Skillet

How To Reheat Cinnamon Rolls in skillet

Reheating cinnamon rolls on a skillet is also as famous as the other option. You can use a stove and pan to heat your cinnamon rolls if you do not have any reheating machines. It is a simple and easy method to reheat your cinnamon rolls. Follow the step-by-step guide to reheating cinnamon rolls on a skillet;

  • Put a skillet on the stove and reduce the flame to low heat.
  • Add the cinnamon to ensure all these rolls are evenly set and distributed when the pan is warmed up.
  • Cover the pan with a lid; this will keep the moisture of the rolls inside the pan and prevent the rolls from drying out.
  • Heat the pan on the same amount of heat for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, turn off the stove and let the cinnamon rolls cool down.
  • Take them out after a few minutes and serve them.
  • You can add the icing before or after the heating process.

Using a skillet method is a little tricky as you have to stand at the stove throughout the heating process, and you cannot leave the pan unattended. Otherwise, you will end up having burnout rolls. You can add icing or butter during the heating; this will revive the whole heating process. This method is perfect for heating cinnamon rolls in small batches.

But this method needs constant attention, and make sure the skillet is not hot enough to burn the rolls or too cold to make them soggy. To prevent the rolls from burning, add some butter to the empty pan to check the heat and then add the rolls.

Tips to Keep the Cinnamon Roll Moist

How to Store Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting

Here are a few tips to keep the cinnamon rolls moist and prevent them from drying.;

  • Store the cinnamon rolls in an airtight container, as contamination with the air will make them dry. To get the perfect taste of the roll, wrap the rolls individually.
  • Try to eat the rolls within 24 hours; if you want to store them for a more extended period, you can freeze the rolls to keep the moisture locked in them.
  • When reheating the rolls, add one tbsp of water to each of the rolls to keep them from drying.
  • Cover the cinnamon rolls with a damp paper towel or add a glass of water in the microwave when reheating; this will bring extra moisture to the rolls.
  • Add extra layers of icing or butter before reheating them, adding moisture to the rolls and preventing them from going stale.
  • Cover the rolls with foil when reheating in the oven, it will help retain the moisture, and your rolls will not dry out.

Besides these tips, you can read How to Store Cinnamon Rolls? For detailed tips about keeping the cinnamon rolls fresh.

Final Words

Some effortless and quick methods are given above to reheat the cinnamon rolls. You can choose any of the methods mentioned above to reheat your rolls; all of them will make the rolls fresh and new. Cinnamon rolls are the best way to start your weekend; you can freshly bake them for breakfast, and your whole house will smell like cinnamon rolls throughout the day. When you follow a cinnamon roll recipe, it yields 9 to 12 servings.

This article listed all the information about keeping cinnamon rolls fresh and reheating them for later use. Different reheating methods are available that help stores them and have them some other time with the same taste and aroma. These methods are easy, and you can recreate the freshness in your rolls as if they are coming directly from the oven.

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